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Speaking for me, and whoever it pertains

Life is beautiful/ I just cannot

Maintain/ the gifts given from god

Cherish every blessing/ Cherish them all

sometimes I cry/ contradicting my

Heart/ I cry greed/ Never enough

More Is what I need/ I cry to feed/my ego-

tistical drive/ Stuck in reverse/ Parallel

To the sky/ Praying for wings/ cause

I never learned how to fly/

South for the winter/ and every other season

The caged bird sang songs of treason/

and I cry/....... For this reason

Everything the young boy believed in

Turned out to just be a lie/

If could I could take a moment to just ask you why -

Why can't I quit this life?

Why can't I be free in the day and the night?

Why can't I keep my soul no matter the price?

Why do I only benefit from my sacrifice?

Speaking for me and whoever it pertains


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