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A trip at night

Bad Bird Flies

George and Will took Bad Bird the Jeep one night after midnight. Will's Dad was in the Bakken, out for a month. George thought there were a few hours before his mom got back from the truck stop.

They popped the Bird's clutch, rolled it down the hill so no one would hear, George's sister babysitting after all. After the junction of Old #4 Road, they followed the logging road, finding their way under a full moon.

"It sure is cold tonight. Wish I had my good jacket."

"It's Montana! Quit crying. My dad will kill ME if he knows I have Bad Bird out."

The boys heard of an old gold mine down the logging road. They were determined to find it. It'd make for a great story at school tomorrow.

"You got the lantern?" Will tried to steer over the rutted road.

"In back, with some snacks." George lifted a bag, knocking Will's arm.

The Jeep bottomed out into giant ruts. The boys screamed, and then jumped out.

"Can I push?"

"Do you know how much this weighs? My dad says this weighs 4,000 pounds! Are you a super-hero, George?"

Lights appeared, and a forest service truck appeared.

"You guys OK?" A green uniformed man got out of the truck.

"No, our Jeep is stuck."

"Aren't you Jim Bishop's kid? And are you George Wilson?" A flashlight lit their faces.


"And he let you take out Bad Bird on this bad road Will?"

"He doesn't know, sir."

"He's in the Bakken and left you alone again?"

"Yessir. We meant no harm, just messin."

The ranger hooked the Jeep to his truck winch.
"Both you get in; look like you're about to freeze. Next time you want Bad Bird to fly, make it during the day, OK?"

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