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A poetic letter to the secret police who open and read my mail.
You must know a lot about me,
and yet at the same time, you know nothing at all.
I don't think we have ever met, maybe one day?
I hope you don't find me too boring.

I wonder if you remember me from before?
It was over a decade ago when my mail
was last looked at and interfered with,
well, that was until a few weeks ago.

Don't worry, I really don't mind,
So far you've been respectful, and that's fine.
Why not call in and see me?
My address is plain to see, bring your boss,
let's enjoy a cuppa tea.

You could ask me what I'm up to,
I could tell and show you,
Why guess when you could know?
and It might save you a lot of worries.

I remember you or your colleagues from before,
back when you were called special branch.
What is it now? NECTU? Not quite the same ring to it.
Anyway, whatever, I remember you was OK.
Get in touch, I'd be happy to have a catch-up.

We have all moved on, the world has changed.
In coming back, I kind of expected It to be this way,
Flags on files for deeds long since forgotten,
they'll be there forever, I'm really not bothered.

The futures bright, I'm working towards something good,
This Is my atonement, my penance.
I'm trying to make things right, working hard,
building a network and team.
Together we are going to help #PREVENT.

We're going to help each other, support each other.
By providing a strategy and route to leave,
we're helping others who share our pasts,
and their loving families, to leave behind a past.
that really isn't good for anyone.

So when you open my mail, remember I don't mind.
But I would rather you came to see me.
I'm sure we could help each other,
Wanna try? Wanna talk?
Give me a call, you have my number.

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