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Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2183754
A scientist and his telescope become famous. (20 lines)
His Claim to Fame

Kathleen McNamara

His passions were scientific,
after all it was his life.
Astronomy and his black panther,
they just annoyed the wife.

One more thing annoyed her
and he knew it wasn't nice.
He had a penchant for some gambling.
It was his only vice.

The wager in the department,
up to $1,000,000 at last look,
would be paid to the lucky scientist
who recorded first in the big Greenbook.

For many years the skies were scanned
but it was only on this morn,
he could pick up his pen and now proclaim,
"I am the first man to see how a star is born."

His discovery made him famous
with an ending as it should be.
The telescope, panther and scientist
would star in their own movie.
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