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by Monty
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Who went when his country called.

He was just an ordinary man
And he was old and gray,
A soldier of a war long past,
An old veteran died today.
He’ll be forgotten all too quickly,
I think that is a shame.
Only his family and friends,
Will remember he had a name.
Now I think has come the time,
There is something I must say,
About this old veteran,
The one that died today.
He was discharged from the service,
At the end of world war two,
Had a job and raised a family,
Just like me and you.
If he had been a politician, or
Left a very large estate,
You would have heard it on the news,
Of how all he did was great.
But he was just another man,
Who did not hesitate,
Went when his country called for him,
The job he did first rate.
I am honored that I knew him,
I’ll not forget this day,
When an important man and hero,
An old veteran passed away.

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