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Over coming interruptions while trying to spruce up your homework
After being a bit lazy on my homework for a while due to an overwhelming life experiences. I decided to go head strong into getting caught up. Problem is there's this game I've been kinda interested in trying to learn and figure out so I to could try and make a little money, so my mind kept wondering over to it instead of staying focused on the work at hand.
Both being on line my attention was pulled from one to the other all morning, so I typed in a few words to my game friends and told them I needed to get things done for class before semester ended and not to tag me for a while and I would catch up my game character soon as I could.
After some long hours with my head sank in catching up and a headache to boot I decided to take a look at the notifications of the game. I didn't pay to much attention to how many there were just skimmed over them a bit and with my head still throbbing, I thought I'd take some tylenol and go for a walk and come back to it later. The fresh air and movement of my legs did help more than I can say. Winding up at the park where the two developers of the game had been known to hang out, I found a shade tree atop of a small garden site. It was quite and peaceful so I stretched out under the swaying limbs and just kinda took in the moment for a while.
Must have been a bit more tired than I realized cause I smooth dosed off for a couple hours. I was woken by a few folks talking from behind a bush line to my left. I didn't recognize one of them, but the other sounded like one of the developers of the game. In fact it sounded like the one that I had become very close to over the last few years. I kinda half way paid attention and half way blocking them out thinking I needed to get back home before it got to late. As I was getting up there loud laughter and increased anxiety stopped me in my tracks. I just kinda lessened for a bit thinking I could get a little info on the game to help me get caught up some, but what I heard was far from what I expected. They were saying that they would overwhelm someone with game notifications and emails, and throw multiple messages and clues at one time and really confuse this person to the point of losing the game. And not only that but also put so much out there at one time that it would cause this player to lose their credibility and tokens that they had built up.
On the walk back home I tossed it around in my head and wondered who they were talking about. And really felt sorry for the person but told myself that I didn't know the full story so I put it out of my mind and took a long hot bath. After witch I sat down to try and get caught up on my game. Briefly thinking about what I heard. Again feeling a twinge of sadness for the unknown person. Opening my computer and starting with the notifications for the game and ready to jump in with all feet and energy, excitement of finally being caught up in homework and finally being able to get back to my game .......... wait .... something isn't looking right, no no not happening ..... I just knew in my heart of hearts that we were closer than this. As my stomach sank and my mind swung about .... I didn't know if I was laughing, crying, are dying. There was so much stuff that it would have taken years to figure out and the years I put into the game was gone. All I could think was why, when both developers knew I was putting my all into the game for the soul purpose of learning the ropes to be able to build my own game to make a little money. ... All lost. Even though I no longer play and I have tried to unsubscribe to most of the notifications for games, I still get overwhelmed by emails and notifications. 100's a day are more.
With no other reason at all other than to impress a "new friend" I decided to change my direction for making a few dollars. I decided to try my hand at writing. I've never written anything before and I may not be able to make a go of it. But I can give it a try and see where it goes. And all though the notifications and emails come by the 100's and for real interrupts me trying to do other things like writing. They also remind me of just how corrupt some of your closest friends can turn out to be. And it's a CONSTANT reminder to keep your heart protected. I have to say thank you to the two developers of that particular game. Because of the game you decided to play has opened up other options for me to consider. And who knows, I may find something one of these days that I can make a little money with and enjoy doing at the same time. So as I study and try to write, ...... bring on the notifications!!!!
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