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by Casey
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Sharing my space with others is a trial sometimes.
The Territorial Terrier  (E)
Sharing my space with others is a trial sometimes.
#2184025 by Casey

Total Lines: 14
Write about a character from the perspective of one of their pets.

"The Territorial Terrier"

She thinks I do not care which way we walk
but I prefer a path that has no cats.
She's not aware of how we dogs may balk
at sharing territory where we're at!

Oh, there he is; that giant "OJ" tom
who thinks he owns this walk and place. He's cat;
a smelly, showy, yellow, meowed bomb
who forces me to bark and shout and spat!

This walk has raised the hackles on my rear
for I, a well-bred gentleman from Spain
have better things to do than voice my fear
of underlings who smell and I distain.

I'll pull upon my leash and let her know
I am not pleased where she would have me go!

(above is recent pic of me and my dog, "Papi" (Spanish for 'father') A wire-haired Terrier; his breed: a 'Podengo Portugueso Pequeno'. Papi is a rescue dog who will be age 13 in September.
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