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I watch and once more wonder fills my soul... (English Sonnet) A WDC Heart Throb Entry

I watch the dawn’s first light softly caress
your sleeping form. My heart is overcome
with feelings, oft-forgotten I confess,
of how entwined our lives and love’s become.

Time, like a river, wears our passions down
as life distracts us from the path we planned.
It’s in these mundane waters that we drown;
our dreams are scattered like the ocean’s sand.

Yet, not unlike the moon’s pull on the tide,
our love, in silence, guides us on our way.
A mystic force that cannot be denied;
that followed, will not lead our hearts astray.

I watch... and once more wonder fills my soul -
how two entwined are stronger than each whole.

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An entry for "Search for a WDC Heart Throb Poet
Prompt: Image *Up*
Required Form: Sonnet
Line Count: 14
Form: Shakespearean or English Sonnet  

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