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by Smidge
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But she was there. Now she's here.
Lara glared at herself in the school's bathroom mirror, her hands clutching the sink
"Everyone knows you did it," she cried, quietly.

She hung her hands before the mirror. Blood cascaded from her fingers to the sink, streaking it dark red. But in the reflection, there was no blood. There was truth, her hands clean. However everyone knew she did it, and the blood would not go, not until the people did anyway.

Lara lifted herself up on the sink and lunged herself into the mirror. She went through but nothing else did - her clothes swung off, her skin, her bones, her heart and everything else. Her soul was there now, and just an empty shell of a human was on the other side, staring in the mirror with glazed eyes.

Lara's soul hovered around this place. It looked normal, but it didn't feel normal. Everything felt fake and real at the same time, this whole dimension was a contradiction itself. Now, she just watched her body walk around the stall, experiencing a sensory overload.

The door busted down. Lara's body twisted around. She saw police officers hold a gun right at her, telling her to put her hands up. It walked to the gun, thinking it was some sort of contraption and jerked it off his hand. And the next thing Lara's soul knew, her body was lying down on the floor with blood pouring from it.

A couple of days later, Lara's soul lunged herself back through the mirror and climbed into an unaware detective's body whilst he was taking pictures of the school for an investigation. Everyone knew she did it, but no one knew he did it.
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