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Two cousins start out making a cooking video and get a welcome surprise in the process.
‘’And now we’re back with cooking with the Brinskis. I’m your host Edgar, here today with my cousin, Eugena as my assistant, and we will be making dandelion and honey ice cream. Sit back and watch the magic happen.’’

Now we just had to make sure that the ‘’magic’’ actually happened. I was kind of surprised that his mom let him go along with filming us in the kitchen but ‘’so long as you stay out of my way nobody gets hurt’’, seemed as good a go ahead as any. I was a little unsure but I let him take part in helping create something and I had to agree to help him out. He’s my baby cousin, and there’s no way his mom would let him by himself in the kitchen any other way. I put myself into the task at hand.

Mainly, making sure we had all the necessary ingredients to make it possible. We had vanilla ice cream left at least. And we had our cousin Diana the florist, and could easily rustle up some dandelion petals, so I felt we were in good hands. Edgar at first wanted to just use the daffodils outside the house but I told him it was best to stick to the recipe. I really didn’t want to be the one responsible if something went awry by changing the ingredients around.

Although I was a little concerned about our choice in egg. We only had five chicken eggs and the recipe called for six. You wouldn’t think it mattered any and we could just go one short. But Edgar was determined to stick with the recipe and so I had little choice. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know where he got the other egg from but I felt there was a good chance that the pet duck Georgina maybe the source. So, we got cracking. Literally. One of the first eggs we cracked hit the floor and our little dog Ricardo scooped it up and ran off. So, we acted like professionals and kept on going.

Edgar was a most excellent host and I a pretty good assistant. He was very good at adding the right ingredient, at the right amount, exactly when he was supposed to. He got really into it all and I was just excited to see him so enthused about the whole process. The ingredients were easy enough to round up and put together. I’m sure the main thing I was there for was to aid in heating up the stove when needed to cook our concoction properly. The longest point in the process was going to be waiting for it to chill out in the fridge for four hours. I just hoped we didn’t run into mom’s dinner time schedule when she finally got cooking.

She was making an ‘’old family recipe’’ and that could be anything and Edgar was not shy about announcing his disapproval. To be fair though, if most of what you eat is cabbage and ground beef, it gets old after a while. This time though, she even had a little white vinegar for variety’s sake. I had the feeling it was brought in for more of a special occasion type of thing. I figured it was best to keep Edgar entertained when she got started.

Edgar answered the door with me close behind him. It was dad!

Last I saw him he was being shipped out to parts unknown and I was still in eighth grade. I was beyond ready to share my high school exploits. Edgar was eager to share of the bug I prevented him from eating earlier. Mom was just now responding to our fuss at the door and ran over. We gave them room and eventually everyone made it to the kitchen where Edgar was telling dad or his uncle Mark, about his shot at being a social media influence. One recipe at a time.

Dinner seemed to take no time at all after that. Dad opted to help mom out even though she tried to shoo him away. Aunt Diana was glad to see her middle sibling again. She being the youngest hadn’t wanted to stray too far from her comfort zone. It was a happy occasion for everyone.

Dad told out later while we were getting into the dessert Edgar and I had made that he was allowed a whole week in shore leave and planned to spend as much of his time with us as possible. Dad was the closest thing Edgar had to a father and was readily on board. He immediately stared planning things to do while dad was here with us. I was just glad he was safe at home with us.

Helping Edgar with his ‘’one of many cooking videos’’, helped keep the tumult and anxiety of dad being gone at bay. I’m sure to an extent, mom and aunt Diana felt the same in their own way. Mom threw herself into her cooking, and aunt Diana did the same with her florist shop. We all had different ways of dealing with dad being away. I was never sure how Edgar dealt with it, but figured him always trying to look on the bright side of things may have been his way of coping.

It was much later that I had gone to bed and Ricardo had joined me. Edgar had challenged dad to table tennis and was no doubt quite a worthy adversary.
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