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goings on in a pet store

Lost and Found

"Here! Give me the net! I see it now!" yelled Gil from the back of the pet store.

Sally had left the wire cage for the guinea pig open and the furry little creature was running amok all over the small space. It was after closing time and both were anxious to get on their way home.

"That little bugger! I'm afraid we've lost it for good!" Sally was now near the snake cages, sure the little rodent was going to be a meal for the python.

"It's the last one and now we've done it. How will we explain this one to Rod?" Rod was the owner who kept a tight rein on expenses. He would find this missing animal a real problem. Even though guinea pigs sold for next to nothing that 'next to nothing' would surely be taken from both their pays.

Suddenly a tiny white and brown ball of fur flew toward Sally. She reached out and grabbed the little animal.

"Got it! Ouch!" She yelled to Gil. "And it got me! Let me get this little terrorist back in its cage quick."

Finally, all animals accounted for, the lights went out and both left for the night, glad all was safe and sound.

"You are sssafe thissss time, little one," hissed the python. "Next time you are mine."

The tiny rodent shivered, then rolled into a tight ball and disappeared as far into its cage as it could.

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