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You don't want to open your eyes, you want to remain sedated.
Too deaf to hear the ugly truths,
Eyes blind to countless facts displayed.
Blaming problems on countless youths
Inheriting our sins, old debts unpaid.

How pathetic and yet poetic,
Ever consuming, always polluting.
Our debates are antithetic,
Science and logic absurdly refuting.

Ignorance has sealed our fate
While apathy has dulled our minds
It’s always simpler to sedate
Ignoring the world as we unwind.

Let these screens soothe nervous brains,
Remain asleep as rights erode...
Debt is required, embrace those chains!
Ignore the signs those headlines bode.

Our planet dies as we sit by,
Idly scrolling as videos stream.
Captivated by a pretty lie,
Chasing Elysium: a hollow dream.
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