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Rated: E · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #2184789
Raheem and Kenny made a bad decision which both would regret.
Taunting Is a No-No!

Raheem hightailed it around the corner of the brick building and ducked behind a smelly, ragged metal trash container, his chest rising and falling like a furnace's bellows. He stayed there wide-eyed and nearly in tears. He'd never seen anything like that before. Why did they decide to turn down that street? How many times did his parents and friends warn them to stay away from there?

It was too late now. They got Kenny, dammit, and they would be coming after him next. Why did Kenny want to go that way, and what made him taunt them? Finally, why did Raheem's dumb ass follow his friend? Why?

Raheem had heard they could get out, but his friend didn't believe the stories. The truth was out now. He'd seen firsthand how efficiently they dismembered Kenny. Ripped him apart with incredible strength. Now they'd be after him. His home felt like it was on another continent.

He breathed through his nose and listened. Not a sound. This alley was a dead end, so he had to go somewhere. He got to his feet and peeked from behind the trashcan. The streetlights barely illuminated the sidewalk. He took deliberate soft steps toward the edge of the building and stopped next to it, his back against the wall. He barely took a breath as he listened again. Nothing. Raheem had heard they were very tricky and had nothing to lose. He listened again. They had to make some sort of noise, right?

Breathing easier now, he pondered his escape. There was only one way and that was running in the opposite direction he and Kenny came. Raheem just wanted to go home. His muscles tensed, then he took off. Numerous footsteps followed. They closed in, then the insane inmates nabbed him.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2184789