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Most of the common engineer's dream is to get a decent aggregate in the college and to fetch a job to lead a life so that they can get away from the frustration from the scolding of their parents and other words from friends and relatives.

In final year college same routine, think about the project go to institutions get the project submit and go again again to xerox center for the documenation printouts which gets rejected again and again from the guide, only thing which runs in mind is to get a final graduate certificate.😉

Another one is to attend the campus on/off drives for few of them its a ambition, for few its an forceful ambition. If for the boys its for the bread and butter mostly and rest all to kick start the IT life just to enjoy to the core, not that everyone can't enjoy though. For the case of girls, only few girls search job who have made up thier mind to work as their moto and rest of them just to escape from the marriage for few years,or to enjoy the life or to get freedom or just to enter an IT world.
Both the gender's the goal and aspirations are very different but only common thing is to enter the common world "IT", for that anyone is ready do anything.

The question lies ahead, what is that "anything"? just to enter IT and fetch job for the name in the society running in few people's mind. Here comes that anything, if campus drives doesn't work out in college for various reasons mainly aptitude in very 1st round, technical round rejections and unsual demon rejection from the HR round else AMCAT fever, the frustration continues. To be strong in everything is impossible, but for time being to get relax and to get a job, anyone can do anything in a short span so that they can get rid off the frustration for some time, get job within the freshers tagline and learn in a short span which couldn't be done in 4 yrs of college for several reasons due to time constarints,teachers, the syllabus or the other activites to enjoy the college life.

The main drawback for most the college engineering passouts is the practical knowledge for the most of the students, whether from the university or an autonomous one.

So all the engineering students to be precise fall in the same trap to join some "Institutions with placements" learn Java, .Net ,SQL and other technologies and to get placed. This is the agenda in the most of the students,who come from different places just learn and get placed. Majority of the people succeded in doing so, what they couldn't achieve in college for 4 yrs.
This the place where several questions comes up,
is this the interest which comes out of frustration? :P
Or the realisation after the commited mistakes during college life? "Commit" :P yes you are right, it can be the other way round too!😆
Or the seriousness which comes after getting passout!?
Or the interest to fetch Job and work in IT?
Or lastly just for the fees which is paid again? etc.
There may be numerous reasons, but the most of them achieve the goal by this or there are few not to forget who try hardest by themselves and get placed in off campus!

Finally the day will come to crack an interview and get an offer letter in hand. For few its the proud moment after all the hardwork, for few its the mixed feelings and for the few its just the showoff to enter the magic world "IT".
Thinking about the term "magic world"? Yes, it changes the people. It can create and change anyone's life depends on how they chose their path. It can make few people humble, or it can lead few people aspiration or the interest other than what they studied just for to get graduated or it can spoil few people as bad as to the extent they need or it can do anything for the matter of fact. So, its the path that the people should choose properly for the matter of fact.

P.S. : This story is just the imaginary, if its having any similarity in anyone's life, the author is not held any responsibility.
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