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by Jayguy
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2183930
This is a story about a man and his giant boyfriend.

A groggy hand felt its way to the phone, eager to stop its badgering. The phone belonged to 20 year old Elliot, who was engaged in his usual activity of lounging on the couch, watching TV as he waited for his boyfriend to get home from work. He seemed to be late today though, not that Elliot was paying much attention to the time. Even though his boyfriend was a working man, Elliot’s day usually just involved slacking off in different areas of the house. Today, he was wearing nothing but an old sports jersey and a shabby pair of white boxer briefs.


Elliot finally tapped the answer button and brought the phone to his face, whereupon he was immediately greeted with a familiar voice.

“Hey babe!” Elliot answered in a jovial voice, “When’re you comin’ home from work?”

The voice coming from the phone’s speaker was not nearly as jovial as Elliot’s.

“Huh? What do you mean ‘you’re already home?’ Why didn’t you say hi then?” Elliot responded.

An angry voice came from the speaker.

“O-oh…” More angry speaking. “Sorry, sorry! Hold on a sec, babe, I’ll get you out…”

Elliot hung up the phone and put it back down on the couch. He took an exasperated breath and began to reach behind him. With one hand, he pulled back the waist of his briefs, exposing two round and plump mounds. Elliot was a hairy guy and his rear end was no exception. Each cheek was covered with stringy brown hair like fur. The crack was like a dense forest of tangled, musky hair. So dense and hairy, in fact, that it wasn’t uncommon for things to get stuck in Elliot’s hairy crack.
Things like…

Elliot sighed in annoyance and dug a finger in between his cheeks. He brushes it through the furry canyon until he came upon what he was searching for. The tiny something wriggled as he pinched it between two fingers, letting Elliot know that he had found what he was looking for.
Elliot pulled his hand from his ass, letting go of the waistband, which caused the cheeks to jiggle slightly. He then examined the thing in his hand, picked a few strands of hair off of it and let it rest on his palm.

The tiny human slowly got up on two feet, brushed himself off, and turned to look at Elliot with a stern look on his face. Elliot responded with an innocent grin.

“Hey, Carter…”

Carter immediately snapped back. “Don’t ‘Hey Carter’ me! Do you know how long I was stuck in there? Did you not hear me at all?!”

Elliot tried turning the charm up to eleven. “No, babe, sorry! I must’ve been distracted thinking about you,” He said with his free hand to the back of his head.

Carter was too busy dusting himself off to look at Elliot’s winning smile.
“Yeah, sure.” He let out a sigh. “Can you please just try to be more careful next time?”

It’s true that this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Not even close. And it was usually Elliot’s fault. Carter would be sitting on a counter and would try to get Elliot’s attention when he walks by, only for Elliot to bump the counter with his bubble butt, unknowingly causing Carter to lose his balance, toppling over and falling into the pit of Elliot’s briefs. Struggling would only pull him deeper between the plump cheeks. Eventually Carter would be entangled in the vast amount of hair that enshrouded Elliot’s backside. He’d be stuck like this, breathing in his boyfriend’s fumes, until he managed to pull out his cell phone and call Elliot.

The first couple of times this happened, back when Elliot and Carter were still a fresh couple, they would’ve joked about this, saying things like “I know you like my ass but maybe ask next time,” or “Good thing you didn’t have any gas or I would’ve passed out.” But after a while, Carter started to find it more annoying than anything, especially considering how often it happened.

Elliot watched as Carter stopped to sniff himself.
“Ugh, Elliot, when was the last time you took a shower.”

Instead of answering that question, Elliot decided to turn on the charm again. He raised the palm of his hand, bringing Carter up to his face. Carter looked up at his boyfriend’s face. Elliot’s eyes were a captivating shade of green. They’ve left an impression on Carter ever since they first met. But what Carter loved most of all was Elliot’s soft lips. And Elliot knew this too.

Elliot gently pressed his lips against the palm of his hand, smothering Carter in a giant kiss. Carter squirmed against the plush lips of his giant boyfriend as they completely enveloped his small body. He tried to pretend that he didn’t enjoy Elliot’s gentle kisses but that act fell apart as he started giggling at the feeling of the soft lips resting on top of his tiny form. Before he knew it, his face was as red as a tomato.
“Come on Elliot, quit it,” Carter said through a fit of giggles.

Elliot pulled his head back. “You’re right, I should stop.”
Cater blushed even more as Elliot brought his mouth close to him again, close enough that Carter could feel Elliot’s warm breath washing over him as he spoke seductively.
“We should continue this in the bedroom~”

Carter could feel his face heating up. He knew he was supposed to be mad at Elliot but he couldn’t resist the temptation.

Elliot’s hand moved down to the front of his boxers and stretched it open, revealing what was inside. Elliot’s musky crotch was surrounded by hair, much like most of his body. Elliot’s thick penis lie inside the underwear, practically calling out for Carter, which Elliot obliged, bringing his tiny boyfriend down to the fragrant pit. Carter was practically drooling as he was dropped in, his body landing on the meaty shaft and arms immediately wrapping around it.

Elliot let out a huff as he noticed that Carter had already started rubbing and kissing his cock. Elliot let go of the waist of his underwear, sealing Carter inside. The tiny human could just barely be made out as a small protrusion against Elliot’s hefty bulge. Elliot relished the feeling of Carter pleasuring him for a brief moment, before lifting himself off of the couch. He grabbed his phone and toyed with it as he stomped off to his bedroom, tiny boyfriend in tow.
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