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going to be a novel first part intro
In the days to come, we will have a wedding in a glorious place for all to have a good time and time to be with family and friends all over the city. Each person who is invited is more important than the other, but more of them are part of the bride party. The bride is someone to be wreck and make havoc for all who don’t obey She is dark-haired, tall and slender young lady, we shall call her Eliza Maria St. Vincent Miss Vincent thinks that guys want her and can't come to blows that she is getting married to the man of her dreams, Richard davens was a big wig computer programmer, who knew how to make everyone in his employment suffer his raft. They were made for each other , that’s what everyone was to think, until one morning, day before Miss Vincent’s wedding she got the news that shook her life, she was pregnant with his kid, do you believe in firsts well guess you won’t believe that it was not Mr. Davens at all. How will this wedding end? Only the author can tell you.

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