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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2184027
About a boy who is meeting his first boyfriend!
It was a cloudy day and in the middle of the week. Ben took a deep breath. After he spends a long day in school he usually feels most of the time like a sinking ship, which went through a heavy storm. He doesn't live in a crowded area. His home is in a street called Rainforest Avenue in a suburb of Seattle. When he was sitting in the classroom he thought of going to the gym, because it is so hyped today and he wants to look lean and muscular. But it wasn't that easy for him. When the teacher is telling the students something about globalisation and that they shouldn't buy supplements from 10,000 miles away, Ben often hasn't got the nerve to pay attention.Ben hates geography class, because for him it's just bla,bla,bla. Rather he would sit in math class and would like to solve an easy mathematic task.
And on his way home, he usually takes the bus, he was hopeless that his day will be satisfying, while he was feeling like he is moving through a dream, everything felt so unreal. But then there was this boy. " Hey buddy, what are you looking at, you don't look pretty good"
"Yeah that's maybe true" answered Ben and asked him about his name: " My name is Jake O'Wilson and yours ? " " My name is Ben Crimson" he answered with a shy voice " Hey you don't sound like you have any friends, your voice is full of shyness and doubt, don't you wanna hang out ? Maybe I can sooth your wounds with a friendship" he said carefully to Ben as he felt a sudden warmth spreading in his body. He never experienced such a feeling, because nobody really cared much about his feelings and about him as a human being at all except maybe for his mom and dad, but whose parents aren't worrying about their children. " Yeah, sure do you want come to my house? It isn't far from here, we just...", Ben shortly looked on his wristwatch "... have to drive about 5 minutes from here"
"Yeah cool that should be cool, I'll just text my mom that I'm coming today a little later" Jake said with a smiling face now. On the other side Ben had the worry, that Jake doesn't enjoy the things he do in his free time. As he looked at Jake as he was texting his mom, he saw for the first time what a beautiful boy Jake actually was. Although he had a wild look and some group of people would call it dirty, the face of Jake was really eye-catching for Ben. And the perfect styled brown hair of Jake matched with that finely. And Jake suddenly looked up as Ben was looking at him for a couple of seconds : " Why are you looking at me so long?" asked Jake severely Ben, but with an even wider smile than before. As they left the bus and entered into his home, Ben recognised that nobody was there, maybe his parents just had a lot to do. As they entered Ben's room, he asked him if he would like to play some games with him on his game console. But Jake just said:
"What was that in the bus ? Why are you looking at me so long, when you could kiss me instead, little sunshine ?"
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2184027-An-unexpected-experience-of-a-teenager