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Raising children
A few days ago I read an article on raising children. And I literally bought fell out. It really got me thinking on more than a few things, but the biggest thought is where our nation as a whole is heading. (And that's truly a scary thought) The article was about children being raised without the gender ",stereotype" being introduced to the child. Call me old school on this if you will ... please. I would greatly appreciate that compliment in a heart beat. I don't think the younger generation has put enough thought into what they are REALLY doing when they come up with such reasoning behind this kind of teaching.
I'm not at all saying that my way is the only way nor am I saying that their way is. I am saying that as a mother and foster parent I personally feel our young parents are not yet responsible enough to offer that type of raising for children. The article suggested that raising children per their gender hinders them in many ways. Said that they felt like raising their children differently (boys versus girls) was wrong. Implied that it shouldn't be harder or you shouldn't raise each child differently per their gender. I strongly disagree with both statements
Let me Express first that this is my thoughts and I don't mean to step on any toes or cause any harsh feelings towards anyone. But let's look at it in that manner for a moment. Which gender will you teach to hold a door open for the other? Are which gender will be in MISS America pageant? Have a skoal can ring on their back pocket? A step further. Let's say boy gender is about 16 and comes in to ask if he can go night fishing with Bob, Chuck, and Bill. Nothing wrong with that. Sure son just be sure and call mom every now and then so I know your ok. Now mom may be a bit worried about him falling in the river or maybe worry a bit about if they have any alcohol. Stuff to that nature. Now let's say girl gender comes in and asked the exact same question. My first word would be hell no. Bob, Chuck and Bill ain't taking you NOWHERE. But let's back up and say that they are genderless moms children and girl gender can't be raised any different so now she is out at the river all right with 3 boy genders. Now what are the first worries, are they rapping her? Are they taking advantage of her? Is she ok? Do I need to go check on her?
I have raised both girls and boys and I truly enjoyed raising them. And yes I raised them differently and yes it is harder to raise them in surten areas than the other. For example boys want to be boys and that tends to over dominate their judgement sometimes and it takes patience and persistents to teach them their gentle side. And girls want to go out and do the things boys do so before you can open up to that nature you have to teach her her stronger side. So to say its harder to raise one than it is the other, no it's not. But it is harder in different areas for one gender than the other at times.
My personal thoughts are they need to know witch one is witch. If you raise them either or. Then you will eventually have a nation that doesn't know who's the Butch and who's the Bitch fighting over who opens the doors and who'd be the prettiest to be in the pageant. Fighting over whose going fishing and whose staying home to watch the babies.
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