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Pillow Car

WC 297

"Hey Joyce, did you see the latest?" Ray hit mute on the TV and looked at his wife.

She put down the paper. "What? I didn't hear you."

"There was just a blurb on the news. Some kind of new car. They say this will be cutting edge in a few months."

Joyce picked up the paper. "Yeah, whatever. They say that every week. And you fall for it every week. Last year it was the self-driving car which NOW sits unused in our driveway."

Ray waved his arms. "Whatever my big fat tush. That car will work someday - you mark my words. I know this new idea will work, too." His attention returned to the TV, sound now up to the max.

A few weeks later, Joyce hears an unfamiliar sound coming from the garage. As she opens the door, Ray meets her at the steps. "Hi, honey!"

"What's up? When some weird sound comes from here, it's never good news."

"It was to be a surprise for your birthday. But since you're Miss Nosey Butt," Ray held his hand over her face and led her to the middle of the garage.

"Tah Dah!" He took away his hand. She saw a huge green cube.

"What in the world?"

"A pillow car! This will reduce injuries from self-driving cars. It's all the rage. Remember? I saw this last week on the news."

"Will it reduce injuries from irate spouses? How about you take a ride in that magic carpet by yourself!" Joyce stomped off, turned around. "And don't come back!"

Ray muttered as he entered the soundproof cube. "Alright then! I'll just see what this thing can do!" Whoop, whoop, and off went the cube, through the roof and up into the black night air.

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