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A story about a clumsy girl with a special purpose
Zoey Blankenship was born under a special star, a falling star twenty-three years ago. It remains unknown if that celestial occurrence was a sign or if it really had anything to do with her innate ability to fall over anything and everything. Clumsy would be too kind. Zoey was a first-class klutz and had been since birth.

Her mother was amazed when Zoey first began to walk. She began her walking career at an early age and her parents knew that she would fall and fall during the learning period. But by the age of two, Zoey was still falling. Will, not really falling, tripping over things. Everything it seemed. Even things that weren’t there. So, by age five Zoey’s nickname began “Grace.” Only her family called her that. It was an inside joke that Zoey didn’t mind. She excepted the clumsiness. Hell, she embraced it with a smile and her own brand of humor.

But there were forces in the Universe that were determined to save her from herself. A Guardian Angel, David, was assigned to watch over her and do whatever was necessary to protect her. Obviously, mostly from herself. David began his shift on Zoey’s fifth birthday when she started attending kindergarten.

God choose David for his reputation as a patient man. And so, David, took his post. Year after year he stood ready to stop her from the terrible falls. He could not interfere with her life, so as she made mistakes, like choosing the wrong friend or trusting someone with a secret, that was for her to solve. But, when she even appeared to fall or trip, David was there to prevent Zoey from harming herself.

And so, it went on for 17 years. David stopped her from tripping over flat surfaces daily. He prevented Zoey from falling downstairs, from falling upstairs, from falling sideways when she turned until David couldn’t take it anymore. Even the most patient Guardian Angel would crack under the stress David convinced himself.

So, in the middle of the night, with Zoey safely tucked into bed, David decided to go to Heaven and speak with God. He had his case for a transfer all neatly committed to memory. As he ascended to Heaven, he went through his points. It all made sense to him and he believed his case was very compiling. David was certain his transfer would be approved.

“So, David, what brings you here? Where is your charge?” God asked of the Guardian Angel.

“She is safe, God. Zoey is neatly tucked into bed. I even placed pillows on the floor to cushion her should she fall out of bed. But, she shouldn’t, I tucked the sheets in extra tight.”

“Then hurry back. Or is there something, David?” God looked down at David and smiled. “Is there a reason for your visit?”

“Yes, God. I need a transfer. For these past seventeen years I have protected Zoey from her own two feet. I am exhausted and need to rest.”

“David, you’re doing a fine job. I look in from time to time and check.”

“But, God, she’s impossible. This person can trip over dust. Yesterday, Zoey tripped over a dust bunny on the office floor. A dust bunny God. Do you know what that is? It’s nothing. Please send someone else. I need a break.” David had his hands clasped in prayer. “Please.”

“No, David, this is your assignment and I expect you to stick with it. Now go back, she will be up soon.”

“Jesus Christ.” David uttered without thought.

“Yes, David.” Jesus said as he stepped around to God’s side.

David looked up shocked. “Sorry, Jesus. I didn’t see you standing there.”

“God, please assign me to someone else. Or assign me backup so we can rotate shifts. That’s it, God. Backup.”

“You will need backup this time. She is moving early. Zoey is preparing to cross the street and a drunk driver is approaching the intersection she will cross. David, you have remained here to long. Luke, Paul, go with David. You need to save her.” And with a wave of God’s hand all 3 Guardian Angels arrived in time to prevent the tragedy.

“Father, his charge sounds like a challenge. Perhaps David does need time to himself.”

“Son, David is stronger than he thinks. Zoey is not the worst case for a Guardian Angel to protect.” God smiled at his son. “Now Mary, your mother, was a klutz. You have no idea how many times she fell or almost fell off that donkey.”

“My mother had a Guardian Angel? Who was he Father?” Jesus asked.

“Well, besides her earthly husband, I assigned Sebastian to watch over her. And what a time he had. There were times I wondered if you would be born.”

“But Father, I have never meant this Sebastian. Where is he?” Jesus wondered.

“He is still recovering from the mission even after more than two thousand years.” God shock his head and Jesus knew how important David’s mission was. He was to have a brother.

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