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It helps to do things right!

I'm Positive

WC 270

"You have to plug the positive into the positive to get it to work. It says so in the directions." Mary pointed to the paper.

"Oh yeah? And who put you in charge today?" George asked. His head was down, inside the workings of the machine.

"I guess you did, once you started working on this mess. C'mon, George. Listen to me, I am looking at the paper."

"And where was that printed? Mars? Do they know anything about kackrer straps in Mars? Huh? Do they? I know for a fact that the positive has to go into the negative. I used to work in the factory. Day after day, I put the positive into the negative. I think I know whereof what I speak." George still was tinkering with the green gears.

Mary checked the directions. She turned over the booklet and right there at the bottom it said, 'Printed in the Ogermental Space Station'. Interesting, she thought. Not on Mars.

"OK, let's try this again. Push the button again." George wiped his face, sweat now running down his chin and into the green Ogermental issue coveralls.

Mary dutifully pushed. URGGGH. Gears on gears grinding and then nothing. "I told you it wouldn't work."

"Yeah,yeah. Let me see those directions." George grabbed the directions and scanned them quickly. "Well, what do you know. You are right." He plugged positive into positive then pushed the button again. The machine started. "Done! I'm out of here. See you later!"

Mary picked up the directions and read them again. At the bottom, above the Ogermental logo, it read approved by George Cummins.

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