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Get ready to get ghosted in this haunting comedy.
It was a dark and dreary night with howling winds and haunting sounds... Oh wait, that's just my brother Kyle.

Kyle was sitting behind the library desk; he fell asleep because he was researching ghosts for his horror novel project for school. His obnoxious snoring could easily cause an earthquake.

I decided I should wake him up so that we could head home where he could actually get some rest without the chance of him having a homework nightmare or destroying the library.

I was about to wake him up when, all-of-a-sudden, a book flew off of the shelf and hit the ground with a thud.

* THUD *

Oh, that was one of my friends - the clumsy one - Eliva. Usually, Eliva would be home by now but she also had a project to do.

"That nearly made me jump!" I almost shouted at her but we were in the library and I didn't want to get in trouble with the old geezer at the front desk.

"I'm sorry, Kayla! I tried to grab that book from behind another book and well... you saw what happened." Eliva started giggling and I went to pick up the book for her.

The book that fell was a drab leather-bound book about spirits and ghouls from another dimension.

"What's this nonsense?" I asked her with a puzzled look on my face, "You usually don't read the junk my brother reads."

For a second, she blushed as if she was embarrassed, "I just wanted to try reading something new and maybe start a project around it?"

That was a bad idea but I didn't want to talk her out of it if she actually really wanted to do a project on spirits.

"Alright." I said softly, " Let's see..."

I flipped through the book to page 223 and found and interesting headline.

I decided to read it aloud, "Ghostly Gals: These ghosts typically hang out in libraries and food courts. They constantly chatter on about rumors and gossip."

Eliva giggled at the thought of such a ghost; her auburn hair bounced smoothly like a chocolate dip, "Yeah, I suppose this is nonsense afterall."

I heard a small noise coming from the back of the library room; it sounded like crunching snow.

It was coming closer...

and closer...


Oh, that was just Tailor. Tailor was a young girl around my age and she had the strangest-coloured eyes I've ever seen; Tailor's eyes were like staring into the sun.

"So..." she chewed and crunched louder, "Whatcha gals talkin' 'bout?" Tailor scratched her crimson locks and smirked.

"Well, Eliva and I were just talking about some gossiping ghouls" I explained.

Tailor chuckled at the thought.

"Uh, yeah." Eliva started, "I.. I know it's nonsense."

"Nah, I believe in them spirits. I ain't afraid of no ghosts." Tailor joked, "Now let's see that book."

Tailor yanked the book out of my hands with the force of a thousand soldiers and started ripping through the pages like lighting until she found a page that stuck out to her.

"Ah, yeah! Bingo! I gotcha. I see..." Tailor muttered as she read it over a few times.

"Um, what's it say?" I asked Tailor and craned my neck over her shoulder as if I was some sort of oddly-dressed giraffe.

"Mind ya own bidness!" Tailor shouted. Her loud mouth nearly woke up the old geezer at the front desk. what was Tailor trying to do; turn my golden blonde hair as gray as that old geezer's?

Tailor then started muttering some gibberish, "Nah... ru... ko.... me... Do.. ko... ra.. me.. zo.. lo......."

Then she started to hover off of the ground like some magician's trick.

"What in the hay are you doing?" I whispered angrily.

All-of-a-sudden, the book began glowing red and purple hues. The room started shaking and books flew all over the place like they were possessed by birds. The wind even blew the dentures out of the old geezer!

Then... it stopped. The windstorm died down and everything went eerily silent.

"What.." I struggled to catch my breath, "What was that?"

Tailor turned around and had the most smug face I have ever seen, "I just unleashed every spirit that was sealed away in another dimension."

"Why the hay would you do that for!? I thought this was just nonsense!" I shouted angrily, I couldn't care less about what the old geezer would say! This was a bigger deal.

"Um.. why did you do that?" Eliva said with the voice of a mouse, "I... I never wanted this to happen..."

"Well, now we are gonna go 'round and catch 'em!" Tailor laughed victoriously like some demented clown.

I gave her a good slap across the face to wake her up, "OW!" she protested.

"Are you sane again?" I shouted at her with my hands balled up against the hips of my blue jeans.

"I... I wait... Wait? What!? I... I remember chanting that nonsense as a joke and then I blacked out. What happened?" Tailor sputtered like a broken muffler.

"What just happened? You unleashed a load of monsters upon this Earth! Were you possessed or something?" I shouted at her.

"Jeez, girl. I can hear ya fine without all ya shoutin'. Yeah, guess I was possessed by somethin'. I feel as though I still have a connection to her too." Tailor replied as she rubbed her ear.

"A connection?" I asked.

"What sort of connection? And who is this 'her' ?" Eliva added.

"I dunno, I just sorta feel like I know her and that she's bitter 'bout somethin' er other." Tailor got up from the ground and dusted off her black pants; there were a few tears in the leggings.

A loud noise boomed from behind us and we turned around - it was my brother again. I forgot he was here and apparently, he's a darn good sleeper.

"Well, I guess we should wake up sleeping beauty over there and head out." I suggested, " We really need to research this ghost stuff tomorrow."

I woke up my brother by hitting him on the head with a book from a nearby shelf, "OW! What the hay!?"

"Time to go now, Kyle." I said sternly.

"Fine, Kayla." Kyle replied bitterly.

We gathered our group and headed out and down the hall for home but I had a feeling like we were forgetting something...


An eery green ghost sat at a table in the now messy library room. The ghost made her way - hovering - over to an odd leather-bound book. THE book Kayla and the others forgot.

"Well, that's radical! I can't wait to show my gal-pals this swag, retro book! I have GOT to tell them ALL about the day I had. They would love to hear it!" The ghoul giggled and vanished from the library with the book in her slimy green hand.

Just then, the librarian looked around and realized that the library was a mess, "Dang kids." she muttered bitterly.

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