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by ducky
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2184034
A random story I came up with, hope you guys liked it and feedback is always welcome!
It was unbearable. The constant screams that echo through my mind. It's a stinging sound like someone is drilling into my mind. i couldn't handle it anymore. I wanted to yell, do something about it. Teer down a wall and the whole house with it. I thought to myself, she can't do anything about it. She is only one year old and cries about almost anything. I could talk to her parents, Johanne and george a lovely couple. Around thirty years old i suppose, but I am not that sure. Anyway the crying stopped and I am wide awake. I looked at my alarmclock... six am. I have to go to work at nine am, so i am in no rush whatsoever.

I got out of bed, brushed my theeth and put some clothes on. Some blue jeans, and a white blouse. Very casual, I know, but that's just who I am. A casual dude, doesn't want to get involved in anyones lives. Just me, myself and I. I sat down on the couche and watched my favorite show. Family guy. It was goofy and i loved it. Just one hour and a couple minutes untill i had to go.

I walked towards my front door of my apartment. I wanted to open the door but the ringing of my phone stoped me in my trackes. I picked it up and a shallow voice spoke to me: ''The package awaits". A prank caller i thought, and hung up. I walked to my door and this time i forgot my keys in the bedroom of my apartment. I walked back to get my keys and i got called again. I looked at the display and saw the same number from before. I picked it up and the caller said: "The package awaits". This time i wanted to say something back, but before i Could the call was disconnected and leaved me only guessing. I finally made it to the door to be on my way. I opend the door, walked out and with the same speed fell right down to the floor. I tripped over something, something brown. A package?

I took the package inside, sut the door behind me and sat down on the couche with the mysterious package in front of me. I untied the rope that was around the package. I riped the paper covering the package and found a box inside of it. I tried to open the box when a gust of wind rushed through my room. It was short, but very weard. Silent again. I continued by removing the tape sealing the box. I opend the box and out came some soort of tornado. Leaves and rain filled the room and everything started to turn, slip and slide. I fell of the couche and tried to hold on to it. The wind was to strong. My furniture was now flying through my room. A lamp shattered against the window. Lightning came out of nowhere and i was still trying to hold onto the couche. My grip faded and i gave in. I let go. I let myself get draged by the wind. I noticed myself getting pulled into the box and within seconds i saw my sofa dissapearing in the box. Not long after that i found myself going in the box with a speed so unimaginable. The box closed after me.The room was a compleet mess. Leaves everywhere. Courtains ripped to peaces. Lamps shattered like a hurricane rushed through the room.

Outside was a small summer brease. The childeren where playing and the one year old from next door was sound asleep. Like nothing ever happened...

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