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by Krieg
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2183188
A short story about a hunter. Not just any ordinary hunter.
The story begins now. A man walking through a small village. On the hunt for anything out of the ordinary.

His black overcoat draped over his legs, hiding the black holstered belt. On the belt, He wields two oak handheld crossbows. As well as the bows, There are two black steel daggers. One with a serrated edge, the other covered in a sheen that is used to be able to kill most supernatural beings. His steps faltered a slight amount with each step. He was tired, beaten, bruised. Yet, he continued on. He reaches a small building with a sign on it. 'Local Bar.' Shaking his head, he walked inside and looked around. There were various people of all shapes and sizes sitting in the small building. Finally, his eyes met the bar area and he began to make his way over to a stool sitting on the opposite side of the bartender. Reaching the stool, he sat down and asked for a drink. Anything he could drink was fine with him. The bartender nodded and walked to the other end of the bar grabbing a glass mug. He reached Alistair and placed the mug beside him. Alistair nodded and then quietly asked so only him and the bartender could hear, "Has there been any suspicious behavior around here lately?"

The bartender tilts his head and half-heartedly says, "There has but, it is also here with us in the building." The bartender then pointed with a bent finger at a man. Alistair looked slightly. The man was extremely tall and built like a cow. Sighing, Alistair rose from his stool and walked over to the man and poked his shoulder lightly.

"What do you- Oh you? I have heard about you. I suppose you think you can attempt to kill me. But wait. What am I? I look like a human to you yet, you can feel the presence of something else. Something evil. Or maybe it's just the alcohol steaming out of my pores.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2183188