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by Norman
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Just listen
Listen to the warming wind
that whistles in the trees.
Listen to the summer day
that sings with birds and bees.

         Listen to the ocean waves
         that crash upon the sand.
         Listen to the seagulls cry
         as they soar over land.

                   Listen to the children play;
                   they scamper free and wild.
                   Listen to a mother’s voice
                   that cautions her young child.

                             Listen to the music sounds
                             that play into the night.
                             Listen to the people dance
                             until the morning light.

                   Listen to the falling rain
                   that strikes a roof of tin.
                   Listen to the lightening boom
                   that makes a mighty din.

         Listen to the barking dog
         that keeps you up at night.
         Listen to the rooster’s crow
         that wakes you at first light.

                   Listen to the daily life
                   that happens all around.
                   Listen to this planet move,
                   the pulse of life in sound.

                             Listen to my beating heart
                             that longs for only you.
                             Listen to my tender words;
                             I pledge my love to you.

Just close your eyes and… listen.

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