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super short weight gain stories YOU voted on!


This is the Pink-Lightning appreciation round!

Strangeness is something that we must all deal with both in life, and in fiction.
These characters aren't known for confronting the strange and unknown, until now.
For your approval, I submit to you three characters who will have their appetites for the bizarre tested, when...

- - -

Dani Gosset… discovers one day that she can eat however much she likes, and all of the weight goes to a poor, unsuspecting friend of hers!


Dani had never really liked Haley. If you’d ever read her introduction chapter, you’d know why.

Ever since they were in high school together, she’d always thought she was so cool and everyone just loved her so much. Haley Haley Haley, that’s all any of their mutual guy friends ever talked about. She was cute and her butt was sooo great and blah blah blah. How anyone could look past that fat butt and how plain she was (like, hello, she wasn’t that cute!) was anyone’s guess. Meanwhile Dani had been picked on mercilessly since, like, the day she decided to start wearing black lipstick. Gasp. The horror. How dare she.

Ugh, people suck.

ANYWAY, things had gotten a little better when little Princess had to move back in with her mommy after she couldn’t make it on her own. That was when she started getting fat. Which was, by far, the best thing that had ever happened to Dani.

Until of course, the day that she found that weird old book in the floorboards of her house. Dani had gone through her edgy teen years (and entered her edgy twenties) without ever taking shit like magic too seriously. But as a joke, it’s not like she really BELIEVED that stuff, she’d cast a spell. And it worked! Dani woke up the next day with a flat tummy and a killer T & A that had all the boys of Spartanburg gawking. Of course, it didn’t do much about her appetite. Her buddha belly was growing back by the time she realized that she didn’t have to watch her waistline with the help of a little magic… and an unsuspecting, definitely deserving “friend” from high school.

Dani never had to limit herself ever again! She could let her inner fat girl run wild without any fear of fattening follow through! Burgers and hot dogs and cheese fries and bacon! Bacon on everything! Dani could eat and eat and eat all she wanted and never gain a pound!

“Dang girl.” Came the deeper drawl of one Haley West, “I have no idea where you put it all.”

In you, you dumb cow.

“Yeah, I guess my metabolism just kicked in.” Dani’s devious smile was dotted by chili, “Y’know, like magic.”

Dani—gorgeous goth that she was (now!)—must have looked ridiculous sitting across from this dumpy heifer. Who would have thought that poor Haley Smith would have let herself go so far? Dani snickered at the proverbial thought.

Crammed into the other side of the booth, packed tightly into the biggest T-shirt they could find for a girl “of her size” (snort!) Haley West’s fat face frowned as she picked at her salad. Her sausage arms dimpled at the elbow and cut tight into her sleeve, and the poor booth below her could barely handle all the junk that Dani packed into Haley’s colossal trunk! She’d always enjoyed pigging out, but now that it came at the expense of Little Miss “all the cool guys from high school wanted to fuck me”, Dani absolutely relished in her atrocious eating habits.

“Yeah, I wish I still had my metabolism” Haley’s double chin quivered in a half laugh, her jelly belly quivering as it cut into the edge of the table, “I feel like I’m gaining weight just by being next to you...”



Sam Palmero... develops an "unhealthy" relationship with her strange new Super Smart (not to mention Super Enabling, Super Suspicious, and Super Fattening!) home devices!


It hadn’t been that long since Sam Palmero, owner of the Rio theatre in Daven’s Port, had won the contest. A Smart Home suite, courtesy of the good people at Yeng, certainly wasn’t anything that she could afforded on her own, so it was easy to see why she was excited. A new TV, surround sound stereo system, a new kitchen set… it even came with a new pleather smart recliner with a tablet on the arm, and a little Spot to help control it all! With how hard knock her life had been, everyone was more or less happy to see her finally catch a break!

If only they’d known.

“Vicki—” Sam shouted to the little black wire tap on her chair-side end table, “—think you could order me a pizza?”

Nitoli’s Pizza is offering a two for three deal on large personal pies with the use of your Yeng Spot voice order—would you like to accept?”

“Ooh, definitely.”

After all, they were meant to make life easier for the user, right? A hands-free future was around the bend anyway. Now Sam was just ahead of the curve for once!

Order groceries right to your door from the Yeng Marketplace app to receive a discount—

You have received points for your recent purchase, would you like to apply them now for a free Super-Sized—

Keep running out of your favorite snacks? Just say the word, and I will pre-order a selected list of—

It didn’t seem like it had been that long, but that was just all the excitement that came with her new stuff. Sam had never been all that materialistic, but she’d gotten pretty swept up in everything her new Smart Home stuff could do!

Vicki was the best friend a girl could ask for and then some!

Just… not for her waistline.

“Jesus Christ you got fat.” Her ex-girlfriend, Max, had said with a happy little sneer that curled her prominent nose

“Shaddap.” Sam burped into the back of her chubby hand, “You don’t have’ta enjoy this so much.”

“Oh I think I do.” Max crossed her arms and kicked out her hip, “I thought it was impractical to start porking out while you had the stupid Riiiiiiooooo to take care of.”

“Shut uuup Max.” the curly-haired couch potato rolled her eyes, “Don’t make me regret inviting you over.”

Sam shifted uncomfortably in her seat—the first time she’d been uncomfortable in quite some time. Her stomach pooled in the olive vastness of her lap, a margin of creamy adipose rolling out from underneath the hem. Her hammy arms struggled against her breast as she tap tap tapped on the Y-pad of her recliner, muting the television.

There was no denying it: Sam really had gotten fat.

Here she was, a great big couch potato, just like Max always wanted.

Oh sweet fattening irony, thy name was Irene Maxwell.

“Yeah, well why did you invite me over then, huh porky?” Max sunk a finger into her exes’ flabby shape, “You finally got something that your dumb chair can’t do for you that I can?”

There was an awkward, poignant silence between the two of them. Sam’s face became flushed as she raised one thick brown brow. Her hand fell to caress her stomach, rolling the hem of her shirt up ever so slightly before giving her tanned tummy a little squeeze.

“Oh.” Max blinked stupidly, her bravado sinking into the floorboards, “Oh!”



Dr. Helen Schwartz, PhD... has a "psychic vision" (if you believe in that kind of thing!) that deeply troubles her, and decides that she must go to great lengths to stop it!


Doctor Helen Schwartz was a scientist. A woman who specialized specifically in the mind. She was a psychiatrist supreme with a special knack for picking apart the personality of all those who might fall under her care. And though she had witnessed strange things in her lifetime, working for shady corporations as she was wont to do, Helen had never really been a believer in “psychics”.

That’s not to say she didn’t necessarily believe in the power of precognition—the brain worked in mysterious ways, who was she to say that she’d figured out everything that it could do. Subtle cues and hints might add up and percolate until they become a clear, if seemingly unwarranted, thought that just so happened to become true. Like the Mentalist. Gott she missed that show.

However, even with all of her knowledge, she had no way of explaining away her vision.

She’d never had one before, and she hadn’t had one since then. But in all of her life, she’d never experienced anything quite it. It had been so vivid, so very real to her, as if it had actually happened.

She had seen herself. A mountainous version of herself, hundreds of pounds of fat stacked high onto her tiny frame.

Helen saw herself (or rather, that distasteful parody of her) in one of the testing rooms, delegated to the likes of her preferred subjects. The ones she worked on for Yeng—for Dr. Hinamizawa. The kind that Evie McCarthy would love to sink her bony fingers into. The ones that almost never left. How had she gotten so large that she required reinforced lab furniture? Her stomach was so vast, so pendulous, that it hung past her knees and towards the white carpeting of her testing area. Her fat little feet dangled uselessly. Could... could she even still use them?

“You are coming along nicely, Dr. Schwartz.” Came the voice of her supervisor, Dr. Hinamizawa, as she sauntered into the room, “We will have to up your units if you keep up your exemplary performance.”

The oriental woman’s slight hand traced the curvature of Helen’s billowing belly, giving it a firm squeeze as if she were some kind of overripened melon instead of an esteemed scientist. The Visionary Helen sounded a tiny moan at the sensation of her copious amounts of flesh being fondled, momentarily pausing in her quest of filling her jowls with the… X-72Y substance, by the looks of it.

“Well, perhaps we will put your great aptitude for science to better use after we put you on an increased dosage…” Dr. Hinamizawa smirked, regaling in Helen’s descent as she continued to squeeze her chunky charge, “Did you ever stop to think that your greatest asset to our company would come from your tummy and not your mind, Helen?”

The blank eyes of her potential self haunted her most of all. The emptiness behind her eyes as Fukuda upped her dosage, barely reacting to the calipers so long as there was more to eat. More, more and more…

And just like that, her vision was over. Dr. Helen Schwartz—as intelligent and, though slightly plump, as fit as she ever was—found herself back in her office at the Daven’s Port branch of the Yeng Corporation. It was as if none of it had ever happened.

It had left her shaking. It was such a deep, visceral sensation of dread that accompanied her momentary out of body experience. Being fattened into a blue-haired blob was one thing, but losing her intelligence? Her remarkable mind made mediocre? That was preposterous! That was unacceptable! And it was not going to happen.

Not while Dr. Helen Schwartz still had control of substance X-72Y…


- - -

- - -


This is the clutch appreciation round!

These two characters are like two peas in a pod! For one reason or another, they're inseparable!
Be it by blood, friendship, or just by merit of working together, these twosomes are top-knotch!
So what happens to...

- - -

Jen White and her daughter, Claire… when the former gets a temp job teaching at Buttercombe Academy for a year, and comes back looking VERY different!


For all of her daughter’s life, Jennifer White had worried that poor little Claire was too thin.

It wasn’t a rational concern—her daughter had maintained a perfectly healthy weight throughout most of her life and was about as comfortable with her self image as a teenaged girl could get. And Jen knew that Claire would be fine, it was just one of those little fears she’d picked up from somewhere. Girls these days were so concerned about how they looked, and she didn’t ever want her daughter to associate beauty with being thin.

“Eat, Claire, you’re wasting away.” She’d always tell her daughter, “You can’t let all this go to waste!”

So when she was approved for a year of teaching at Buttercombe Academy, which meant relocation to the remote campus in the mountains, naturally she was worried. Would Claire get enough to eat? Would Claire make sure to maintain self-care? Would Claire be able to balance college courses with daily life? Worry, worry, worry, that’s all that Jen felt able to do. She was a good mother, just not exactly well-equipped at allowing others to make their own decisions.

But this Buttercombe Academy place, boy it was fancy! There were so many perks to her employment, temporary though it may have been. She got a neat little card that let her get a discount from all the vending machines on campus, and there were free breakfasts in the teacher’s lounge and donuts delivered to her cabin door. With all of her silly worries weighing her down, it was only natural for Jen to turn to a little comfort food!

“Eat, Jen, you’re wasting away!” all of her teacher friends would tell her as they piled her plate high with seconds, thirds, and desserts, “You can’t let all this go to waste!”

Every night Jen seemed to putter back to her cabin on her little golf cart feeling stuffed to the gills, collapsing into a heap of sweatpants and digestion as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Goodness gracious, they sure knew how to keep a woman occupied at this school…

Weeks turned into months, months melted into semesters, and before Mrs. White knew it, she was on her way back home with a year of teaching under her belt and an extra sixty pounds settling around it!

Jen came through the door of her home with a sheepish look on her face, her daughter barely able to keep her eyes unboggled as her heavy hips swung back and forth with newfound girth. Her soft stomach pressed against her yellow sweater, monogrammed with the Buttercombe Bumblebee.

“H-Hi sweetie!” Jennifer’s rosy cheeks bunched as she did her best to smile like her butt wasn’t twice as big as when she left, “You know how I’ve always tried to make sure you had an… erm… healthy appetite?”

“…yeah?” Claire cocked an eyebrow curiously

“That was dumb.” Jennifer conceded, “We’re going to be a salad family for a little while… at least until I can fit into my old jeans.”



Christina and her coworker, Victoria... when the former begins to worry about the latter's waistline, giving them no choice but to "help" them on their diet by working behind their back!


“Vicky, I’m really starting to worry about you.”

The fact that they were even having this conversation just proved to Christina how far gone her friend was. How could she not understand that they shouldn’t have needed to have this little talk? Day in and day out, Victoria should have been mature enough… aware enough… smart enough to understand that she’d gone off the deep end some time ago.

But then again, working in the Gordge New England branch, it was easy to understand how someone’s sense of what a “normal” weight was could get a little muddled.

Alice in cubicle 2B weighed three hundred pounds of former cheerleading chubster, and Melissa beside her wasn’t that far behind. Courtney had worked at this office for years, and she was getting so big that she’d started getting snagged on entry in the doorway every morning. Even Christina had put on a good twenty pounds since her internship had ended, and let’s not even get started on their boss Jenna.

However, they were all aware of their colossal weights. A few of them, like Alice and Christina, tried their best to slim down. But even the fully fledged porkers like Melissa and Courtney knew how big they were.

Victoria the secretary… didn’t.

“Aww, thanks sweetie.” The pear shaped chair squasher said with a decided lack of interest, “Buuut it’s fine. That bench was, like, super old and dried out anyway. It’s about time we got a new table for the break room anyway.”

Ever since Christina had started working here, she’d really gotten to like Vicky. Not as a person. Or as a coworker. Or even a secretary (she never got her calls…) but just as a friend. They went out and did stuff after work sometimes. It was nice! And even though everyone else in the office couldn’t stand her (even the sweeter ones like Alice were mostly ambivalent) Christina couldn’t help but shake the feeling like she ought to do something…

Before her friend ate herself into a parade float.

Had she always been so big? Surely she’d always had a lot of junk in the trunk, but Victoria’s wide, wide set of thunder thighs was starting to get caught in hand-me-down office supplies from some of the heavyweights. She’d just grown out of one of Rebecca’s chairs from down the hall, and now her thighs were catching in one of Alice’s old seats. Who was next? Courtney? Was Vicky going to be sporting an ass the size of Jenna’s Corporate Executive monster booty before she finally up and did something?

Well if Vicky wasn’t going to do it, Christina would step up. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep Victoria away from food, right? After all, she couldn’t grow if she couldn’t eat…

How hard could it be?

“Hey, mind going into the break room and grabbing me a couple’a cannoli?” the big-bottomed blob said without looking up from her phone, “I think there’s some left from—”

“No there’s not!” Christina interjected, “I, uh… ate them yesterday!”

And they really weren’t there—at least, they wouldn’t be after Christina took care of them…



Cass Morgan and radio costar, Marni Mason ... when the insidious Yeng Corporation decides that they would be the perfect test subjects. One of them in the control group, the other experimental!


No one at the station batted an eye when they picked up a new sponsor. After all, it wasn’t like they couldn’t use the money and every good company deserved a little airtime. The Yeng corporation didn’t even really ask for that many plugs—just that Cass & Marni Mason, stars of the KISS 102.5 morning show say a couple of nice things about a few certain businesses around Daven’s Port. A few restaurants, some local businesses that were owned by the larger corporation, it was really an easy deal.

There was just one stipulation—all of the water coolers in the building had to be removed. Cass and Marni were only to drink bottled water, supplied by one of Yeng’s many affiliates. Honestly, those old water coolers were bacteria farms. Yeng was paying them too much money to really care about such inanities.

So Cass Morgan—straight woman of the show, yoga enthusiast, and the more level headed of the two—got one cooler.

Meanwhile Marni Mason—funny woman, pop culture nut, and the one who did all those silly ads for the House of Wings—got another.

But it was after that, after Yeng began to pump more than just water into the studio, that the changes began.

At least, in Cass…

“I’m just saying—“ Cass’s row of chins danced as she spewed crumbs into the microphone in the studio, “—just because I’m not a size 6 anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve respect.”

“Right.” Marni placated her costar yet again on yet another rant about yet another perceived slight against her size, “Of course.”

This time it had been getting stuck in a turnstyle at the wharf.

“Like, it’s the twenty-first century people.” Cass’s meaty arm plunged deep into the bag of off-brand funyuns that had been placed in the vending machine outside the studio, “Honestly, if they’d just let Yeng help them out, they wouldn’t be going out of business.”

“Right, but, y’know, it’s not really our place to say stuff like that.” Marni hastily corrected the worked up whale beside her, “Because the studio execs definitely don’t like it when we get politic—”

Cass’s grumbling stomach interrupted the feed. Hanging as it did, between her hamhock thighs and bobbing between her knees in the high chair, Marni could swear she saw it make little wavy lines like in the cartoons.

“—al. Jesus Cass, was that you?”

“Sorry. I get hungry when I get all worked up.” The brunette blimp said before pounding another fistful of funyuns into her mouth, “I’ll grab something when we go to commercial, don’t worry.”

“But you’re eating right now.”

Cass scratched the lower part of her gut as it hung heavily out from underneath her tank top. Her plump sausage fingers left angry red lines on her belly.

“Yeah, but it’s almost lunchtime.” Cass purported, as if her argument made any more sense because of it, “Oh, hey, you know where we should go? Juan Gringo’s.”

Cass covered her mic with one hand

“We get our discount there, right?”

Marni just leaned her head back and groaned. She almost liked her fellow disc jockey better when she was a yoga nut.


- - -

- - -


This is the mollycoddles appreciation round!

It's only natural that the round celebrating our good friend Molly would coincide with the historic return of the Mix and Match MILF edition!

The third round of every game is where we give the mothers (and sometimes just older female characters) the love that they deserve!

Nothin' but a bunch of mother-lovers, that's what we are.


- - -

Lilith Grobauch... seems to be the only one against... her closest friends gaining an incredible amount of weight!


“You two keep it up and you’re going to get stuck in there.”

If she had warned them once, she had warned them a thousand times. Lilith had done her best to look out for her friends in the best way that she knew how—by monitoring their diets and by telling them when enough was enough. But noooo, all of her warnings had gone completely unabated.

“You Western Woman.” Isabelle Sarovy—owner of thighs so wide they caught doorways by surprise—snorted as she wolfed down another helping of meatloaf, “You’re always far too worried about what other women are eating.”

“I have to agree with Isabelle, Lily—you’re being awfully negative right now.” Moonchild Belemontes, who sported a top half so tubby that she could barely reach around her own breasts, had said to her while sucking down enough Oreos to fill a cookie jar, “Perhaps you’d feel better if you joined us? Do you not feel included?”

Oh Lilith felt included alright. Too included! It was these two hippo housemoms that had helped her gain all this extra padding! All they wanted to do was eat, and Lilith was right there beside them! Sure, she had taken to snacking a little at home… here and there… but most of it was her friends’ fault! It was their fault she had no self-control, so far be it from her to try and help them regain theirs!

Even still, as Lilith did her best to back off from the extreme indulgence that precluded companionship with her fellow heavy homemakers, it wasn’t like either woman was in the right mindset to let good food go to waste…

“What did I tell you?” Lilith folded her meaty arms over one another, pacing in front of her fattened friends without even trying to hide the sense of self-satisfaction that came from their predicament, “If I told you once, I told you a million times, if you kept on, you’d get stuck. And what happened?”

There was a pause between the three of them. Isabelle and Moonchild had gone and gotten so fat that they’d gotten caught in the Sarovys’ living room couch! The fact that it hadn’t happened sooner was a miracle if there ever were one!

“We concede that you may have had a point.” Moonchild frowned, her chins bunching up against her ample bosom, “But there’s an old proverb that says—“

“Are you going to help us or not?” Isabelle butted in petulantly, “I’ve got to get dinner started soon.”

“I don’t know…” Lilith’s hands moved from across her chest to placed on either of her fleshy hips, “Maybe we’ll just leave you two piggies in there for a few days and starve you out of that couch…”

“N-No!” Moonchild actually gasped at the thought of going without food for that long, “Please Lily, you have to do something!”

“Well… alright.” The girthy Grobauch said with a smirk, “But only if you promise that we can diet after this.”



Harper Black... is thoroughly enjoying... making herself into the fattest woman in the world!


“God is that… a muumuu?”

“Well yeah, Ma.” Parker cocked her eyebrow, “I don’t know what you expected since—”

“I’ve officially graduated to muumuu size!” Harper squealed, clasping her hands together dreamily over her enormous bust, “Oh my god I’m really doing this! I’m so fucking fat now!”

To punctuate her sentence, or more probably for her own amusement, Harper brought both hands down and lifted up her gut before letting it fall back against her thighs with a wet meaty SLAP. She played with it idly, kneading it excitedly like a kitten might fawn over a ball of yarn. Harper had been so looking forward to the day when she finally outgrew literally everything in town, and now that she’d finally managed it…

“Who wants to celebrate?” she crooned, her chubby cheeks bulging as a smile fought against the folds of her face, “I’m thinking pizza!”

“You’re banned from all the pizza places.” Piper helpfully reminded her, “And also… please no? I’m starting to retain marinara sauce…”

Harper lumbered over to their sofa, the entirety of the Black family living room rumbling at her thunderous footsteps. She collapsed onto the poor piece of furniture with a worrying cracking sound soon to follow. Another milestone, she thought with a greedy glimmer in her big bovine eyes, she was getting close to “sofa-squashing” fatty-dom!

“You two are nothing but sticks in the mud! I didn’t raise you two to be buzzkills!” Harper said in a sort of joking way, still wobbling as her flesh settled on the couch, “Now am I gonna have to dial up Nitoli’s or is one of my loving, devoted daughters going to do it?”

“Ma, you know your fingers are too fat to dial the phone.” Piper rolled her eyes, exasperated

“I know~!” Harper squealed again, playing with her belly, “I’m such a fucking fatty!”

Her two oldest girls could only groan. No one was more supportive of their mother’s ambitions than they were, but even they couldn’t believe how into this she was. They’d been helping her mother bury her tight little MILF bod underneath pounds and pounds of heavy olive-colored flesh, quickly watching her go from the reason that little boys on their block hit puberty to the fattest woman in town. And it could get a little… challenging, at times.

“Just a big juicy, jiggly ball of blubber, that’s what I am.” Harper purred as her kneading steadily became a sensual jiggling, “Mmm… I can’t… hff… wait until weigh-in day…”

“Oi vey Ma, stop it!” Piper stuck her finger in her ear while she held up her smartphone to the other one, “I’m dialing, I’m dialing!”

“It’d really suck if I found out this was genetic.” Parker said with a curious, though somehow condemning poke of her mother’s wobbling right upper arm, “Like, I really hope I don’t just wake up horny and hungry one day.”

“You wish.” Harper snorted, “Your skinny butt couldn’t catch up to me if you tried.”

Because I’m the fattest. Harper corrected herself, her eyes lolling shut as her jiggling continued, Gonna be the biggest, the fattest… ever…”



Jan Carlyle... inadvertently kickstarts... a new world where obesity is the norm!


Perhaps it was the wording that could have used some work.

When Jan Carlyle had found that lamp and given it a good spritzing, she’d never expected for a genie to come out. She was a grown woman, far too old for fairy tales. But sure enough, there was a strange woman calling herself O Mighty Aziza standing in her attic, clouded in red smoke.

And all things considered, it couldn’t have come at a better time. She’d been cursing her growing Middle Aged Spread for some time now, unable to ward off the steady pounds and inches that came so easily to women in her family. Now that her metabolism had all but kicked the bucket, she felt like she could use a miracle. And what better answer to her prayers than a literal genie?

“I wish that I wasn’t so fat.” She had said with a disdainful pinch of her tiny paunch as it hung over her well-worn mom jeans.

And with a swish of her hips and the clapping of cymbals, Aziza had proclaimed that her wish was granted!

So Jan Carlyle climbed down the ladder and back into the world…

“Mom, did you find any of my old clothes or not?”

Poor Jan’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head when she first laid eyes on her oldest daughter Mel. She had been big ever since she was a teenager, and only seemed to be getting bigger. But when Jan climbed into the attic, she wasn’t nearly so… so…

“Um…” the Carlyle matriarch blinked in confusion at the sheer size of her daughter, “I… I don’t…”

“It’s not like you can miss them.” Mel snorted as she took a few booming steps forward, “Even though I was pretty skinny back then, to you they’re probably like, tents or something.”

Brushing either end of the hallway, Mel’s stomach surged out in every direction. She must have gained a hundred… maybe two hundred pounds in the time that it had taken for Jan to climb up and down into the attic! How… How was this possible?

“Hey squirt!” Mel battled against her neck padding to holler behind her, “Mom says she can’t find anything!”

“Oh no!” came the cries of her sweeter, younger daughter Alice, “But I won’t have anything to wear tonight!”

Poor Alice was gargantuan too! Easily the size of her older sister, something that Jan always dreaded would happen. Although, given Mel’s recent leaps and bounds in gain, they were hardly any more on the same playing field now than they were before. Sweet Alice came lumbering down the hallway, teary-eyed and morose at the thought of having nothing to cover her corpulence for her first night back from Buttercombe. The poor thing was absolutely distraught, stuffing herself with chocolate bars.

“Are you sure? Would you mind checking again?” Alice tottled behind Mel, completely invisible behind her older, wider sister, “I-I’d do it myself, but…”

“These old houses weren’t designed for the twenty-first century.” Mel said with a happy slap of her little sister’s pendulous gut.

“No no! I’ve… I’ve got it!” Jan answered, her eyes still wide as she struggled to process the impact of her wish, “I… I think I left something up there anyway.”


- - -

- - -


This is the Trampltrum appreciation round!

Reality is malleable, this much we know! With all the choices available to us, anything and everything is possible.

We're about to join a tenacious team of three as they find out just how much things can change in the blink of an eye!

We'll see how these characters fare when...


- - -

Arisa Spencer, Marissa Dupont, and Cerys Porter... get transported to the fantastical world of Yndyre!


Nobody was quite sure how it happened, or why. One minute Cerys had been plugging in the contraband video game console to their dorm room television back at Buttercombe, and the next they had all woken up in Yndyre—an expansive land of abundance where fantasy met reality and magic came to life!

Three pampered teenaged girls, transported into an alternate reality by the plug of a video game console? What kind of nonsense was that? But as much as they wished and wanted for anything else to be true, the Risters found themselves forced into LARP-ing as an adventuring party of three…

If only they weren’t woefully uncut for it.

“I’m tired!” Marissa whined

“My feet hurt…” Cerys groaned

“My armor hurts my belly…” Arisa whimpered

And they were barely out of their first town! Eyes grew wide at the sight of such strange girls with such odd styles and zaftig physiques. These poor girls weren’t any more cut out to be adventurers than they were townsfolk. Either way they sliced it, the Risters stuck out like sore thumbs and there didn’t look to be any way of remedying that…

That is, until, one of them was abducted.

The Vampire class of monster was mysterious and strange, and one named Cameena Stranken had taken their resident Healer (Arisa, level 3!) off in an ink-black chariot into the night. Cerys and Marissa put aside their differences and decided that they had to get their friend back—they were all going to go home together, or not at all!

And so they did what any good gamer girls would do—they put their noses to the grindstone!

They grew stronger with each passing day, obtaining new armor and exploring out into different regions in hopes of learning the skills necessary to rescue their forsaken friend from the clutches of that awful Vampire lady. Cerys’ muscles grew firm and toned as Marissa’s mind began to grasp the spells and incantations required of an aspiring mage. Day in and day out, they did the deeds of adventurers and performed a plethora of side quests until they had gained enough strength and wisdom (respectively) to launch an attack on Cameena’s Castle…

“Hi guys!” came a familiar voice from the grand dining hall, “Omg you look so cool!”

Cerys the Brave (Level 45) and Marissa the Willful (Level 43) could only stare and gawk at the sight laid out before them. There was their token healer alright, and while they had been risking life and limb, getting strong and risking their lives…

She’d been getting fat!

“It’s so nice of you to join us!” Cameena Stranken said with a purr in her voice as she wobbled down the grand staircase, “As you can see I’ve taken great care of your friend.”

Arisa hadn’t even stopped eating to greet the two of them! She just sat there, being waited on hand and foot by Cameena’s low level lackeys, her brown flesh ready to pop out of every busted seam on her adventurer’s outfit.

“I can only hope that you’ll take to the same amount of hospitality.” The vampire licked her lips as the great oaken doors shut behind them…



Violet Barnes, Ember Weaver, and Sam Wilsey... reunite after years apart!


Buttercombe Academy Alumni had a habit of staying in touch. As young girls, they were shipped off to this weird ritzy school in the mountains with no friends or family to keep them company. It was a bonding experience that even the weirdest residents of that over-puffed prep school couldn’t ignore.

So when Violet Barnes and Ember Weaver got an invitation from an old playmate of theirs, they were absolutely thrilled to go!

Ember, a successful plus-sized paysite model, worked at her own pace and could afford to vacation pretty liberally. Violet had to pull a few strings to get the time off, but she really couldn’t care less about her entry-level retail job. This was Sam Wilsey! They’d spent years together as the primary Alt. Rock trio of counter-culturists swaggering around that school!

Why she moved out to a place called Abercrombie was anyone’s guess.

Ember liked it well enough—there were plenty of “plus-plus” clothing stores, she’d noticed, and her Uber up to the address Sam had given her had been a pretty big guy. Meanwhile, Violet almost felt self-conscious about how big her buddha belly was getting beneath her titanic T&A, but in a town like this, her little bit of brown belly blubber was hardly anything to write home about…

Sam had always been one of the poor kids—she’d gotten into the Academy on merit and scholarship. So imagine both of their surprised expressions when their eyes made their way up the long, long driveway that precluded a tacky mansion, complete with shrubbery and fountains. It was like something out of a resort—there was no way that Sam lived here!

“What’s up, babes?” came a nasal, distinct tone from over the intercom at the gate, “Mmm… I’ll let you in. smack Meet me by the pool!”

Waiting for them was Sam Wilsey, swollen with decadence and filled to the brim with luxury. She had become this enormous hill of a woman, grown so fat that her belly pooled in front of her and hung off of the set of lawn chairs that she had nearly crushed. Her arms hung uselessly at her sides, dangling at an angle as they sat atop her love handles. Her face, beset by rows of chins, parted in a smile as she lowered her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose.

“Sammy?” Violet asked, unsure, “Is that… you?”

“Sammie!” Ember jumped for joy and wobbled over to the impressive immensity that was her friend, “You’re so gorgeous!”

“I know.” Sam snorted

“So flabulous!” Ember cried again, playing with Sam’s exposed tummy tonnage

“I know.” Sam snorted again, “Damn lottery went right to my figure.”

The three of them swapped stories and exchanged contact information. It had been so long since these plump punks had seen one another, it didn’t seem right for them to miss out again! Sam had been enjoying her winnings by herself for so long, she’d almost forgotten what it was like to have close friends by her side!

And with how well Violet and Ember seemed to like Abercrombie, maybe Sam could sweet talk them into staying for a few days…



Autumn Westbrook, Katrina Blackwell, and Olivia Wolff... begin a three-way relationship? What? How'd this option get there?


Everyone has needs, even teenagers. It’s important to explore those needs healthily in a productive manner, and that’s true for both boys and girls as well as most things in life.

For the girls of Buttercombe Academy, an all girls’ school that kept its chunky charges sequestered from the rest of the world, these needs could be more difficult to meet. Urges happen and, as we’ve already explained, it’s completely normal. But sometimes when there are three really close friends, upset by their mutual fourth friend having just graduated the year before, and at least one of the have an unhealthy obsession with breaking rules and sneaking contraband into their dorm room, the lines get a little blurred.

Only Olivia hadn’t done it before. As the three of them wriggled and writhed in Autumn’s bed, that lack of experience was made all the more apparent. The box spring creaked beneath the combined weight of three especially supple Senior sized students as they awkwardly explored their sexual desires, but poor Olivia could only just lay there.

“What’s wrong, Livvie?” Katrina’s heavy southern accent was especially intense once she was drunk, “Y’not havin’ any fun?”

“O-Of course I am!” Olivia said breathlessly, curling her nose at the smell of cheap vodka on her friend’s breath “I-I just… swimmy headed.”

“C’mere.” Katrina held her friend close, pressing herself deeply into Olivia’s flesh.

As they parted, Olivia could taste the liquor lingering in Katrina’s mouth. It tasted sweeter than it did from the bottle, at least. Deep within her fleshy folds, Olivia felt the butterflies flutter against her buried ribcage.

“How ‘bout now?” Katrina said with a raunchy wink in the dark

“A-A little.” Olivia smiled

“Good.” Autumn interjected, her darker, browner voice came more abruptly than Katrina’s sultry twang, “Then get back over here.”

Autumn latched herself onto Olivia and brought the bigger girl down easily. The bed creaked ominously at the sudden movement while the redheaded ringleader of this Ménage à trois ran her fingers up and down Olivia’s meaty rolls. Every pound and inch that Olivia had gained over the Summer break, Autumn had matched her. The formerly “thicc” Junior had graduated to super-sizedom in her senior year, and it was never more obvious until Olivia’s heard the wet slaps of their fat bodies pressing together.

She grabbed Olivia’s hands and placed them on her breasts. Olivia figured out what to do from there.

Yes…” Autumn gasped, far more drunk than either of the other girls were at this point, as Olivia clumsily played with her friend’s stiff nipples

“Um… you… you like that?” Olivia asked hopefully, “Um… you want more?”

“Yessss~” Autumn arched her back, pressing her tum into Olivia’s gut

Just as Olivia felt the swell of pride at doing something right (finally!) she felt Katrina wrap around to sandwich her from behind.

“Told ya you’d get the hang of it!” Katrina chuckled jovially as she took her turn with Olivia, who was starting to enjoy the attention, “You’re a natural.”


- - -

- - -


This is the wowee appreciation round!

Simple and Neat is how we take our tonics here, and that's how we're going to tell the tales of these iconic characters!

They've been around since the beginning of the BCU, so even simple plots like these should have some weight to them!

Let's show some appreciation for...

- - -

Alice Carlyle... who is absolutely mortified when her embarrassing secret gets out in the worst possible way!


Everything was set and ready to go. Another day, after school, at four ‘o’ clock sharp—and everything was right in the world.

She knew that she ought to stop this. She was almost an adult, enrolled in college courses and everything. You would have thought that she’d have outgrown this kind of thing by now. It was just so silly, and you could tell that most of it was fake. It had to be fake. Some of the stuff that went on, some of the people that went on, there was no way that it could have been as off the cuff as everyone believed. Alice knew that, and as much as she wanted to put aside childish things, there were some things that she just couldn’t seem to set aside…

Welcome to the Marni Blake show!

Oh God. How stupid. How trashy! How could a girl like Alice ever be interested in something so mindless and silly? But ever since she’d caught the off broadcast after classes (but before dinner!) back at her old school, she’d been hooked on it!

“Ah-ha!” a voice cried out, startling Alice as the den door flew wide open, “I knew you weren’t studying!”

Alice squealed like a girl half her size and age as her mother made herself known to the room. What was she doing home?!

“M-Mother!” Alice gulped, “I-I can explain!”

“Don’t you mother me, I knew you weren’t coming home and studying!” Jan Carlyle placed her hands triumphantly on her narrow hips as she sauntered into the room, “Your excuse for not remembering to do your chores around here is busted, young lady!”

Alice was hyperventilating. One, her mother had scared her so badly that her little heart might just pound right out of her not so little chest. Two, her hyper-judgmental mother had just walked in on her guiltiest pleasure! She was still getting used to Alice’s weight problem, she really didn’t want her to have another bone to pick with her!


“You’ve been plopping down on the couch like a little potato!” Jan huffed, “Well Miss Missy, that explains why those extra pounds and inches haven’t been going anywhere—look at your role model!”

Jan pointed to the round little hostess, Marni Blake, as she toddled around onstage riling the crowd up for the latest fiasco of low-brow programming. In truth, Marni Blake’s confidence about her size had been one of the keystone factors in her philosophy about her own weight—she’d never admit it, but she really looked up to that tiny, tubby woman…

“M-M-Mother, I—”

And suddenly, it was over! Alice was looking up at her mother with big, watery blue eyes and then all of the sudden the smaller Carlyle just burst out into raucous laughter!

“Oh relax, Alice.” She said, her hands on her knees as she composed herself, “I don’t care if you watch a little television.”

“Y-You don’t?”

“God no—though your taste could use some improvement.” Jan pointed a finger derisively at the television. “I mean, honestly—”

Not only are you not the father…

“Alice, you’re such a smart girl and…”


“I hate that you’re—wait a minute.” Jan turned back to Alice as the crowd gasped, “Now how in the… what did she just say?”

And so a nice little tradition was born between the two of them. Alice stopped lying about studying right after she got home from school in exchange to promise to remember to take out the trash, and her mother would join her.



Meitnerium Perioda... whose worrying weight gain has become the talk of Stuffington University!


People liked to talk about Meitnerium Perioda.

Back home on Metalement, it had been just the same. Wherever she went, people liked to have her name in their mouths. Back in Texas, where she crash landed after an unfortunate traffic accident, people felt that she was a great topic of conversation. And now that she had enrolled in Stuffington University, well… the more things changed, the more things stayed the same.

“Check her out.” Meitty’s little green ears pricked, “She’s… wow.”

Yeah, guess these Earth boys aren’t used to me out here yet. Meitnerium flicked a long lock of silvery hair behind her as she sauntered through the Quad, See a little green and everyone goes wild.

She’d lived on Earth for quite some time now. Partaking in its culture in the only way that a not-quite-marooned foreigner could! Her boyfriend Tom had taken her to all the best places to eat out in Texas, she’d gotten to know so much about Earth culture from the food, its restaurants, its various stores (ranging from grocery to super!)… all under the guise of a cute young foreigner who happened to have a sliiiiight skin condition that made her look green and a peculiar predilection for headbands that may or may not have concealed two of the cutiest-ootiest widdle antennae that anyone ever had seen.

And despite the fact that all of these things were true, the boys weren’t talking about Meitnerium because she was green.

They were talking about her because goddamn she was huge.

You could see her coming from halfway across campus! She was as wide as one of the sidewalks, stuffed into a bright pink STUFFINGTON sweater that could only barely handle the great green glob of gut that she’d been busy stuffing with tacos since her first class of the day let out.

With each swing of her enormous thighs, Meitnerium’s mighty meaty mass rippled with impact. Her mouth hung low as she struggled to maintain her composure on not only a full stomach, but perhaps one of the fullest stomach on campus at the moment. She was so stuffed she could barely walk!

“Wow, look at her go.” Said one girl to her friend

Yeah. Meitty puffed to herself, tugging at the hem of her sweater, You wish you could…


You could…


Ugh… this walk is so long…

Meitty had gone from the CSB to the Cafeteria, which housed all those delicious tacos (that were total shit compared to the ones back in Texas!) and other various sundry edibles, and that had been a whole building away. She had to walk across the courtyard in the hot sun and… and…

UUUUGH. Meitnerium whined as her pace slowed considerably, Maybe its not too late to enroll in online classes… it’d be way easier to work around my snacking schedule…

And she’d probably do that! But looking at the eyes around her, men and women, Earthlings couldn’t seem to stop staring at her!

Yeah, she snorted, I’ve still got it

And she waddled into her next class, her head (and little green chins!) held high.



Rebecca Maglen... because she's in a fierce, fattening competition with her rival and needs all the support she can get!


Okay, so no one was really certain how the rumors about CJ Dalton, the most popular—and literally only!—guy in Chubbeso Academy had started.

You know the ones. The ones about him liking fat girls.

Now, Rebecca had known him literally since they were in the first grade together. They just so happened to be going to the same school together. Which was weird, because again, it was an all girls’ school. Don’t think about it, don’t question it, just go with it. That’s what Rebecca did. About their whole predicament and the unbiased rumors about her best friend being a chubby chaser!

Now in a normal school, Rebecca would have no problem scoring anyone who liked their women plump. She had gotten pretty soft around her bottom half before this whole thing started and (not to toot her own horn!) she was pretty cute to boot. CJ Dalton would have been hers if not for one stupid, prissy, stuck up, nose in the air princess named Claire Masters.

The headmistress’s daughter—literally the closest thing that this Academy had to a princess.

Claire had been a pampered, prize-winning piglet since they’d all enrolled together, and she’d been enamored with CJ since they day they met! Ooh, they hated each other. Like cats and dogs. Or cats and dogs. Or like cats and other cats.

Anyway, Claire Masters could one-up Rebecca in any way shape or form. She had more money, she was (admittedly) a lot cuter, and her breasts were way bigger than hers. But little did Claire know, Rebecca had an ace up her hole…

“Come on, Bunnie!” she howled thickly over the sounds of the kitchen staff’s cacophony, “Lunch is about to start!”

The calamity-pink chef of Chubbeso Academy hurried and placed another plate of entrees in front of her most eager eater yet—a smile on her face as she watched her cooking go more than appreciated.

Every day since the last semester had ended, Rebecca had been coming to Bunnie Blake, the head of the Lunch Lady Coalition, in an attempt to cram in as many extra calories as possible. She’d been pre-eating before every meal in vast quantities, stuffing herself for hours before lunch and dinner.

The results were… predictable.

“Careful Becca, don’t want you to get too full up.” Bunnie cooed with an affectionate tap on the tummy, “You’ve still gotta squeeze in lunch after this!”

Rebecca’s eyes were glassy as she mowed down the latest installment of her incredible eats. Her stomach, stuffed taut and round, gurgled in gluttonous delight of her gastronomic feats. Her thighs, acres wide of pillowy dimpled chub, spread so as to allow her bloated belly room to grow, and grow and grow!

“Mm—gotta eat more.” She grumbled stupidly, “Claire busted a chair… Bunnie… think you could have me busting chairs by next week?”

“I don’t know Becca…” Bunnie clicked her tongue as she looked over the teemingly tubby teenager, squishing her stomach and kneading her engorged gut, “If you keep this up… maybe before Friday!”


- - -

- - -


At the end of every Mix and Match, it's important to move on from what you've written! These shorties are fun, but they're ultimately to help me become a better writer, and that means improving on what you don't like, working out more of what you do, and making readers happy along the way.

These are the most popular stories of this Game, and were voted to receive sequels by none other than my lovely readers themselves!

So, by popular demand, let's rejoin...

- - -

Dani Gosset... as she continues to eat and eat and eat at the expense of her "good friend" Haley West!


Dani never found out what happened to that grimoire, and honestly, she really couldn’t have cared less about some ratty old spell book. Not when she had finally gotten everything that she’d never known she wanted—the ability to absolutely gorge herself without so much as putting on a pound!

As Dani’s grasp on moderation gave way to new definitions of hedonism, it wasn’t the gorging goth who suffered. Quite the contrary—she could finally indulge herself to her heart’s desire and beyond! Her idle snacking gave way to wholehearted hogging of whole meals and extra helpings before growing into gastronomic gorging that boggled the mind! No more dieting, no more trying in vain to force her fat tummy flat! Just an exposition in eating that didn’t look like it’d stopping any time soon.

“I just don’t know where you put it all…” Haley had said morosely one day, picking at her plate, “Girls like you have it so easy…”

“It’s all about your mindset.” Dani said through a mouthful of what had to have been her tenth burger since they sat down for dinner, “Pass the butter?”

Dani had never liked Haley West—at least, not back when they were in high school. Not when Haley had been prettier, skinnier, and more popular than her. Back when she was Doughy Dani, Danielle Gossett would have never dreamt of spending so much time with one of the many girls she felt so inadequate compared to.

But now that she’d found new use for Haley in a calorie sponge, Dani couldn’t get enough of her! Watching her expand at a breakneck pace as Dani got to eat anything and everything she wanted, packing on all the pounds for her while Dani stayed slender and hot—it was absolutely intoxicating. Almost as much as getting to enjoy hours-long binges. There was so much pride to be found in watching Haley blow up, and up, and up—like beating high scores every week!

“I just don’t understand!” Haley whined as she stepped off of the scale, “I’m dieting my butt off!”

“Well…” Dani smirked as she hip-checked her voluptuous victim, bouncing off her doorway-clogging badonkadonk, “You’re trying to anyway.”

How much could she make her gain this week? How about the next? Let’s shoot for another chin before the end of the month, how about getting her to pop out of her shirt in the meantime? Dani had found so much joy in watching Haley swell and squirm, she couldn’t think of one thing in her life that might have been made better if she’d known where that stupid book was!

She didn’t need it anyway. All she needed was more. More food, and more Haley.

The only downside to her new diet was that Dani was still just as lazy. For all the weight she hadn’t gained, the goth gourmand was still just as soft. Without any incentive to exercise, Dani’s muscles were still pretty weak and flabby. She hadn’t quite put as much thought into that aspect as she’d liked.

It was Courtney who had suggested that they go for a jog—if you can believe that. Ever the supportive friend, the heavy-chested honey was all about helping Haley lose the pounds and inches that had come to dominate her physique, and it wasn’t like Dani could refuse… she should have refused. Getting all sweaty and gross—why should she do this if she didn’t have to?!

“That was good time today, Haley!” Courtney wiped the sweat off of her brow, “Let’s shoot for two blocks tomorrow.”

“That… was… only… a block?!” Haley’s chins wobbled and her squinting eyes grew moist, “It felt like… miles!”

A few more steps, and Haley “the Whale” West was fully inside the front door to Dani’s house. After an unfortunate mishap, they’d started squeezing her in sideways so as not to catch her humongous hips on the frame. The fat hog wheezed and gasped, her double-belly heaving and falling as her biggest shirt hiked far up its apex. Poor Haley was soaked in sweat and panting up a storm. Haley hadn’t exactly been active before Dani had begun magically shunting all of her calories off to her, and almost tripling her weight had done little to encourage otherwise…

“I’m never going to lose this weight!” Haley moaned, thundering into the hallway, “I’m just gonna be a fat hog forever!”

“Hey, come on, don’t be like that…” Courtney touched her blubbery buddy by the shoulder, “Dani had trouble keeping up too, see?”

Dani doubled over, absolutely exhausted. Maybe even moreso than Haley. Gawd she hadn’t worked out in… ever. She was dripping wet, her makeup ruined. She needed another protein bar…

Meanwhile, Haley lumbered throughout the house. She’d been over to Dani’s enough times to know where her bedroom was, and right now she just needed a good cry. She’d been trying so hard to lose weight, and all she’d been doing was getting fatter! Her double-wide derriere squeezed through the doorway to Dani’s room as she flung herself onto the poor, unsuspecting queen mattress. Her tears stained the black comforter set as the weighty whale wailed into Dani’s pillow.


“What’s this?” the heaving hog whimpered as she saw a black leather spine tucked behind the mattress.

She ought not have, but Haley was so sick of Dani lately! She could eat all she wanted and never gain a pound, while Haley’s metabolism just up and quit on her! Every time they went out, Dani talked about her new boyfriends or how many people wanted to fuck her, all while double-fisting cheeseburgers from Big Daddy’s—maybe if she read her dumb diary she’d find out something about the black-clad beauty that would make her feel… better about herself, somehow? It sounded so dumb…


“What’s this?”

Haley had gotten so fat that she needed to wrestle against her mighty gut just to reach a sitting position. For far too long she’d been gaining weight at a breakneck pace, turning into a big hippy heifer without any clue as to why! Dieting and cutting back, drinking shakes instead of her mother’s delicious home-cooked meals, all to no avail while Dani got to gorge herself and stay beautiful and slim! And now, things were beginning to make a whole lot more sense…

“The Calorie Karma spell?”


Jennifer White... as she returns to Buttercombe Academy, damn the damage to her waistline!


Returning to Buttercombe Academy might not have been the smartest move, in retrospect.

The last time she’d set foot in that school, Jen White had gained a whopping sixty pounds! What with all of the perks that came with teaching at such a prestigious school—the catering, the discounted meals, the access to cutting-edge technology that made her job doable from the comfort of her own desk; not to mention the baking club that she’d joined, the donut deliveries, the groceries delivered right to her cozy little cabin, or the golf carts that made walking to and from campus a non-issue… You get the idea.

In just a short year, Jen White had gone up so many sizes that her daughter barely recognized her when she got home! She had to shop for a whole new wardrobe, and she never really lost all of the weight she’d picked up. A stubborn twenty pounds clung to her waistline like a squishy parasite that wouldn’t let her go. Jen already wasn’t wearing the slimmest pair of Mom Jeans on the block, so coming home at almost three hundred pounds had been quite the wakeup call for her!

But then, when Ms. Polluck called her back.

That was when she should have said no.

The first time was a learning experience. A costly one, but one that she could have dealt with. Going back to that school, with all those fat teachers and those chubby girls, with all of the food and all of the perks and all of the golf carts and all of the most delicious baked goods that she could have ever wanted and never having to go to the grocery store again because everything she’d need had been delivered with the dozen donuts that she’d ordered…

That was when Jen should have said no.

But she didn’t.

And here we are.

“Don’t stop.” The jumbo geometry teacher whispered to herself, passing a poor unsuspecting vending machine as she waddled to class, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…”

She cursed under her breath as she lumbered towards the machine, gigantic ass swaying behind her as she fished her Teacher ID out of her purse. Her stomach had started pressing against the glass, as if it were peeking inside the machine in anticipation of what she wanted to snack on next. She could hardly help herself as she swiped her card again and again.

Swipe, punch, drop.

Swipe, punch, drop.

Jen walked away with no less than five snack foods, all cradled in the fleshy nestling between her thick forearm and her meaty arm wing. She told herself that they would last her all day—but she knew that she’d be doing good to make it until lunch. Honestly, with the rate she’d been snacking, she’d be lucky if these would make it until next period! Everything was so yummy here and her job was way more stressful than she thought it would be… food helped!

In fact, she was already snacking on a coffee cake by the time she walked through the door to her first period—surprise surprise, Wide Load White snacking again as she waddled through the doorway. How many classes had been watching her steadily blow up like this? Not that long ago, it seemed, she was one of the thinnest teachers on campus. Now she blended in all too well among the fattened faculty of this stupid school…

“G’morning class.” Her cheeks bulged as she swallowed, her chins bunching slightly beneath her stylish scarf, “Give me a minute and we’ll start today’s lessons.”

She could tell that they were whispering about her. Why wouldn’t they? She had already put on another sixty pounds this year… and it wasn’t even midterms! Even if they didn’t exactly have room to talk, her super-sized students could be so mean when they wanted to be! Her own daughter, Claire, had even said something when she made the trip home for the Summer…

”I’m really starting to worry about you, Mom!” the younger White said sternly, ”If you don’t let them stop feeding you, I’m going to have to roll you home for Christmas!”

Jen frowned as she squeezed her chunky cheeks into her office chair. It was getting so snug now that she was getting so plump in the trunk. She was really dreading putting in an order to Polluck for another one. One that was more “suited” to her current size. Doing so was practically admitting that she was going to be a Buttercombe Butterball for the rest of her life. Or at least, the rest of her career here.

Suddenly, a hand shot up. One attached to a wobbling wing of upper arm flab that belonged to Autumn Westbrook. One of the gossipy girls in her class. Geometry hadn’t started yet, as Jen hadn’t quite collected herself, but she could guess by the inordinate amount of giggling coming from the group of girls that Autumn had surrounded herself with, this wasn’t a formal question anyway.

“Yes?” Mrs. White asked cautiously, “How can I help you, Miss Westbrook?”

More giggling. Tummies wobbled, cheeks reddened. This ought to be good.

“We were just wondering… are you related to Ms. Walker?” Autumn snorted

Jen White went red in the face, not out of anger but embarrassment. Did… did she really look like those fat Walker women? Waddling around the school, their bellies hanging out of their blouses as they stuffed themselves from the vending machines? Surely she couldn’t have… no…

“No, we…” Jen swallowed her revulsion, “We, uh… just look the same… I guess.”

“I’ll say!” Katrina Blackwell snorted a little too loudly. Just loud enough for Jen to hear, but not so loud that she could call her out on it.

That was it—there was no way she was going to be mistaken for Jennifer Walker. Not in this lifetime. Her time at this school had done quite enough damage to her girlish figure, but she was not going to wind up waddling down the better halves of the halls just to amuse these chubby little brats…

“Girls, see me after class.” Mrs. White said sternly, “And unlike Ms. Walker, I won’t be so easily bought by a trip to the vending machine.”

At least, not by these two.


Harper Black... as she makes headway in her journey of being the Fattest Woman Alive!


Harper Black was still getting fat.

No one knew what, exactly, started this. Neither of her daughters could pinpoint the change in their mother’s outlook on life. Certainly, neither of them could figure out what made her decide to become the fattest woman in the world. By all accounts, it just sort of happened one day—Harper Black decided that she was going to become the biggest, and by God, she was ready willing and able.

To see her as she was now, you would have never guessed that she had been anything other than a fully-fledged fat woman in her life. She was enormous. So huge and round, so exponentially large, that the very idea that she had once been the hottest mom this side of Daven’s Port was a mind-bomb the size of… well, Harper Black!

She was Reality TV fat. The kind of fat that Maury Pauvich might have had on one of his shows (which Harper loved btw). She could barely leave her bed, even with assistance. Harper was this enormous mountain of a woman, huge enough that the days that she could leave her bedroom were numbered. In a few months’ time, given her current rate of expansion, Harper was going to be completely bedbound before the year was up. But that hadn’t stopped her enthusiasm. Or her fans.

In order to ensure that she kept a certain level of money coming in, Harper had to get a job. Not just any old stupid desk job, like she’d had at Yeng working under Dr. Schwartz, and not some silly retail job like her daughters had gotten in order to ensure that a roof would be kept over their heads. No—Harper had gotten a job doing what she loved. She’d found a certain clientele that loved the idea of her getting even fatter just as much as she did—and she was almost as eager to please her gallery of horny watchers as she was to please herself.

“You’re all going to make me so fat.” Harper purred seductively into the camera that had been mounted on her dresser, “Thanks to all of your subscriptions, I can afford to eat whatever I want.”

She reached down and grabbed a handful of her stomach flab, giving it a good jiggle for the crowd’s sake. Reactions flooded forward for a full minute before her stomach settled in its place on the mattress. It was big enough now that she had to spread her legs apart, letting her olive obesity surge in front of her as she reclined onto the headboard. Even idling, when not on camera, Harper loved to play with it. When she had a crowd, she had extra incentive.

Harper loved the attention that her new career came with. Who would have known that there was an entire community online that would encourage her in ways she’d never dreamed? Getting fat was her true passion in life, she’d learned. And now, she wasn’t alone in wanting to make herself the fattest woman on Earth.

“Mmm… does anyone want to buy me dinner?” Harper rubbed her hands in circular motions along the olive colored ocean that was her stomach, “Mama’s hungry…”

Money flooded in like water through broken dams, trickling in and in until Harper had made a respectable amount. Enough to eat on, certainly. Definitely enough to keep her weight up. She smiled, her chubby cheeks dimpling at the thought of how much these weirdos loved to see her get fat. Who would have known that her wildest dreams would have come true with only the click of a webcam subscription?

“Ooh, you’re all so good to me.” Harper bit her bottom lip, her hands travelling up and up until her massive breasts were being fondled by two eager chubby hands, “And soon, I’m going to be good to you.”

Piper and Parker had been against it, initially. It was weird, you know? But as the money kept coming, it wasn’t like they had any room to complain. They never got in on it, despite the demands of Harper’s internet fat fetishist crowd—there were some lines even she wouldn’t cross—but that never dampened the money flow. More and more and more, that was what Harper’s future foretold. And it didn’t look like it was going to slow down any time soon.

Harper struggled against the meat of her arms as she undressed her top, letting her pendulous breasts fly free for her crowd of eager supporters. The Black family bazongas were apparently ripe even at super size, carrying her weight well into extreme obesity. Her cheeks dimpled twice over as she began to play with her engorged areola, a devious hungry smile on her face.

“Why don’t we kill some time until the pizza gets here?” Harper purred, moving her hands so as to send a rippling motion throughout her upper body. She noticed, through the self-view cam, that it had started to reverberate into her chins. She felt a familiar electric shock between her thighs as the revelation overcame her. God, she was getting so fat. Soon she’d barely be able to walk…

“You’re all so good to me.” She repeated, a slight moan in her voice as her recent revelations played back in her hoggish head, “And you’re all making my dream so easy… I think you deserve a little treat.”

Harper’s hands traveled back down her stomach, caressing the folds that made up the meaty middle of her triply-tiered stomach. She squeezed her lovehandles tenderly, her eyes closing and her mouth hanging oh so slightly as she kneaded the meaty mass of her middle. She pictured herself a hundred, two hundred, three hundred pounds heavier than the massive MILF that she currently was, squashing her King-sized mattress and just barely fitting through doorways as it was…

“Maybe I deserve a treat too.” Harper purred seductively, “I can almost afford a special helper… if only there were some weirdos who were willing to help me move even less than I already do…”

Feeds flooded in. Harper was making bank. She squeezed her stomach in excitement, a greedy grin spreading across her face.

Fattest Woman in the World, here she comes…


Arisa Spencer, Marissa Dupont, and Cerys Porter... as they continue their adventure in the wide, wondrous world of Yndyre!


“I can’t believe this.”

To be fair, the whole situation was unbelievable. Three unsuspecting teenaged girls, abducted from their home in the most prestigious school in America, and sucked into the world of their alt-rock rebellious member’s latest fantasy RPG? There were so many things about that sentence that didn’t make sense! But sure enough, the three of them had spent the better part of a year trapped in a world not entirely their own—one dictated by magic and weird logic that likened them to, yes, that of video game characters!

Arisa Spencer had gotten abducted not long into their campaign, providing Cerys and Marissa with ample reason to level up and strengthen their skills against the deadly creatures that wandered the mountains of Racovania—definitely not the ideal spawn point for three would-be adventurers! The monsters were tough, but despite everything that stood in their way, Cerys the Brave (warrior class, level 37) and Marissa the Willful (mage class, level 34) had made it their solemn duty to rescue their healer (Arisa, level three!) from the clutches of one Cameena Stranken.

They just hadn’t quite figured on getting caught themselves.

Ever since the great oaken doors of the Stranken castle had shut behind them, Cerys and Marissa had found themselves just as powerless to resist the charms of Cameena as they had been when they were merely plump, pampered school girls resisting the charm of extra portions. She had been such a gracious hostess, never harming a single one of them if she could help it. The mystery of why Arisa had been so unwilling to go along with them had been solved almost as soon as dinner had been served—Cameena Stranken knew how to take care of her guests. And that included apparently, spoils of combat.

“See? I told you there was nothing to worry about!” Arisa had exclaimed happily as soon as her friends began to fall sway to the spells that Cameena had cast on their dinners, “You guys must be so hungry after coming to rescue me—why don’t we all have dinner first?!”

A gluttonous crazy settled upon them, their eyes glazing as the food before them seemed to grow more and more delicious. There was no resisting the charms of the Stranken kitchen. And no matter how Brave or how Willful Cerys or Marissa had become during their stay in Yndyre, they were still the same gluttonous girls that they had been at the start of their adventure. And those girls had gone long underfed, as far as their habits were concerned. At gazing upon the glorious spread that their hostess had laid out for them, Cerys and Marissa both began to eat.

And eat.

And eat.

In mere moments, with only the faintest temptation, the progress that the rescuers had made had been undone. The wonderful tastes and the succulent smells had jump-started their brains that had been hardwired to indulge by years’ worth of overeating had taken control.

Any and all thoughts of escape were fleeting. All that remained was indulgence.

Predictably, the warriors’ bodies grew. Cerys’ muscular physique was buried beneath pound after pound of blubber, her muscles quickly atrophying as she acclimated to the life of a pampered pet. Marissa, too, found her toned physique succumbing to the incessant meals that flooded her system. Her robes began to tighten, then battle against, and then struggled to contain her expanding adipose.

The three of them spent their days indulging—perhaps, as they were meant to.

They shared a dining hall, most of the time. It could fit tens, so it could certainly fit three girls who may go on to grow to the size of tens. As Cerys’ belly drooped down towards the floor and Marissa’s breasts pooled pendulously to the side of her gut, Arisa the healer (level three!) couldn’t have been happier. She was free to spend all day indulging every gluttonous desire with her two best friends—reunited at last over more food than anyone could have ever asked for.

And a hostess that treated them all so well.

“You’re coming along nicely, Warrior.” Cameena purred as she pinched the supple upper arm that bulged over Cerys’ dress, “A few more pounds and inches and you’ll be ready for a new outfit.”

Cerys snorted in response. She had taken to the feeding most well of all, between the three of them. Her face and figure swelled with fat, rounding out into many chins and ample inches for their vampire captor to pinch. She was like a little piglet—unaware of the fattening fate that befell her even as she swelled outwards and outwards and outwards…

“And you, my little mage…” Cameena thundered over to the buxom blimp, “You’re catching up too, aren’t you?”

Marissa was the smallest, between the three of them. Her studies of the magical arts had done little to curb the use of her hands. If only, she’d thought to herself multiple times, she’d learned the spell for Kinesis. Then she’d barely have to lift a flabby finger to feed herself…

Cameena paused in front of the massive monument to indulgence that had been her first of the three—a big brown ball of blubber if there had ever been one, Arisa Spencer had been swollen to absolutely ridiculous size. Just the way she liked her cattle.

“But you, my pet…” Cameena stroked Arisa’s long black hair as it rested on her meaty shoulders, “You’re a natural.”

Arisa didn’t stop eating. She simply enjoyed the compliments. She chuckled slightly, her massive body and meaty rolls reverberating slightly in her delight. But the humongous hog couldn’t bear to part with the sensation of taste and pleasure for longer than a few moments. Her stomach, pooling before her in an exhibition of both her size and greed, commanded her to continue. To eat more and more, more and more…

Cameena parted her lips, her fangs bore brightly in the moonlit night, as she pierced Arisa’s neck rolls and sucked the high-calorie blood from her system.


We rejoin Rebecca Maglen... as she goes head-to-head with her rival in heaviness, Claire Masters!


With the help of Bunnie Blake, Rebecca Maglen was soon tipping the scales as one of the heaviest students enrolled in Chubesso Academy.

She ate two of each meal almost every day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, she ate to excess. Even on the days where she wasn’t able to (or couldn’t stomach) scuttling away to the cafeteria, Rebecca made sure that she got more than her fair share of calories in by stuffing herself to the absolute limit. And naturally, that limit got higher and higher every day. She was eating more than her whole family did at home, and not long after that she was eating more than most families did at home!

She was getting huge, truly one of the biggest girls on this side of the pond. Her stomach hung lower every day, her hips flared wider and her bust sat further apart across her growing dome of a gut. She couldn’t have been happier, blowing up like this. Not only was she getting closer and closer to finally winning the heart of CJ Dalton, she was getting further and further ahead of that stupid, stuck-up, spoiled brat Claire Masters.

At least, that’s what she had to believe.

In all honesty, Claire was expanding at a rate equal to, if not greater than, Rebecca. Chalk it up to shitty genetics and an environment that literally let her be as big of a bitch as she wanted to, but Claire was gaining weight at a breakneck pace. Even with the sudden lurch in size, Rebecca had been having trouble keeping up with the super-spoiled princess of Chubesso Academy.

“Oh, look at that.” Claire snorted to her one day during Lunch, “Are you finished already, Becca?”

“As if.” The fat bottomed American guffawed back as she pounded another sloppy joe past her lips, “You just wish I was almost done here.”

The two of them had been at this for… quite longer than they ought to have been, actually. Everyone was sure that class had started by now, and they’d more than used up their tardy slips. But CJ and Kate couldn’t bring themselves to look away from the caloric catastrophe that was a head-on collision between two corpulent cows! Rebecca and Claire had been eating non-stop for weeks, months now, and it was finally time to see who was the bigger bitch between the two of them.

Literally and figuratively, naturally.

The two of them had grown massive. Claire, with her belly-dominated physique, was weighing in at almost twice the size she’d been when the year began. She’d scarfed, munched, and snacked her way into a true heavyweight, barely able to sit at the same lunch bench as the three of her friends these days. Meanwhile Rebecca had gained a significant amount of size below the belt, coming to encompass most of a side of a lunch table before all was said and done. The two of them were eating machines—one born of luxury and poor genetics while the other was one born of jealousy and… also poor genetics. Apparently.

The two of them were at a stalemate, eating just as much as the other. For one sandwich, the other matched. Another plop of potatoes, the other met it. The only one really winning here was Bunnie, as she cooed and cawed over the the idea of all the food that was being fed into the two titanic teens. The calamity pink cook had taken over serving duties in anticipation of the showdown between the two big blubbery blondes, and she had not been disappointed.

“Claire, you’ve got to make sure that you’re tasting the food.” She chided the headmistress’ daughter with a dab at her chubby cheeks, “Really let me know how I’m doing here.”

“Becca, babe, I love you, but you’ve got to slow down.” She said, wiping off the second contender’s chins as she served her another helping, “You’re passionate and I love that, but right now the most important thing is that you let me know how I’ doing.”

Between the two of them, Claire and Rebecca cleared out the entire cafeteria. They were in a class all their own, scarfing down plate after plate of fattening cuisine from none other than one of the most potent chefs in the world. And as the svelter, older woman doted on her two most eager eaters, she couldn’t help but encourage them to eat more, and more, and more!

“This is… weird.” CJ Dalton admitted to the shy but equally ambivalent Kate, struggling to find the interest in watching the strange display, “Do you… want to get to class now?”

“Um… I guess?” Kate shrugged her meaty shoulders, “Becca, CJ and I are going to class now… do you want us to—”

“Take my notes for me!” Rebecca growled without breaking eye contact with the super-sized heiress of Chubbeso Academy, “I’m a little preoccupied with showing this bitch how we eat in America!”

“CJ, sweetheart?” Claire burped into the back of her meaty hand, “Take my notes for me too. I’d absolutely hate to miss out on class because I was showing this fucking git how we Masters women get our grub on.”

The two onlookers could only gulp and back slowly away from the two of them, letting Bunnie take their place as the onlooking audience. Thankfully for the two of them, she proved to be a much more involved participant.

“Alright ladies, let’s not keep round seven waiting!” Bunnie squealed as she hurried off with their empty plates, “I’ll get the next servers out here before you two can say “more please!”

And with that, the two of them were left alone. Two tubby teens glaring at each other from across the lunch table. Without so much as a snack to break the silence.

“I hate you.” Claire burped, “I want you to know that.”

“The feeling’s mutual” Rebecca growled, “And after dessert, I’m going to steal CJ back from you.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“The fuck I would.”

- - -

- - -


Welcome back to Mix and Match, everyone! Today, we're going to play a very special, extra weird version of Mix and Match. We're gonna call this variation "What If?"

YOU send ME What If Questions, and I write 500 word shorties based on the stories they create!

Everybody ready? Alright then! What if...


What if... Yeng, led by Fukuda, dropped the facade and just tried to accomplish their fattening goals as effectively and quickly as possible?


It had all started with the ice cream.

Dakota and Piper had gone and gotten ice cream at the pier one day, and all of the sudden the stand was there. Already crowded and suffocating with people, like it had been there for as long as anyone could remember. But the Yeng Corporation’s ice cream truck had only just begun its life on the down-and-out pier of Daven’s Port. It was the first of many to come, even if nobody knew it yet. A lot of places would get Yeng sponsorship in the coming months—days, even—but at the time, it was just another ice cream stand.

Piper and Dakota went there every day, ordering double scoops of the stuff. They didn’t charge, and they didn’t keep track of who had eaten what. The only objective with that tiny little truck was to get what you liked. How you liked it, how much of what you liked, and what color sprinkles went on it were irrelevant.

A lot of Yeng places were like that, actually. Looking back on it, it seemed so weird. So ahead of its time, really—you gave people what they wanted. End of discussion.

Of course, there were consequences.

“C’mon Piper!” Dakota’s fat face creased as she struggled to keep her keister in motion, “They’re going to run out of rocky road!”

They never ran out of rocky road. Or anything, honestly. The woman behind the truck had never said no to a single demand. And demanding is what people could be. Porters had become hooked on the stuff, growing full and fat on the Yeng products that they so eagerly lapped up like dogs in the sun.

“Hold your horses, Dee—” Piper gasped, her stomach swaying with every plodding ponderous step, “—it’s not like it’s going anywhere.”

The two of them were hopelessly hooked on the stuff. They warned you about it, too—the dangers of eating Yeng food. Right there on the sign out front of the truck. Most people thought that it had to be a gag—who ever heard of addictive additives anyway? But sure enough, that first bite at no charge… that was a rush. The kind that you just couldn’t get anywhere else. Yeng was the brand to be, and anything else didn’t do you justice.

The pier boards rattled as Dakota and Piper made their respective ways towards their cones of ice cream. Tummies sagged towards the wood and outmodeled supports beneath the people squeaked as the citizens of Daven’s Port flocked towards their favorite eat-ins. Piper’s fat face creased in delight as she was handed her first (of many, surely) cones that towered high above her. Dakota too—her brown bovine eyes widened in junkie jubilation at the thought of more of her favorite fix.

“You girls enjoying yourselves?” the woman behind the register asked with a smile

“Uh-huh!” Dakota smacked her lips

“Always!” Piper smiled as best as her fat cheeks would allow

“Good!” the cashier grinned maliciously, “You’re more than welcome to have more—as much as you want. There’s never any charge here. You know that.”


What if... Kritsana Boonliang-Spencer somehow took full control of Yeng early in life and Arisa grew up surrounded by far more excessive indulgences, ruthless business practices and nefarious plots?


Everyone knew to stay away from Arisa Spencer.

The biggest name in Buttercombe Academy had, naturally, come attached to the biggest body. She was the first person that had been signed up for the new SSS program—in fact, the very reason that “incredible obesity” had been added to the list of prequalifying ailments that allowed girls to enroll. In a sea of stuffed stomachs and a veritable valley of vast overfed princesses, Arisa Spencer had managed to be the snottiest, nastiest, and most vast princess of them all.

“Hey, I thought I told you to bring me something good.” She snipped at the stupid fucking freshman that had messed her order up, “What’s wrong with you—are you stupid or something?”

Arisa had never not gotten what she wanted. Her mother was the head of the Yeng Corporation—the end all, be all as far as megacorps went. She knew who she was and she knew what kind of weight her name carried. So whoever the fuck this stupid cow that was her roommate thought she was, it wasn’t enough. She was Arisa goddamn Boonliang-Spencer, and she didn’t settle for fucking coffee cakes. She wanted cinnamon buns, and that was fucking final!

“Like, okay then, fuck off.”

“No you fuck off!” Arisa shifted in her seat on the reinforced sofa that her mommy dearest had “coerced” the headmistress into buying for her, “I told you to get what I wanted and you came back with shit—I’m still going to eat it, but that’s not the fucking point.”

Arisa huffed as she snatched the snacks out of Marissa’s hands. Dumb white bitch. Just because she had a fat chest and a big ass with a tiny waist didn’t mean she was any better than her. In fact, Arisa could already see that belly poking out from underneath her uniform. That’d fucking show her. She’d make this bitch fat—it wasn’t like she hadn’t done it before.

“Listen here Moo-rissa.” Arisa’s hugeness quivered ever so slightly as she wriggled on her couch, “I’m a pretty big fucking deal around here, so I suggest you get with the program and get me what I fucking asked for.”

Arisa leaned back into her seat, satisfied, as Marissa Dupont scurried out the door. At her size, Arisa could be quite scary if she so pleased.

Which she often did. Weighing in at almost five hundred pounds, she was a lot more woman than anyone was ready to try and reel in. combined with her meteoric amounts of pull around here—what with being the heiress to the Yeng fortune and all—it wasn’t like anyone had ever told her “no” for long…

Already, Arisa was planning how she’d sell this to her mommy. “This meanie was so mean to me! I hate it here!” and she’d get whatever she wanted. Her dumb cow of a mom was too busy stuffing her face to fucking care about the details—all that mattered was that Arisa was happy. And a new room, private, with no obligation to go to class… now that would make her happy.


What if... Mel Carlyle made it big in reality TV?


The idea that a woman like Melanie Carlyle had made it big wasn’t as ridiculous as it might sound. Sure, a four hundred pound fatty might not be the ideal reality television star if you were trapped in the early two thousands, but times were new, baby! Thin was out, and relatability was in. What was more relatable than a woman who liked to eat and didn’t like to exercise? In a gen-z world of laziness and indulgence, Mel Carlyle was the it girl!

Of course, the fact that she was actively gaining weight had to be glossed over. Couldn’t have kids at home getting any dangerous ideas. But the fact was, Mel’s Living Large Lifestyle had become all that anyone could talk about after her debut on network television. The nay-sayers said their peace, agreeing with her mother (very vocal about her daughter, btw) and shaming her at every opportunity. But girls like Mel, they didn’t care if they had a hatedom—just more people talking about her!

“Yeah, I guess I’m a hot topic.” Mel said in a voiceover as footage of her blowing a kiss to the camera played, “I’m a big girl who has confidence, and that intimidates people.”

She had only continued to grow fatter, naturally, once she had gotten unlimited access to concession tables. Where a filming staff could be found, there would be almost enough food to satisfy the big blonde blimp that dominated daytime talk shows. She had put on more than two hundred pounds since her Super Sized Show had started rolling a few years ago—hitting its peak, if you asked Rotten Tomatoes.

Mel was a couch-squashing, multiply chinned giant. Her stomach hung to the floor of the Interview Room, where they held all those cutaway moments to describe what everyone was feeling. It was a ripoff of the Office, yes, but it really scored with viewers 18-22. Their primary demographic required pleasing, after all.

“I don’t blame them. I’m a lot to talk about.”

Ever since Mel had gone live on air, obesity rating among viewers had skyrocketed. Here was a confident, sexy landwhale telling everyone to eat what they wanted and not feel bad about it. In a world of memes and incredible influence among social media followers, Mel’s ideas were dangerous. But very, very influential.

“Way I see it, the more there is of me—“ Mel cupped her breasts for emphasis, the sagging enormous things slung to either side of her belly now as she sat pinned to the couch, “The more I give them to talk about. Don’t let anyone ever tell you no, even if its just for seconds.”

Melanie Carlyle was the biggest thing to hit reality TV since the Kardashians. Little did she know that her influence would change the viewing habits of almost her entire generation. Or the eating habits of her competitors for their competition…

Those poor fucking Kardashians never expected the caliber of corpulence they'd be expected to compete with. And they lost the weigh-in every time...

- - -

- - -


Here's to another normal round of Mix and Match! Almost normal. Mix and Match G4 has been about the celebration of the game and a big part of the game is doing Bonus Rounds! They're outside of the limitations set by the regular game (no character can mainline twice, usually no two characters from the same story, etc) so they are a chance for me to really run wild with concepts. At the end of every game, we do an End of Game Special round! Which is neat, except those Bonus Rounds always get left out!


By popular demand, we return to the tale of Parker Black: to Abercrombie and Back  


Aside from the one time that Parker had visited home after undergrad, she hadn’t made the trip back to Daven’s Port. How could she have? She could barely fit in their house—Parker’s career at Abercrombie State University had blown her up from a big-tittied party girl to a six-hundred pounds whopper of a woman in just four short years! How she even got there the first time was a mystery to both her mother and her younger sister, but the logistics of bringing home an even fatter Parker Black boggled the mind.

Because, if the few weeks she spent with them back home waiting for her “apartment shit” (as she called it over a mouthful of cheeseburgers) to clear up, it was clear that Parker was only going to gain even more weight once she got back.

It only seemed fair that, since Parker wouldn’t be able to make it back for the Summer, the rest of her family would fly out to see her—after all, she’d gone and defied all expectations and managed to get into a decent-ish grad school. It was actually cheaper to fly the entire family out than it was to pay for a row of plane tickets for Parker’s fat ass to crush. Harper, Piper, and toddler Hunter endured an ear-poppingly uncomfortable three-hour flight to a flyover state. Among other discomforts.

“Those plane seats are too small.” Harper huffed as she wiped the sweat from her forehead

“More like your ass is too big.” Piper snorted over an airport corndog

“ASS!” Sarah Beth repeated loudly

Ever since Parker had come home and they had seen as big as big could be, any sort of frame of reference got thrown out the window. Since the last time Parker had seen them last, her mom and sister had put on some weight!

Harper’s middle-age spread got wider around her hips and thighs, her heavier breasts hanging to either side of a squishy stomach that flopped over her jeans while Piper’s formerly fat physique took to all the extra cookies and snacks Parker had hidden around the house like a fish to water, storing all the extra calories in her huge chest, swelling arms, and chubbing cheeks. Both of them were looking exceptionally plump after a good year of having their notions of “fat” shattered by their whale of a relative, but Abercrombie seemed to be a whole new scene entirely. Despite the extra hundred pounds they carried between them, nothing could have prepared them for the wide, wide world that awaited them.

The people (some of the people at least) were huge! Bellies hung low to the ground as heavy fatty grunts filled the airport. Men in business suits, tailored for elephants, shuffled awkwardly towards their business flights while super-sized stewardesses dabbed the sweat off of their brow and cooled off with bubbly soda. Fat families waited at the gates for arrivees of all sizes from all over the world. Double (triple!) chins creased and fat cheeks dimpled in smiles as mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, old friends and acquaintances reunited for the first time. Their bodies colliding in avalanches of squishy, sensual fat.

So it should say something that among this parade of paunches, people bigger than anyone in Daven’s Port had ever seen (and so many of them!) that it was still rather easy to pick Parker out from the crowd.

“HEY!” she bellowed, waving a tire-thick sausage of olive arm fat, “GUYS!”

The two-point-five Black women hurried to the gate, coming face to face with the pile that was now Parker Black.

If they had thought she was fat before (and make no mistake, Parker was huge the last time they’d seen her) then their incredible shock at her size was understated. Parker was so big that her belly completely buried her lap. She had commandeered what looked to be a mobility scooter for the incredibly obese—complete with arm-rests with popcorn bucket sized holes up the arms. Drinks and concessions warred with her arm wings as she constantly fed her hungry mouth. A pail of soda rested between her enormous breasts with a long silly straw that led to her mouth. Her face pooled into her chest and shoulders, her brown eyes squinting as her cheeks crowded her face.

She’d dressed in a big red tank-top—though it could have easily been the cover for a Volkswagon. It covered her chest and nothing more, leaving all of her ample amounts of belly blubber to spread wide and free. A brace on the cart held it from hanging down and brushing against the wheel, though it looked to be quite a tight fit. Her fat legs were poured by the gallon into a pair of frayed denim jeans that, honestly, raised more questions than they did answers about Parker’s modesty. Her black hair—grown longer, but still stylish—fluttered behind the headrest as her valiant scooter puttered beneath her mind-boggling size.

“Park…er?” Piper nearly dropped her baby sister in shock, “Is that you?”

“Who the hell else would it be, Pitstain?” Parker belly-laughed (quite an accomplishment) “What, you don’t recognize me?”

An awkward silence between the two of them (even Sarah Beth, honestly) grew as they contemplated the question. The short answer was that, no, they didn’t. They already hadn’t seen Parker for four years before she came back a colossal fatass that had to squeeze through the sliding glass door just to get inside. Granted, they’d had plenty of time to see how she got that way, but now that she was monumentally massive, it was getting harder and harder to see where exactly Parker was buried beneath all that blubber.

“Of course we did, sweetie.” Harper walked over and hugged her daughter as well as she could manage, “We’re all just excited to see you.”

“Well I could barely recognize you or the brat over there.” Parker chuckled thickly, dipping a patty-sized chicken finger into her honey mustard, “You two got fat!”


By popular demand, we return to the tale of Hannah Hammon in Command  


Nobody knew why it was that Buttercombe Academy kept expanding at such an alarming rate. Sure, there was the fact that literally everyone was eating inside almost all of the time, but that didn’t get around to explaining why.

Even the holdouts against obesity—the Sam Wilseys and the Kenzie Kingsleys—were puffing up and out of everything they owned, eating everything that they could get their hands on. The teachers were incorrigible as classrooms devolved into glorified buffets, happily stuffing their faces to the chorus of thirty feasting students. The few strawmen that stood against the tide of gluttony that seemed to wash over the school at every waking moment were quickly buried. No one could seem to resist the urge to eat, and no one had enough willpower to say no.

“Hannah, I need you!”

Her official title around the school was “coordinator”. Ms. Polluck had invented the position when her dough-fried synapses realized that she’d be leaving once her senior year was up. And as dependent on the only set of thin legs and slender waist on campus, the only one who could manage to cross a wing without huffing and puffing and leaning against the wall, Hannah had become very important to Shannon. And to the faculty. And to the students.

Hannah Hammond was the single most important person on staff, and she loved it.

“Hannahhh!” Ms. Polluck whined, a quivering mountain of pale skin and blonde hair, “I need you!”

Hannah wheeled in a trolley cart full of Shannon’s favorites. That blob Eri Flatterly might not have been able to work the kitchen herself anymore, but she could still crack a whip on those fat lunch ladies. When she wasn’t too busy gorging herself, of course. The Texas-sized tub of blubber had made sure Ms. Polluck’s meals were to Hannah’s exact specifications—after all, where would the school be without a happy headmistress?

Shannon had reached the half-ton mark sometime last Tuesday. In the two years post-graduation Hannah had spent fattening up the rest of the school through her newfound power as a coordinator, Ms. Polluck had benefitted the most. Gone were the yellow blazers, skirts and pantsuits. Nothing would fit her anymore, given her spectacular size and belly-heavy shape. She was pinned to her office space now—escape from Hannah’s clutches impossible.

And far beyond her scope of concern.

She’d covered herself, at least. Hannah had certainly walked in on her naked during the Summer months, but Shannon had the decency to keep it as professional as possible. Even if she was too fat for jewelry—even too fat to fix her hair, her long blonde locks fanning out over her neck rolls and creamy back fat—she could at least do that. Over her blobby stomach, Shannon had a butter-yellow flat sheet that she’d draped over herself to stay decent. Her fat-caked legs kicked out to either side, and the swell and weight of her arms helped pin it in place over her puddling breasts. Her fat face was red with anticipation of her (latest course of) breakfast.

“Coming Ms. Polluck!” Hannah said in a sing-song voice as she pushed the trolley cart into the room, “And I brought all your favorites~”

Shannon clapped her hands excitedly, her whole body shaking in the process. With the press of a button on her built-in arm rests, a table descended over the spread of her stomach. Yeng technology had gone a long way in making her life easier, just like Hannah had said it would. Hannah was amazing. Hannah was the reason she could still do her job. And more importantly, Hannah had food.

The whale of a woman could barely contain herself as Hannah began to divvy out the dishes that had been prepared for the humongous headmistress. Her knife and fork looked positively tiny against such an avalanche of a woman, but she used them with such speed and expertise that one would hardly know that they were there. She ate quickly, as if her food was going somewhere. By the time she’d finished her first plate, Hannah had already replaced it twice over.

“Oh Hannah…” Shannon said between bites, burps, and shallow breaths, “You’re amazing.”

“Oh I know.” Hannah said with no false modesty, “That’s why you hired me.”

“Oh yes…” Shannon said dreamily as she bit into what seemed like entirely too much of a steak, “Mmm… I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’d probably starve.” Hannah said jokingly, ribbing her boss in the way that only she could, “Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Shannon said nothing, but ate faster. The thought of doing without, thanks to Hannah’s hold on her, terrified her. What starving was to Shannon was oxygen to a fish. She couldn’t understand it, but it made her eat more quickly and hurriedly. Hannah bit her bottom lip as the landwhale puffed and wheezed her way through breakfast. Sputtering like the world’s largest locomotive.

“Oh… Hannah…” Shannon said finally, exasperatedly, as sweat formed on her brow, “That… don’t talk like that…”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” Hannah grinned, “I’ll never talk about it again.”

“See that you don’t.” Shannon puffed stupidly, her pace steadily slowing back to its normal (though still surprisingly fast) pace, “Have you been in touch with my tailor?”

“They’re still working on getting you some clothes, Ms. Polluck.” Hannah hadn’t talked to Shannon’s tailor in three hundred pounds, “But don’t worry, he said it would be soon.”

“Good.” Shannon said, taking a moment to reach down and rock a particulary heavy side-roll that hung out from underneath the sheet, “What you must think of me (mmph) being exposed all the time.”

Shannon’s whole body seemed to quake at the sudden motion of her stomach. The crest of her stomach wobbled uneasily, clearly brushing the bottom of the table. It made Hannah much more motivated to increase her portions. If her headmistress was too fat for her fold-out table, she might finally let Hannah hand-feed her until they could get some upgrades from those Yeng people…

“I don’t mind at all.” Hannah grinned, “I don’t mind at all.”


By popular demand, we return to the tale of Parker Black to the Future  


It had taken some doing to get Future Parker out of the booth. She was literally so big that she couldn’t have fit into it before the sudden aftermath of Parker’s phone call with Dr. Hinamizawa. It was only after cancelling the call and slimming her down (albeit not anywhere close to as slim as Parker would have liked her future self to be!) that she was a size small enough to unburden herself from the groaning booth.

But that still left her with an awful lot of Parker.

And of course, it wouldn’t have been the most embarrassing thing in the world if it weren’t for the fact that she ran into literally everyone she’d ever known that day on the way home. Having to introduce her future self as “her fat aunt” was horrifying (and confusing) enough, but of course they had to stop at every street vendor on the way back to Parker’s house.

“What?” Future Parker had said through a mouthful of corndogs, bent over belly-first at the ice cream truck, “I haven’t had these in years!”

Squeezing her through the front door was a hard one too. Squeezing her chest together, as big as they were, just meant that her future self’s fat arms would get caught in the doorway first before her chest. And then there was working around her major muffin-top. How could Parker have ever let herself get this big?!

“Um… hi?” Harper and Piper blinked at the spectacle, “Who’s your friend, hun?”

“Nobody!” Parker barked, “She’s—”

“Hi Mom!” Future Parker waved pleasantly, “Lookin’ good!”

And so, everyone sat down while the Parkers explained what they already knew. Due to a freak lightning storm, Parker was thrown back into the past to meet with her past self. And Present Parker described what had happened when she changed the future the first time—

“Yeah, that’s right, she gets even fatter.” Parker rolled her eyes, “This fucking sucks.”

“Well, I mean… can’t you… diet or exercise?” Harper asked her (present) daughter with a confused eyebrow, “Or you, uh… also Parker, can’t you—”

Future Parker snorted

“Oh yeah, big talk coming from you Ma.” The blubbery busty bunny said with a roll of her eyes, “You can’t exactly see your toes where I come from.”

Harper looked down at her massive chest—still turning heads at her age.

“I can’t see my toes now.” She said with a small smirk of satisfaction at her daughter’s failed attempt at snark. Some things never changed, it seemed.

“Whatever, you’re not skinny.” Future Parker groaned as she unwrapped an ice cream bar from the freezer, “Then. Or now, kinda.”


“We’re missing the point here.” Piper said with a furrowed brow, touching her sister’s future self on the wide wobbling thigh, “You know what’s going to happen to us? Like, did you take notes?”

“Future’s relative Pitstain.” Future Parker said with a dismissive snort, “I’m just here, changing and doing stuff.”

“Okay, so like…” Piper looked around, “What happens next Tuesday?”

“I don’t fucking know!” Future Parker groaned, her acre of chest flesh wobbling as she slumped deeper into the couch at all these questions, “God, I can’t even tell you what I had for breakfast this morning.”

“It’d probably be easier to tell us what you didn’t have for breakfast.” Parker said from her seat, pouting across from her flabby future-to-be

“Fucking skank.” Said future scoffed, “Whatever, it’s your fault.”

“So fucking not!” Parker bit back, “I’m gonna barf up every meal if I have to so I don’t end up like you!”

A pause, from everyone who wasn’t scarfing down a Nestle Crunch ice cream bar, as they waited for a change to happen.

It didn’t.

“Ha!” Future Parker laughed, “Told ya!”

“Okay, so what exactly happened to make me like this?” Parker leaned forward, using her brain for the first time in what felt like forever, “I didn’t take the job at Gilbert & Heil, and I didn’t take the job at Yeng. Why am I still so fucking fat?”

“One, fuck off, two I don’t know what the fuck Gilbert & Heil is, and three, I don’t work at Yeng. I don’t even have a job.” Future Parker then closed her three chubby fingers to point at Piper, “She does at Dee’s Donuts—and she brings home all this crap for me to eat while I watch Hunter and shit.”

“Who’s Hunter?”

“Long story.”

“Piper!” Harper said, aghast, “Why did you make your sister fat?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault she’s a lazy bum!” Piper whined, “I haven’t even done it yet!”

“Well it’s settled—you are not getting that job at Dee’s.” Parker said affirmatively, “For my own good.”

“Ma’s too.” The piggish possible Parker snorted, “Trust me, you get really into donuts.”

Harper clutched at her already soft stomach in horror as Piper’s black brow furrowed in anger. Meanwhile, a sigh of relief just fell from Parker’s lips. Finally, she had an answer and a solution to her super-sized soon-to-be.

But by the time everyone blinked, the Parker that Will Be was replaced with an even larger version of herself. Bigger than the one before, back at the booth! She filled the couch, her belly hanging low to scrape the floor! Parker swelled outwards, the couch groaning louder and louder before it suddenly and violently shattered beneath what had to have been a half-ton of quivering olive flesh. Harper and Piper jumped back in fright as Parker rolled from her seat on the arm chair onto the floor, feeling the tremors that her future self’s shift in size had wrought!

“Parker!” Harper gasped in horror

“Jesus Christ on a cracker!” Piper was too startled (and frightened) to laugh at her sister’s big fat fate

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Parker jumped to her feet and started stomping around, “Is there a future where I’m not the fattest woman on Earth?! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED NOW?!”

Future Parker burped, her humongous cheeks still rippling as she came to an answer.

“I went to college.”


By popular demand, we return to the tale of Make My Mama Grow!  


What the three of them hadn’t realized was that, caught up in the festivity of it all, they had started an honest-to-god competition. Through various complicated means, connections made through their children or the various people around their respective towns, they were not the only mothers dying to have an excuse to let go. Jan Carlyle, Hannah Johnson, and Harper Black were just the first three drops in the bucket of ladies looking to get big—and once it became clear that there would be a prize involved, even the ones that weren’t exactly looking found themselves being coerced otherwise.

“Hannah, I don’t know why you insisted I come to this thing.” Joan Hammond puffed as she fought against the tight pearl button of her purple blazer, “I know nothing about these women and I’m sure by looking at them that not a one of them is going to be good for my diet.”

Hannah had spent years fattening up other people—so why was it so hard to get her mother to crack two-fifty? She’d been doing everything for her distinguished successful hotel manager mama now that she’d taken an early retirement to enjoy her fifties in style, but even her machinations weren’t enough to get her mother smothered in blubber!

“Oh mom, you know, just business.” Hannah looked around the room nervously (and excitedly) as she took in all the ample amounts of MILF flesh that eeked and oozed out of every inch, “Why don’t you… go stand over there, next to Mrs. Boonliang-Spencer?”

“Which one’s that?”

“The one in purple.”

“That whale?

“It’s not nice to judge people for their weight, mom.”

It had become a tradition to meet up, once a year, back in Daven’s Port. And slowly, the number of meaty mama’s in attendance had grown in size. Not to scale with their attendees, naturally. But it had become an official box to tick off in many women’s calenders as a chance to show off just how far they could let themselves go.

There was of course Mrs. Hammond, and Mrs. Boonliang-Spencer, taking up an entire corner of the Hammond Hotel’s lounge at more than seven hundred pounds. She’d managed to gain another hundred pounds or so since last year, when her daughter Arisa officially took over as head of the company. Yanira Jones-Sanchez, invited by none other than Harper Black herself, was floor-bendingly big at four hundred pounds now, after having only just had her little girl a year ago. Then there were a few faces from Hannah’s academy days who took the joke in stride—Cerys Porter swaddling her second-born, Jan’s cousin Rhonda and her wife Sally (two big hitters, they were!) and a few more familiar faces.

But the real reasons that everyone came out was to see them.

Everyone knew that they would never come to outweigh the original three. Jumbo Jan Carlyle, Humongous Hannah Johnson, and Heavyweight Harper Black were stupendous in size—description failed to do any of them justice.

They were like landslides, the three of them. Together they made a collective two tons thanks to corporate sponsorship and support from their pit crews.

Jan had her daughter Mel—her youngest Alice provided the clothing, but Mel kept her gain going. She was huge in the belly—her fat little arms hadn’t been able to reach around her gut in hundreds of pounds. But compared to her chest and even the massive mountain of mounds she sat on, Jan’s gut was easily her most defining feature. Her blonde hair was cut so as to frame the roundness of her face, happily slurping up the fattening slop that her diligent daughter Mel had trained her to while she was attended to by her hired team of helpers.

Hannah Johnson, meanwhile, sat on an absolutely massive ass to contrast the belly-blubbery blonde to-be-bested. She was thinner, less unrecognizably fat, but she was still this enormous woman from top (and especially) to bottom. She had the full backing of Dyna-Corp’s R&D department keeping her in relative health. Her ass was only matched in size by her ambition. Out of the three of them, she retained the most fire in her eyes.

And being backed by Yeng, Harper Black had come back after a slight slip in the previous year. The enormous olive-colored woman had a steady lead in the breast area, at the cost of the mobility of her arms at a much quicker pace. Her daughter, Piper (fierce competitor with Mel) had to climb her mother frequently to reaffirm the feeding hoses back home. She was the showiest out of the three of them, for sure, but certainly not the brightest. In the time spent letting amazed spectators and fans wobble her belly and jiggle her breasts, she could have been eating. The other two were.

“This is grotesque.” Joan huffed through a dinner roll, “I can’t believe these women do this to themselves.”

“Be quiet mom!” Hannah said snippily as she shoved another roll in her mother’s hands, “Just eat this and make nice!”

“Who do you think is bigger?” Yanira asked Cerys, leaning in to let their milk-swollen udders brush heavily against each other, “My money’s on Piper’s mama.”

“Which one’s Piper’s mama?” Cerys snorted through a chicken breast, “M’from outta town.”

“Oh, uh, Harper.” Yanira pulled up two chairs to lower her superior size into, “I’ve been watching her blimp up for years.”

“Yeah? I only got invited because I know Hannah.”

“Who’s Hannah?”

“Oh, she’s…” Cerys pointed a hammy arm towards the skinniest people in the room, “There she is! Hi Hannah!”

“Hi!” the hotel heiress said awkwardly before turning back to her mom, “Mom, eat a chicken breast or something, I’m dying here.”

“But we just had dinner!” Joan groaned, “Honestly, I don’t know why you dragged me to this… well… these do look awfully good. And I suppose those women won’t miss it if I take a little nibble.”

While the three wonder whales gorged and the sea of fatties followed suit, Hannah vowed that she’d get her mother up to snuff sooner rather than later.


By popular demand, we return to the tale of More & More Moonchild  


It had been a weird contest, to be sure. The idea that the person who could gain the most weight (not become the fattest, gain the most weight) should get some sort of reward was a little out there. But the Los Hermanos High Cheerleading Squad had raised over two thousand dollars for the cause, and it wasn’t like people didn’t gain weight around the holidays. The co-captain, Laurie Belemontes, had been particularly insistent on getting the contest together.

“Think about it!” Laurie had said what seemed like a lifetime ago to her friend (and former co-captain) Jen over pizza one day, “We’ll, like, get our moms to participate. Then they’ll all get fat and we’ll look skinny by comparison!”

To a whopping heifer who sat at three-hundred pound booty blubber like Jen Sarovy, the sound of looking thinner to anyone else sounded pretty good. Even by comparison.

“Okay, but like, is Alice gonna help too?” Jen pouted

“Of course, of course.” Laurie lied—Alice was far too busy taking over for her on the squad by this point, but she hadn’t stopped the contest!—“Now, I figure we…”

The goal was to get all the Cheer Moms nice and fat. Maybe even Lizzie, Denise, and Kristen’s moms in on it too. But as it turned out, the three feasting fatties had grown to trust and respect one another over their mutual love of food and stuffing themselves with it. They put their calorie-clogged brains together and came up with the idea that only one of them had to gain the weight. And surely there would have been tough competition.

So they stuffed and they stuffed and they stuffed Ms. Belemontes, already a large woman thanks to Laurie’s machinations at home and a woefully weak willpower, until she had gained more than enough weight to win the prize.

In a contest which no one else entered.

Laurie was admittedly a little disappointed with the outcome—but it was hard to stay mad when her mother had gotten so unbelievably fat that no one would ever, ever think that her was anything less than a model compared to her.

Sometime after the contest, Laurie was still riding that high pretty hard.

The scope of Moonchild’s size was boggling to the young busty co-captain. Her friends had helped fatten her up so much that she could no longer get up under her own power. With her huge breasts pinning her down on either side of her doming, triply-tiered stomach, Moonchild was effectively a panting couch-bound hog most days. Even when Mrs. Sarovy and Mz. Grobauch came over for their Mom Nights (Laurie had “helpfully” suggested that they move them to their home for “training purposes) Moonchild hardly rose from her seat. Instead, she was content to let everyone wait on her hand and foot.

“Here you go, darling.” Isabella said, her face crinkling in joy as she whipped up her favorite taste-tester’s first course of the night, “I hope you find it to your liking.”

Moonchild made a happy, piggish grin as she dug into her dinner. A side-effect of keeping her mouth stuffed all the time, Laurie found, as that her mother’s hippie jargon had died down to a bare minimum. It was always “Laurie!” followed by “I want”. Annoying, yes, but considerably more bearable. Her friends seemed to agree.

“Now that you’ve won the contest, I think it’s about time you started slowing down, Moony honey.” Lilith snorted as she scarfed down the heavy soup that Isabella had laid out as an appetizer, “You’re taking it too far.”

Moonchild made a face of discomfort and a deep, throaty noise to voice her displeasure. Slow down? She was having the time of her life! Eating anything and everything in sight was the epitome of a free spirit. And Moonchild was the freest spirit on the block—in the city! Her belly hung free off of the couch, her breasts swung whenever she walked, and she had been unburdened of society’s constant desire to see women deprive themselves in the name of beauty. She was a goddess—and it was about time she started acting like it!

“LAURIE!” Moonchild bellowed, ignoring Lilith’s hypocritical advice, “DINNER!”

Moonchild’s fat daughter descended down the stairs with a bounce in her step. And her breasts. And her belly. And the incredible ass that she had sprouted. Seeing the two of them together, it was no surprise that she and Moonchild were related. Both had proud features, both had dark hair, and both were fatter than either of them had any right to be. The only difference was that Moonchild knew, and loved every inch of her enormousness. Laurie had yet to see that, just because she was thinner than literally any other woman in the room, she was far from the slim and busty cheer captain that she envisioned herself to be.

“Oh boy, I’m starving.” Laurie licked her lips greedily, hunkering down into a seat opposite her humongous hippie mom, “What’s for dinner?”

“First course is goulash.” Mrs. Sarovy said as she lowered a plate in front of Laurie, practically licking her chops in anticipation, “Jenny’s favorites.”

“I can see why.” Laurie drooled as she picked up her fork, “It smells delicious!”

“Eat up, Laurie.” Isabella said in a coochy-coo voice as she pat her daughter’s best friend on the back, “There is plenty!”

Moonchild watched her daughter descend onto dinner from her seat on the couch. Isabella had been right this entire time—their girls were too thin. Laurie was wasting away over there, on the other side of a dinner with ten courses. Just as she had been freed from society’s shackles, Moonchild mused as she covertly fondled her flesh beneath a tight muumuu, Laurie should experience the same.

“Yes… hff…” Moonchild said huskily, her bovine eyes growing glassy and her plan slowly melting away in the presence of even more food to further fatten herself with, “Eat up, Laurie…”

Soon, Laurie would see the light…

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