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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2184736
Fill the void of your existence with this book! Like you always do! I know you want to...
Chapter 1

The life you don't want

Sirk Decruth watched as the rain hits on the window. Scratching her head, her short black hair becoming much more messy. Sirk can't help but feel the gloom and disappointment to herself.

Its been a year and Sirk isn't employed yet, due to her being an introvert mixed with anxiety, Sirk can't handle being with the crowd, let alone with an interviewer without having the sickening feeling on her stomach that makes her want to throw up.

It felt like yesterday, when Sirk applied for a job. She even went to a salon for a pixie cut, but after being shamed, bullied by her colleagues. After being fired, she no longer bother cutting her hair, that's now shoulder length.

Sitting on their old tattered couch, wearing her favorite striped black and white hoodie, knees against her chest. She silently watch the rain hit the glass, her deep brown eyes gazing from afar. With a heavy heart she let out a sigh.

"What are you sighing for?" From behind her, her mother appeared and sat next to her, wearing an orange sleeveless and grey pants. Her eyes darted into the TV. She grabbed the remote and turn it on. It was 9:30 am, its the time for her favorite show.

"Nothing.. " Sirk replied, she knew she wouldn't care. She's always annoyed, with her wrinkly face and thin black dyed hair that white strands still manages to show. Others have said that she and Sirk have very similar deep brown eyes.. only for Sirk, her mother's was cold.

"You.. sure?"


Sirk certainly knew, she don't want her nagging again and blaming her for being a stupid 'adult'.

Nineteen is definitely a 'teen' but at the same time 'young adult'. Only her mother doesn't care about the word 'teen' and 'young'.

"Is the show on now???" Her father called from the kitchen. He too was old. Tall, slender, lanky, wrinkly, he was balding but there's still white hair around his head.

"Yes.. " her mother irritatingly replied. Father quickly clean up his mess, turn the stove down as he put the lid on the pot and let the vegetables cook. He washes both his hands, rubbed them in his light blue stained shirt and immediately sat next to mother.

"Boy oh boy!!" He laugh, while his wife rolled her eyes.

"Ma.. I'll just go to Dex's place.. " her brother, Vinyl called from his room.

The Decruth family has a very odd house, the living room and the hallway is connected with only the old couch dividing it. Behind the TV where it was placed, was her older brother's room. Who's with his wife and son having a vacation, its kind of a miracle that they have money for that. At the side of the 'semi living room-hallway' were two rooms. Sirk's and Vinyl's. Sirk's room was near the 'living room' while Vinyl's was near the hallway and at the side of it was the kitchen, that's for some reason quite wide. On the kitchen, was the bathroom and there's the parents room. Made of wood with a curtain as a door. Inside it was an antique closet, a large bed and a broken portable TV.

"I'll just play some games.. " Vinyl said, his hands on his pockets. Vinyl was sixteen, your average teen, with pimples and little large set of teeth. He's eyes were a little light brown and wider than Sirks, he likes to push ups and exercise to 'get buff' even though he gets nag by mother, his fighting spirit is something her older sister admire.

"I'll just go outside too, and listen to the rain instead.. " interject Sirk, unable to handle a fight that might broke out.

"Just be back before the sun down" Mother warns them, arms crossed on her chest. Implying that there's something terrible going to happen if they don't adhere.

"Bye then.. I'll be back later" Opening the door as he opens his umbrella, Vinyl left.

"Hey Sirk!.. the show is great!" Her father laugh once more showing his crooked teeth, eyes focus on the protagonist who keeps on stumbling and falling 'funnily' on the ground.

"Honey.. Why are you so weird..?" he teased.

Sirk ignored him, used to being called like that. She just shrugged and left without saying a word.


Back against the edge of the door, Sirk watched as the raindrops hit the ground, forming small puddles and fog.

From the middling shower, an old bob tailed cat shows up and sits beside her. Its black and white fur wet from the rain.

"Meowww..." It purrs, licking and cleaning itself.

"Searching for a shed huh?" Sirk smiled slightly, a little happy because of company.

Staring above, the gray cloud covers the skies. Sirk can't help but think if the heavens sympathize with her and is crying for her sake. Sirk felt a little.. comforted by the thought.

For some reason Sirk felt something.. As though she's being watched? At first she dismissed it as only her imagination, but as the cat suddenly became vigilant. Green eyes became sharp, ears pointy, it hisses and turn its head at the woods at the edge of the neighborhood.

Sirk gulped...

The woods were filled with junk and garbages, filled with assorted plastics of different types.

'There's something.. ' she thought.

Curiosity got the best of her, she went back inside her home to get the umbrella. She decided to head out towards the woods. And see what's with it..

Walking towards the trees, mud covers her violet sandals. Droplets of both water and mud hits her tan skin. She can't help but feel uncomfortable, from the mosquitoes and the odd smell of trash.. but also.. The uneasy feeling of being watched.

She looked around and saw no one.
"Is there anybody there?" She called. No answer.

As she was about to turn around, she swore she saw something.. dark.. with red orbs..?

With a sudden jolt, she quickly ran back. The shot of adrenaline spreads on her body, mainly her legs.
She ran faster than ever before. Eyes wide, muscles tense, clutching her umbrella tightly. She don't care if she's partially wet.

"There's something... There's something outside!" She burst to the door. She was panting, holding her knees.

"Jesus! Why are you wet?!" She was greeted by a frown. Sirk still grabbed her mother's shoulder, shaking her forcefully.

"I swore there's---"


"I don't know! Probably a ghost or a monster!.. In the woods!" Annoyed as always, Her mother removed her hands from her.

"Go.. clean yourself" she dismissed.

"But.. But.. "

"Its just your imagination.." Her father insinuates, eyes focused on the TV as he still sits on the couch pushing the buttons of the remote with his thumb, searching for another show.

"Sirk! You're old and you still believe on that crap!" Her beloved mother added.

Sirk stop protesting, she.. forgot..

"Ok.. I'll clean myself" with sadness she went to her room.

'I'm stupid!' She thought her face on her pillow. 'Of course.. They won't believe me.. They never did, what do I expect.. Anyway?' Silently she cries.


The night came, Sirk lays on her small bed on top of her messy pink sheets and wet pillows. Everyone were asleep. The silence of the night was deafening. She looked around her room, trapped with the four cement walls. There's only few furniture, a small glass table, a blue plastic closet and a window. She can't stop thinking..

'Maybe.. It was really just my imagination?'

Wearing black shirt and blue shorts. Her red blanket on the side of her. Sirk can't sleep.

Maybe its just.. Really her.. Imagination after all. She turn to her right, facing her small space. But then... Maybe.. It wasn't..? Maybe..! But the cat saw it too!! So probably there's ---

No... They're right.. She's too old to believe in monsters. She closes her eyes and slowly falls into slumber.
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