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Writers Cramp

She knew it was never going to be the same after that.

She returned to her home, knowing it was never going to be the same after that.
What she had found out that was buried in the deepest bowels of the company’s servers proved something she never thought possible.
The company she had faithfully worked for the past 20 years was nothing but a front. A front for laundering money from the proceeds of opium harvested by terrorists in Afghanistan. It was a front for brokering deals for illegal weapons to terrorist cells around the world. It was front for smuggling spy’s in and out of the country.
The company she did the books for, the company that was based on family values, that sold cookies.
“Cookies Just Like Mom Made” was they’re motto.
How could she have missed it?
Now...she’s an asset for the CIA...yes this mild, unsuspecting mother, wife a CIA Asset.
“In a strange way, I sort of like the sound of that” she thought to herself. Considering her husband Mitch was a 20 year veteran of the Army’s Special Forces Group. He was the one in the relationship who was always in the dangerous situations, now it was her.
As much as she liked that she had one up on her hubby, she was sworn to secrecy by the agents who had approached her two weeks earlier.
It was two weeks ago while walking out of her favorite coffee shop with her usual xtra large cup, or “pot” of coffee as her kids referred to it.
Two men in very cheap off the racks suits walked up to her and said “we have to talk.”
“Excuse me?” She replied.
“You have to come with us” as they revealed their badges and their under shoulder holsters.
“I haven’t done anything” as she reluctantly followed them to the back corner of her favorite coffee shop and took a seat.

“You have worked for the Cookie Company for 20 years looking after their accounting ?”
“Yes”she said reluctantly.
“So it’s safe to say you know what is going on with the company?”
She sat stunned and after a few seconds replied “yes”.
“We’re gonna cut to the chase, you know about the money laundering, weapon sales, drugs, spy smuggling that they are involved with?” Questioned the agent who was doing all the talking.
“Wwwhhhatt?” Looking completely dumbfounded “what are you talking about, it’s a 3rd generation family run business, all locally sourced and locally based.”
From the look on her face they knew they found who they were looking for.
“You have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about. They are a multi million dollar illegal operation. Dealing in a lot more then cookies.”
“But, but how? Why?” She questioned.
“Our analysts came across it trying to find out where terrorist cells in Afghanistan were getting their money. We have been tracking their ways and what you do” explained the talking one.
“For how long?” She asked, knowing she had so many questions, but was afraid to ask.
“We have had the company and you under surveillance for months, which brings us to you.”
“Me” she stuttered out.
“We need you to be our eyes and ears inside to bring them down at the center of it all” as he showed her the hidden book keeping numbers in the company’s servers.
“How did you get this, I had no idea it was there”
“We need you to help us”
“Ok” she replied knowing at that point she knew it was never going to be the same after that.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2184744