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Assignment: Paper on a Business Improvement relevant to your Organisation.

The paper requires you to develop the core concept of a business improvement in a part of the business. As part of the assignment you need to develop the organisational behavioural challenges that would need to be considered in implementing the improvement. Select 3 specific topics from the list below:

Managing                    Change ?
                   Project                    Management
                   Performance                    Management                    
Assignment Outline

Introduction / Executive Summary
Overview of the Paper
Objectives/summary overview/format-structure of paper

Case Study
Proposed                    Business Improvement description (Case Study)
                   An                    organisational review / diagnosis on the topic selected                    
                   Develop                    conclusions based on the analysis - things that are working well                    and things in need for improvement. Support conclusions with                    material / information in literature review (application of theory                    to practice)                    
Literature review on the topic selected ?
Need to review best practice materials / articles / publications on the topic selected

Need to come up with recommendations for the business improvement
Recommendations need to be strongly supported with material / information in literature review (application of theory to practice crucial to assignment)

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