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by Smidge
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My Flash Fiction Challenge Entry for 20/2
"Please. Let me out," Mia's voice ached as she begged for her liberation. No response . She tore her coat in half and wiped more tears off her pink cheeks. Even though she wanted to yell and scream and fight, she couldn't. She trembled onto the floor besides her rickety door and gazed out the window opposite her. Everything else here was dull and antique. Dust covered drawers and a broken bed. Papers over the floor and a broken diamond ring. But this window, it's spear of moonlight allured her to it. She missed him, but she couldn't get out of her head - her room.

She grabbed her pencil and lunged her foot forward to her diary to pull it to her, writing was the only thing that ripped through her anhedonia. Grabbing the diary, she threw it open and the aroma of new paper rang onto her. She wrote to her hearts content, she wrote until she could not anymore. She wanted everything to stop, yet for her to stand there with him again. She closed her eyes and rubbed them until they were sore, but when she opened them again her eyelids dropped again.

Blood. Blood? Blood in the form of the words 'We're there, just open the door,' stained by her wet mascara.

She leaned out the window.
"I can't," she sighed, as if this was the 100th time someone told her this. Couldn't she just jump? It'd end one way or another. She contorts her face and stumbles to the door instead.

"Please, open!" She shouted, mustering her last energy to open it. She broke the door and fell through to the other side, crashing onto the adjacent room.

Her ring was back on her finger. The terror stopped.
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