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by oma
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Do not rush me, let me get there at my own pace.
You always hear writing comes from within, you only need a pen and paper or it is between you and your laptop or desktop. You just have to put yourself in there and go for it. Write as the inspiration comes, read more books, listen to creative stuffs and all other things, it will come to you. Words like go out, have fun, be adventurous and it will flow to you and so on.

So you get motivated, elated and ready to write. But this is the part you don't get to hear. You get completely blocked out, words like is, are, come, where and more become new and unfamiliar to you. You write a perfectly beautiful statement and read it back to yourself and it totally makes no sense to you. Others find it a good starting point but you don't and that when the frustration comes in.

You lose focus, drained from being unproductive in writing and to compound in all the pain and frustration someone tells you, write with the frustration and pain, that's the beauty of art. Some even go to the length of saying just quit, writing is not for you. You look at them and hoping to find a really go word or answer to give them but then also you realize you are short or loss of words for them. You give that insincere smile and for the love of them, walk away in search of your peace and writing creativity.

WELL! This has been my life in writing.

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