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by Hiccan
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2184901
A Fire Emblem Heroes tickle fic
"FASTER MEN! WE MUST HELP OUR ALLIES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!" Eldigan roared to his cavalrymen. The gentlemanly hero waved his demon sword Mystletainn to a cheer from his troops before turning back to his riding.

He had been ordered by Princess Shareena to guard the pass to the north with his troops while the other heroes in his squad had been to lay an ambush in the valley that lay past it. She had explained to him that he was to wait there and cut the enemy off when they retreated in fear from the ambush. He'd been instructed to not attack unless he was certain the enemy was hostile as today they were engaging an unknown force. The Kingdom of Hel was spoken of through prophecy in Askr but none had believed it real. Reports that an army of creatures flying its banners straight out of the storybooks had forced them all to become believers quickly though. Originally this had been a diplomatic mission in Eldigan's homeland but after hearing of how the strange creatures had attacked a village and were placing the residents in chains had come in, Eldigan had already decided to discard the orders he was given and attack the monsters as they were seen. His troops had been waiting for far too long though with no word from either Shareena or the others. They were all growing tense at the waiting until they'd finally been attacked. Men in armor that he recognized as belonging to his allies forces had charged them recklessly. They'd seem crazed and had been defeated without much effort but that his allies had become enemies worried him enough to decide to sally forth.

To get to his allies though proved far more difficult then he could have imagined as every step of the way had forced them to fight their way through their former allies now fighting alongside the forces of Hel. They continued to rout the crazed soldiers and the shambling corpses that now gave the bewitched orders but each time it was with a further mounting price. By the time he'd reached the village that they had been sent to protect he was alone. He hacked down another of Hel's archers before turning towards the sound of a scream on the wind. It sounded like Princess Sheena of the ambush unit and he spurred his horse forwards towards the sound. Soon the shrieking Princesses voice was joined by the voices of the other two members of the ambush team but drawing closer he could hear that their screams didn't seem to be in pain but rather...laughter? He rounded the corner to the village square and shivered at the fates of his team. They were bound tightly before a fountain and propped up in stocks with their bare feet exposed and ravished by a horde of their own subordinates.

Princess Leanne was one of the royal Heron's that ruled Serene's Forest. She was a stunning woman with both dainty features and a frame to match. If it were not for the gorgeous pair of snow white wings sprouting from her back Eldigan would have never recognized her as a non-human at their first meeting. Now the normally composed royal was bound tightly and screaming in laughter in her native tongue as her feet were ravaged by a crowd of Askran soldiers
. They seemed to be under some kind of spell he noted as one broke away from the pile of slobbering men who tormented her. Her petite toes were pulled apart roughly by her former allies so that almost a dozen index fingers could assault their sensitive undersides. The pitch that the woman called Forest's Song by her admirers back in Askr betrayed her avian nature as no human could seemingly possess such a musical voice. Her small size 6 soles were ravaged by fingers, nails, and feathers that seemed to have pulled from her own wings. With her hands bound in front of her by a thick cord, there was nothing she could do to stop her torturers as they seized her toes individually and wiggled them every which way to expose new places to play upon. Occasionally her eyes would dart to Eldigan himself who was doing all he could to fight through the three axe knights that had broken away to hold him back. Her wings flexed pathetically as much as they could with the belts wrapped around them as bindings. Her voice once again hit that ungodly pitch as one of the villagers with the same eyes as the others invaded her armpits with her fingers.
"AhahhaEHEHEHAHAAAW!!!" she shrieked forcing all those assembled who could, to clap their hands to their ears at the pain. All except Eldigan, the Lionheart who ignored the feeling of his eardrums in pain to lash out with a powerful kick to the knight while he was distracted. The large man raised his hands to try and block the kick but only succeeded in pulling off his boot as he fell. Eldigan finished him off before he could rise but was soon seized by the other two.

As Eldigan struggled with his captors he couldn't help but observe another one of his teammate's torture. Soleil was the only member of the team not of direct royal blood. She claimed her father was the son of a ruler but the humble mercenary never wanted to talk about it. Regardless of that, the pinkette was always quick to use that in her attempts to chat up the various princesses and queens serving in the Order of Heroes. She'd inherited her fathers womanizing ways and was much more tenacious than he'd ever been. Now though her trademark smile was gone, replaced instead with a look of utter fear as her captor taunted her trapped foot. As opposed to the other two, Soleil only had one torturer. A rugged type who looked like he'd seen his fair share in his life. His chin sported a short red beard and as he seized hold of one Soleil's trapped feet he pointed to it causing the girl to shake her head in fear. With her hands bound Soleil could only sit and watch as he pushed his bearded chin up and over the top of her defenseless foot.
"AHHAWHAWHAW NOOOHOHOHO!" she shrieked at the bristly feeling of the man's beard being dragged across the top of her tender foot. Despite the hard life as a swordsman she'd always kept to the pampering of a princess so as to avoid the callouses and blisters that would normally mar the feet of a soldier. This worked against her though as now this man had a perfect foot to torment and his own unique method to do it with that was proving to be more than enough as she shrieked and begged for him to stop. He only gave a breathy chuckle as she continued to laugh uncontrollably with tears in her eyes. He ignored her as he placed his chin to her sole and began to scrub it up and down.

Eldigan turned his head at the sound of his allies shriek but the distraction was enough for his opponents to get his feet out from under him and force him to the ground. One of the heavy knights knelt upon his back while the other removed his remaining boot. He lashed out a kick with the socked foot and knocked the knight back allowing him to reach for the demon sword Mystletainn and plunge it into the side of the knight holding him down. He got to his feet and tried to pull some of the brainwashed people off of his teammates but only succeeded in getting them to turn to him. He stabbed and slashed at the crowd but soon found himself shoved into the mud and pinned there by no less than ten men he recognized as Laguz formerly under Leanne. While he struggled to get free he once again heard the shrieking laugh of another ally.

Sheena, Princess of Gra had always been a stout woman. No less beautiful due to it but unlike some of the other royals in the order she had always insisted that her martial pursuits take priority over all else, as such despite her beautiful appearance a hard body was hidden beneath her armor. Her broad size 11 feet sported more than a few callouses and blisters from many days on the front lines warding off attacks with her heavy shield. None of this bothered her torturers in the slightest though as the crowd of numerable village women lavished attention and worship upon the pair of feet sticking through the stocks before them. Her rough toes were devoured by hungry mouths and teased with gentle kisses, her hard arches were softened by wet tongues and nipped by devilish teeth. Even her calluses were tormented by the horde, the tough patches of skin were rubbed and massaged by the women's fingers and thumbs only so that the feeling of sharp nails skittering over them was that much more devasting. Despite all of this though, the sturdy woman did her best to keep her teeth gritted to hold back any reaction despite the tears forming in the corners of her eyes giving away the effectiveness of it. Still, occasionally it would be too much and when she did her screaming laughter was a sight to behold. Her hair would fly in every direction as she shook wildly in her bonds.
She would be ignored of course as buzzing lips again ravaged the blisters and callouses marring her sturdy feet.

A loud whistle rang through the village and the soldiers and villagers froze where they were. Eldigan growled under the pile of soldiers that held him down as a man strode forth wearing an intimidating face mask. Despite trying to conceal it under several different furs a sinister glowing sword hung from his hip. Eldigan recognized him as Lif, former king of Askr and one of the generals of Hel. He calmly surveyed the sight before him. The three Princesses going out of their minds in the stocks and the knight thrashing beneath a pile of the enthralled. He scoffed at the sight of his buried opponent and kicked one of his captors off of him.
"I had heard a tale of a knight worth facing escorting this mission. I was looking forward to facing a swordsman of worth but now I get here to see you felled by rabble. How very disappointing."
"Free me then and allow me to give you something to remember on your way to the next life then!"
"Still some fire then? Interesting, though I must confess that you are late to send me to the next life."
Lif lashed out with another vicious kick, this time dislodging another two of Eldigan's tormentors. He pointed and the two moved to assist their fellows in pulling the Royals out of the stocks. He tried to get a better look at the fates of his friends but the Dark General stood between him and them. He reached down and slapped Eldigan across the face for looking away.
"Such a face you make and then you look away? I can see why my Queen thinks you would be a fine gift for the Mad King. I have heard he enjoys nothing more than the breaking of noble souls in his bedchambers."
A chill ran up Eldigan's spine at the mention of the Ruler of Flame himself. He knew that the war with Askr and Nifl was going poorly but could he have really already made an ally of Hel so quickly?
"Easy with those three! Surtr may not want them but I have heard that his daughter is fond of collecting the fairer sex!"
"You worry too much Lif. My magic is as gentle as morning snow."
The crowd parted to show a woman dressed in red sitting atop the stocks wearing a mask herself. Eldigan recognized her as Thrasir another of Hel's generals. She looked down at Soleil who was now bound and gagged upon the ground in what seemed to be ribbons. She struggled against her festive bindings which matched the vibrant pink of her hair as Thrasir tapped her on the nose.
"This one is spunky, I like it. What of you though? I see you playing with your food as well. You know we're to turn that one over to Muspel, so don't go getting attached."
"I just want to see if he can fight. We've already got him so what could be the harm?"

Thrasir was busy tickling Soleil's stomach and didn't respond. Despite how flimsy the trapping's that mummified all but her head and bared feet looked they seemed more than sturdy enough to keep her from breaking out or even to try and wiggle away as the minion of Hel scratched at her belly through them. The pile of Soleil's discarded clothes showed that she had been stripped down of even her underwear at some point. She looked up at Lif and allowed the young Nohrian a moment to breathe.
"Even if he can, you know you're not allowed to keep him. He's to be given to Surtr to cement the alliance with our liege. Along with two of these lovelies. You're no good at holding back and Hel will be cross if we give her new ally damaged goods."
"I just want to see. What if instead of me, we let Surtr's pet do it? He sent it along to help us so but we didn't need it."
"Yes, these lot were depressingly simple to outwit weren't they?"
Thrasir had pulled the Mercenary Soleil into her lap and now kept her in her arms as she directed her charmed servants in the removal of Princess Sheena's armor.
"You just want a show. Very well though we might as well have some entertainment before we depart. One moment, time to pack for the road. GRONNRIBBONS!!"
Thrasir's hand crackled with energy before strips of the same material holding Soleil erupted from them and began mummifying the now naked Sheena. The strong warrior stood in shock as in seconds she was also now bound head to toe in ribbons except for her bared feet just like her comrade. The only difference being the vibrant green coloration of her bindings so as to match the armor she'd had confiscated. She struggled to stay upright as it had happened so fast before falling slowly like a mighty redwood into the waiting arms of Thrasir who pulled her right next to Soleil and began tickling both their noses as they struggled.
Lif cleared his throat impatiently to regain the mage's attention before only being waved off. He grunted before emitting the same loud whistle that he had used before.

This time though the crowd cleared to allow something else through and as the squad atop him now helped the bruised king up, he got a better look at it. At first, it just seemed to be a tall person with extremely long red hair. Once it drew closer though various monstrous features became apparent. It's inhumanly long arms seemed to bend in too many places before ending in large hands with too many fingers. It placed a hand with six long fingers and spoke with a clear voice that still sounded as if it was coming from the bottom of a well.
"You called?"
"Yes, monster I did. How would you like a chance to stretch a bit? After all your master certainly didn't send you with us to simply watch. That man there? He is one of Askr's Heroes. Make him beg Rusalka."
Eldigan dove for Mystletainn on the
ground but Lif kicked it away from him.
"Come now, your opponent is unarmed can you not at least show her the same
Before Eldigan could say a word however the Rusalka was upon him. It knelt upon his back pinning him face first in the dirt and dug its many fingers into his sides through his coat.
"Nnnneeheehehver moohoonster!"
Despite his brave words though the twelve long fingers driving into his sides was torture for the knight. As a child, he'd been tickled certainly and there had been several incidents with his sworn brothers Sigurd and Quan at the academy but this was so different. He was going wild at the slightest touch of this....thing's fingers upon him, as they scratched up and down his sides through his petticoat he had to clamp a hand to his mouth to keep himself from screaming. As a knight, he'd always kept himself in peak fighting condition but now he felt weak as a kitten and as if his limbs were coated in heavy lead. He couldn't move much so instead he settled for trying to use his free hand to pull himself out from under the monster. He was cut off by an armored boot blocking his path.

"Oh dear, where are you trying to go? Are you coming to me to beg? Is that it? Do you want me to tell her to stop tickling you, you poor weak thing? Is that what you want?"
Eldigan tried to swear at the arrogant general but the feeling of the Rusalka's fingers drawing shapes on his sides kept him from opening his mouth lest a flood of laughter break out. Instead, he simply tried to crawl around the Lethal Swordsman who clucked his tongue in frustration.
"Having fun over there?" Thrasir asked from her new comfortable seat across the laps of the three princesses. She played with the nose of the newly bound Leanne who giggled through the ribbon forced between her teeth. Just like the others now she was mummified in Thrasir's magical ribbons except hers matched the pale blonde of her hair. Even her wings were loosely wrapped in the same strips, just tightly enough to keep them from allowing her to get airborne but not enough to stop them from flexing in reflex as she was played with by the Omnicidal Witch. Thrasir played with the toes of her three captives by idly dragging a finger across the tops of them as she taunted her partner in crime.
"Do you want me to just wrap him up or do you need some more time?"
"Is the cart here yet? No? Then what rush is there Thrasir? Just as you have your fun leave me to mine. YOU! Monster! Step it up! I want this fool to beg me to kiss my boot. Only then will we end this."
Eldigan grimaced as his tormentor rolled him over onto his back and began pulling his coat and undershirt away. He tried to stop the hands of the monster but was slapped away as if he was no more than an interfering child. It tore open his jacket and petticoat and exposed his chest and stomach to the night air. In shock, he moved to cover himself but suddenly felt his arms restrained behind his head by an armored body.
"What's the matter? Are you shy? Best we break you of that habit now and save King Surtr the trouble." Lif hissed as he pulled Eldigan's arms behind his head he chuckled raspily as he forced the knight into a full nelson before returning to taunting him.
"I'm sure you worked hard on such an impressive physique. No need to be shy about it."
To illustrate her current master's words the Rusalka traced her long fingers over Eldigan's abdominal muscles causing him to jump and strain in an attempt to escape. He didn't get anywhere though as the inhuman strength of the Rusalka combined with the strong grip of Lif was just too much for any normal human to move. Instead, he had no choice but to simply lay there as the creature ran its fingers over his muscles and scanned his twisted up expression for the best way to break him.

His teeth clenched as he did his best to deny his captors any satisfaction from this ridiculous torture that they were putting him through. If this bothered the Rusalka she didn't show it as she moved on with the slow torture of his abdominals and contemplated the next place she would strike, Lif, on the other hand, showed great aggravation at his captives determination.
"I thought you were supposed to be good at this monster? I haven't even heard him laugh yet!"
"Do you want to hear him laugh master? I thought you wanted me to make him beg?"
"Oh? Cute? Why Lif I didn't know you and King Surtr had that trait in common." chimed Thrasir as she observed the prison cart coming in the distance.
"QUIET!" The Lethal Swordsman roared "I-It ju-just slipped out! I-I-I meant..."
"No, no enjoy it. It's sad that you had to wait until your next life to enjoy your own."
The screaming laughter of the Ruler of Nordion interrupted the King's teasing at the hands of the Queen. They both turned to the sight of the proud knight yelling his head off at the Rusalka's ministrations. She had torn his shirts further open and now her twelve long fingers tweaked and teased at the Heroes pink nipples. Eldigan was going wild at her ways and his laughter could be heard for miles.
"Does this tickle Sir Knight?"
"That is good. My master wishes you to laugh for him. So please laugh now Sir Knight."

The monster stopped and turned to Lif allowing it's captive to breathe and attempt to regain himself.
"Is this enough master? I could make him laugh more if you wish. He is sweating quite a bit now so his armpits should be a bit wet. This will make them much more susceptible to my skills."
"Wh-what?! You stay awa-EEHH!!"
The Rusalka's hands rested on top of Eldigan's crotch and her long fingers grasped a certain shape through his trousers.
"Sir Knight I am speaking to my master. I would ask that you do not interrupt myself or him. Otherwise, I may need to play with something even more sensitive than some silly wet pitties."
Eldigan flinched as a finger drew up along his trouser leg but held his tongue.
The Rusalka looked from her prey to her master of the moment.
"Was that enough laughter master? Should I work on the begging next or making him kiss your foot?"
Lif's face was obscured behind his mask but he still felt that the Rusalka could tell how he licked his cold blue lips at how she handled Eldigan's most sensitive organ through his pants.
"I would like you to make him beg next servant. We can make him kiss my boot next."
"As you wish master. I believe we can do better than simply your boot though. Mayhaps master's feet are sore?"
"W-what?! J-just make him beg s-servant!"
"By your command master. What say you, Sir Knight? Would you like me to tickle your wet and ticklish armpits?"
The Rusalka did not just taunt him verbally, the creature slowly walked two pair of fingers up the captives sculpted torso towards those tantalizingly moist pits.
"You expect me to beg you monsters?! I will do no such thing!"
The fingers paused by the Knight's deep navel seeming to peer into the hole.
They stepped gingerly from ab to ab as if they were rocks in a pond before doing the same with his ribs almost skipping on their path up the protesting horseman.
"Well let's see then."
Her fingers dove into the slick hollows gliding along the wet skin.
"Ahhh this is the best part of male victim. They prepare themselves for you. It's like you are a perfectly basted turkey just sitting here for me to tickle, tickle, tickle away at."
Eldigan had resisted at first but he quickly realized that she was completely right. Her fingers in his damp hollows were absolute torture. Still, the proud knight resisted as he could by holding his breath and trying to breathe through his nose. The feeling of cold metal on cheek confused him until he realized that it was Lif who was now pushing his own masked face closer to his while breathing hard. A gust of freezing cold air came from the undead's nose and tickled the knight's ear.

"That sounds like your asking. We were looking for begging. That just won't do will it master?"
Lif wasn't listening at this point. His eyes were closed and what could be seen of his face had an expression of rapturous bliss at how close he was to the frantic knight. His cold face mask kept pushing at the statuesque Heroes ear and it would have done Eldigan no good to know that it was all that stood between him and the general's tongue.
"AHHHAHA HAAHAAW!! NOHOHO MOOHOOORE! NOOO MOOHORE!! STTAAHHAWAWP I BEHEHEG YOOHOHOU HAHAHAHA!" The red-faced knight shrieked. The cold swordsman though was hypnotized by his strained expression and if he heard his concession, gave no indication. The Rusalka smiled at the sight before clearing her throat loudly to regain his attention.
"Master? Was that enough for you?"
"Wh-wha-what?! Ye-yes that was enou-enough."
"Master are you certain? I believe we can get a more meaningful one. Give me but a moment."
The Rusalka plunged her face into one of Eldigan's armpits and enjoyed how her captive shrieked in surprise.
The smacking of lips on wet skin was the only answer he got from the monster as she bit and nibbled her way through the blonde hairs in his hollows.
"That's right. Master? Is that better?"

The sound of clattering metal was the only sound that answered them. Both she and her victim looked at the metal object that had been unceremoniously tossed in front of them before realizing that it was Lif's facemask. Eldigan felt a cold tongue running up his neck and shivered.
"Mmmmm soooo good" the swordsman moaned as he now nipped his teeth along the knight's neck before turning to his partner in crime.
"That was more than enough Rusalka. I thank you for teaching our prisoner his place and putting me on the correct path."
"I am happy to have helped Master. Mayhaps your feet are sore? Would you like for them to receive some attention?"
"Whatever you say Rusalka. They are ever so sore. Please, please, please some attention." Lif responded in a dazed tone as if he was acquiescing to his master and not the other way around.
"Yes, master, as you wish. Your feet master?"
Still keeping the knight in the hold, the dazed Lif placed his ankles on either side of the Lionheart's hips. His tongue went into the knight's ear to keep both of them distracted as the Rusalka went about her sneaky work on his boots. As the Knight and King struggled she undid clasps and buckles. While Lif chewed upon his prey's ear and Eldigan did his best to convince himself that he wasn't enjoying it she produced a pair of cuffs amid the warriors moaning. Eldigan's mind was so muddled with sensations that he barely noticed the night air on his lower extremities or the feeling of cold that soon was pressed to them. Lif's mind was in much worse shape as the Rusalka's presence and stimulation had the undead mind swimming in his own lust. It wasn't until she snapped her fingers that the two of them realized the extent of her trickery.

The Rusalka had torn open Eldigan's trouser and exposed his penis for all to see, it stood tall due to Lif's tongue lashing. Lif himself had been relieved of his boots and socks so now his bare feet sat on either side of the object of his affections member to make a delicious twitching sandwich in front of the devious Rusalka. He tried to pull them away but found the steel clamped around his ankles kept them firmly where she had placed them. She dragged a finger over the tops of Lif's toes and the tip of Eldigan's penis and smiled at how the two of them squirmed.

"My silly master, why are you fidgeting? We have your perfect massagers right here. Let me simply start it up for you. Clench your toes master."
The Rusalka spidered her fingers on the underside of the knights hanging balls.
His thrashing forced his twitching member into Lif's size 12's which trapped them between them. The general's soles were cold but soft and not at all unpleasant. They closed around the organ like a venus fly trap and kept it there. The Rusalka's long fingers kept playing with the short blonde hairs on the knight's testicles, chasing them as they tried to escape. Eldigan's attempts to flee only served to drag his poor penis up and down the soft soles of the general of Hel who moaned in ecstasy while he laughed in agony. The feet pressed in tighter while the penises thrusting got wilder until...
"Oh! Master, it seems that Sir Knight has made a mess."
Lif released the hold upon Eldigan's arms and instead wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist and pulled him close. The Rusalka saw her master's tactic and continued tickling the Knight's coin purse.
"Coochie, coochie-coo Sir Knight! Let's hear some more of that lovely laugh of yours."
Even as thick white liquid oozed between the toes of his captor, Eldigan's newly freed hands moved to his captor's wrists and held them tight to his waist. The Rusalka pinched at just the right place and both men's backs arched for the second time tonight as Eldigan's penis again betrayed him. Lif himself moaned sympathetically with the captive as he surprised everyone with a third climax during Lif's unwanted foot-fucking. The two sticky soldiers went limp in each other's arms as the Rusalka stood up and licked the excess from its six fingers while admiring her handiwork. Thrasir stepped forward and placed a hand on the Rusalka's shoulder as her other crackled with magic.
"BLARRIBBONS!!" she shouted as she cast the spell over the creatures shoulder. Smiling as before their eyes the Lethal Swordsman, Lif was stripped bare past his skivvies and slowly mummified by the azure cloths summoned by his former partner.

"So Surtr will honor our deal? I'd hate to find that Lif was the only one who had a good time tonight."
The Rusalka nodded her head as she admired the Omnicidal Witch's magic working on her former master.
"Of course Mistress. King Surtr simply wishes some time with the Master. The deal with Hel remains unchanged of course. Just now in exchange for the three princesses, King Surtr wishes to be informed of any trickery planned by his allies. Lif will be returned with no memories but of a wonderful pampering that replaced what was put into his mind. He will function just as he was until King Surtr orders otherwise."
"I wasn't overly concerned but still that is nice to hear. You can't fight alongside someone for so long and not develop a small bit of concern for their well-being."
"Quite admirable, Mistress. Rest assured King Surtr wishes only to break in a new ally."
The Rusalka knelt and took Lif's foot in its hands, stroking the back of its hand up the sole.
"King Surtr will greatly appreciate such fine feet and will greatly reward you for helping him get them. Who knew that a general of Hel could conceal such treasures."
"I suppose. Minions! Help me load the two of them into the cart! Come-WHAT?!"

At the sound of the two turning their backs on him, Eldigan made his move. The proud knight ran with all the speed he could muster in a headlong charge to freedom. The head of House Nordion ran through the village with his coat and robes ripped to shreds and trailing behind him. He ignored the shouting of Thrasir or the sickening wet slapping sound of the Rusalka trailing behind him as he looked desperately for somewhere to hide. His eyes momentarily lit on the cart where he could see the dozing Princesses Leanne, Sheena, and Soleil who all shared the same bright red faces behind their gags of various colors, as well as the same sweat-drenched hair showing that they too had been explored by a general of Hel tonight. His chivalrous nature caused him to turn in one last attempt to try and save his allies but all that got him was tackled to the ground by the slimy Rusalka who wasted no time. The creature sat upon his waist and in seconds had his wrists bound together using it's own unnaturally bright red hair. It turned it's back on the knight and thrust it's sickly pale rump into his face, blocking his vision. It jerked it's hair and forced his hands into the air but at the same time keeping him pinned to the ground so that could enact its the plan. Eldigan felt five wiggly digits on each side thrust into his armpits and go wild inside as he went wild himself...
His pleas were ignored and as he felt his socks dragged off he came to a horrid realization as the night air caressed his tired size eleven's. That his armpits were currently being tormented by the monster's toes and that his own were...
The feeling of his toes being plunged into a wet mouth caused the knight to shriek as the Rusalka lavished attention on his captive feet while holding him down and ravishing his sweaty armpits with her talented toes. She sucked upon his toes like she was trying to get them to come off and dug her sharp nails into his arches as she did so. He twisted under her and beat his bound fists upon her back to try and get free but the inhuman creature stayed completely still atop him and only rewarded his blows with a sickening wet slapping sound each time he made contact with her naked back. She pulled his toes from her mouth and smiled down at the frantic cavalryman who had before tonight been renowned in the Order of Heroes for his poise and posture off the battlefield and the raging bonfire that was him on it. Now he twisted and shrieked in the dirt under a monster that had him completely at its mercy.

"Do you know why I serve King Surtr, Sir Knight? What he promised when I was summoned to this world by the lovely sound of pitched laughter?"
"Yes! Just like that my delectable meal. What I asked of him was a mate. My own delicious male that I could take home after this war to the frigid lake I call home. I would take him to the bottom with me and tickle, tickle, tickle him forever."
She nibbled his big toe and scratched a pair of nails at his heel while she went on. He tried to pull his wrists free of her devilish mane of red hair but the slightest movements of his arms just gave the frosty toes taking up in his hollows more room to wiggle in deeper.
"Yes, the King promised me at least one of you delicious morsels called "Heroes" that could come home with me and I must say that at the moment you are in the lead for my choice Sir Knight! Tell me what kind of land could possibly want a defender such as you? Cootchie, cootchie coo handsome Knight."
"Why with feet this nice I'd never have dreamed you could be any kind of warrior. Perhaps some kind of local pretty man who was known for how vulnerable he was to gitchies on his tickly soles."
The Rusalka lied about the knight's feet and blatantly. Though they'd sweated abit to become softer they were still the feet of a cavalryman and as she teased her prey she also teased a few of the calluses that marred his long soles. She licked at the blemishes and scratched around them to further torment her victim. The monster honestly preferred feet with some character like these but she knew that one of the first things King Surtr would do with this prize was to have that devilish woman Hilda down in the baths scrub, massage and pumice these gunboats until they were just as soft and beautiful as his silver-haired dancer boy's. As she bent his toes back and pelted the unprotected ball of his foot with hard kisses she mused that maybe that wouldn't be terrible. The knight was extremely handsome already and it still showed through the layers of mud and sweat on him now. He'd probably be even more delectable once Surtr cleaned him up and scrubbed him down. A loud squelch made her pause and she looked down to see her captive's once proud cock releasing another load of spunk. It lazily dribbled down the half staff flagpole as she ran a finger along the shaft.
"From just tickling? I must say, Sir, Knight I do not envy the life you will soon lead. King Surtr is going to do such things with you."

While the Rusalka chuckled Thrasir strolled up and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.
"I see you enjoying yourself and all but how about we get moving? I'm sure King Surtr is eagerly awaiting his goods."
"Ahh, you are right. Forgive me. Please if you would?"
The Rusalka's hair fell away as she stepped off and left the knight gasping in the mud for breath. Thrasir confidently stepped forward and held her tome up as she pointed her hand at the mess of a prisoner.
"JALLRIBBONS!" she shouted as her signature spell went to work in binding up the exhausted knight. He barely resisted as his most sensitive parts were bound up in ridiculous bows. A particularly large loop restricted his balls and cock with a flowery bow so that even if the Knight wanted to try and ejaculate again (Which he didn't. For the love of god, he was so tired.) then he would be denied by the magical material's tight grip around his genitals. Another silly loop bound his big toes together while a particularly thick one went between his teeth to gag him. He was so tired that he didn't resist a bit. In fact, once he was bound up pretty as a picture he still just lay there in the mud gasping for air and wishing he could wake up from this nightmare. His eyelids were so very heavy, he wanted so badly to sleep. He knew exactly how Surtr's damn spells worked though and he knew that if he went to sleep he would wake up just another of his empty-headed slaves. He fought it with all of his remaining will, even as the Rusalka and Thrasir hoisted him up into the cart with his similarly bound allies who already dozed peacefully. Their faces glittering with that cursed powder that Loki had developed to show that Princesses that he had fought alongside were gone now.

He curled up into a ball and tried to turn his thoughts away from the situation. He thought of his wife. A loving and kind woman who he feared he would never see again. His son Ares. A child of only ten years the last time he had seen him. In this world, though a young man known as the Black Knight and whose tactics on the battlefield seemed all too familiar to him. He'd had only brief conversations with the lad during which he seemed as lost as him on what to discuss. Eldigan had learned from others eventually that in the world Ares hailed from that he had died. Not only him but all both of his sworn brothers had passed as well leading each of their sons with unique burdens. His eyes were so very heavy now that all he could do was to whisper unheard apologies to Ares that in this world as well as their own they would be strangers. A loud thump behind him startled him out of his melancholy and a cold form instinctively snuggled next to him. Eldigan recognized it as the general Lif who had been just as trapped as he not that it was any reason to feel pity for him. Unconsciously his breathing fell into sync with his and this made his drowsy state worse. Thrasir and the Rusalka climbed in as he felt the vehicle beneath start to stir indicating movement. At this point, this was close enough to comfort that it pushed him over and as he closed his eyes he heard their conversation.

"Lord Surtr will be quite pleased with how Loki's plans went off without a hitch."
"Yes, your Surtr has gotten quite the haul now, hasn't he? Whatever could he do with all these new toys? Surely he wouldn't mind giving one to a loyal new ally? That pink haired one has definitely grown on me and I've thought of such fun things. Do you know that I know a spell to put a mark on something to pass on a sensation? I'm sure Surtr could use that for some great fun with four slaves."
"Rest assured my Lord Surtr has plans for all six slaves drawn and prepared. After they are cleaned and dressed they will be put in place.
"Now let us keep ourselves occupied my mistress. It is a long trip to Castle Muspel and I'm sure you are tired. Let us start with these firm breasts of yours my Mistress."
There was the sound of a struggle then a thump and Eldigan drifted off to sleep serenaded by the sound of Thrasir's hysterics.

A month later had his fortunes turn no better. The Rusalka's statement on places for all of the new slaves had been proven true. His was strapped down by his wrists and ankles to the King of Muspel's bed with the massive ruler himself sitting next to him, naked as the day he was born. The name Eldigan had been stripped of him in the re-education process he had gone through on awakening after his trials, and though a small part of him remained in the back of his mind now he was known as King Surtr's personal soft boy. His duties were on paper to tend to the King but instead day in and day out he found himself tormented by the sadistic giant. His penis sputtered out another glob of spunk as his screams reached a new peak. His King paused to look back over his shoulder at the sight, idly twirling the two long and stiff white feathers between his fingers.
"Ohh? That's your third-time already and I've only been enjoying your feet, my soft boy. I suppose if I want you to have anything left I should move on to the rest of your soft body. Or...FOOTMAN! CLOSE MY SOFT BOY UP!"
Surtr's statuesque footman stepped forward as his king went back to twirling and sawing the stiff feathers between the defenseless toes of his slave's size eleven's.
The gorgeous man's waist-length red hair bristled with various tools and toys for tickling that had been tied in for easy access by his liege and they jingled across his bare chest as he knelt upon the bed. He untied one of these now and produced a tiny ring which he advanced upon the soft boy with. The former knight recognized the tool and his struggles increased as the barefoot footman approached.
Flinching at his King's harsh words the footman sat and quickly placed the ring over the soft boy's cock and slid it down the shaft. Once it was secured he drew a pair of fingers along the shaft and balls to test that it was securely fastened. The penis twitched and its owner moaned but it stayed standing with no new spunk added to the amount that already coated it.

The second that his footman had finished his task a massive hand closed around his ankle and dragged the mostly naked servant down the bed to him. With the exception of a purposely to tight pair of underwear that was more a mark of shame for the servant than modesty. (Everything could be discerned through the material. Just as his King liked it.) His King kept him naked for easy access to his body and his meaty size fourteen's that the stiff white feathers now molested right alongside the Soft Boys. Drawing across the soles, sawing between the toes and twirling under the toe pads. Surtr released the footman and focused back on his soft boy with a new trick he had grown fond of. Climbing from the bed where the terrified servants both lay, he took his throbbing cock and placed the head of it to the heel of his soft boy's supple foot. The opening leaked pre-cum as it was placed and continued as it was dragged up the tender sole as if the massive man was using a paintbrush on the other man's restrained foot. He smirked at how arriving at the toes they closed and stroked along the top of his member in response. He knew it was simply his soft boy's desperation to have his organ freed but it still felt good.

"FOOTMAN!!" He barked causing the still quivering slave to flinch.
"Clean my soft boy up!"
"Yes, my King."
The Footman forced the man's chest to be still by lying atop it before placing his head to the slave's cock and taking a long and slow lick up the cream coated shaft.
The King watched with a huge grin on his face as his soft boy's whole body was wracked with a guttural moan at the "cleaning" he had ordered from his Footman. His face was bright red at this point with his blonde hair plastered to his face with his sweat as the Footman went back for his second lick, then his third and his fourth, fifth and sixth. The red-headed devil looked back to give him a wry smile before scooching his own size fourteen soles into his victim's face and giving him a beckoning look. The soft boy wasted no time and quickly took the footman's toes into his mouth, sucking and nibbling upon the digits in loving worship. This had been an understanding the two men had come to. They both knew nothing of who they had been before their time in the baths under Loki's care only that they both hadn't been this. Still, now they both had the same pleading voice just outside their conscious and insatiable desires for touch, worship and merciless tickling that they both loved and hated. As such, they had struck a deal to help each other both get a small bit of pleasure during their time with the King. Now it was the footman's turn to let out a throaty moan at another man's work which he shared with the soft boy who not only moaned at the finishing wonderful taste of the red-heads toes or the fantastic feeling of him giving the finishing nips to his bound member. No, he also moaned because of his massive owner growing bored of watching his slaves pleasure each other now resumed his painting of the soft boy's feet before getting it lost in the long toes of his slave who stroked it tenderly.

Grunting to his footman the Ruler of Flames watched as his talented servant gingerly removed the ring from the cock with one hand while the other stroked his own member through his tight smallclothes. Every movement of the ring brought the former Eldigan a tidal wave of pleasure as he got closer to freedom. In anticipation, his long toes dragged along the head of Surtr's member making the massive king grit his teeth and grunt before...
All three men explosively climaxed as one releasing hot seed in spurts all over. The King released all through soft boys toes while the soft boy himself ejaculated all over the footman and his own chest with surprising vigor. The tall footman himself leaked white down his leg as he lay atop the soft boy with his wet toes still by his face. The bed creaked as the humongous King of Muspel lay upon the bed next to his two slaves. He pulled them both close and placed one set of fingers into his soft boy's hollows while the other pulled down the ruined cloth that protected his footman's shame so that an index finger could tickle the firm rear of his ashamed servant.
As he listened to the pairs exhausted laughter he smiled.
"Splendid. Truly fine additions to my collection. Soft boy, you're free to go. Check-in with our visiting dignitaries in the trophy room and if you see either of my daughters tell them we'll need more feathers from the songbird."

The footman undid the bindings then yelped when he was reeled into Surtr's chest.
"You, however, will be staying for a while. The soft boy went four times already compared to your one. What kind of lover of art would I be to let a piece like you go unappreciated? Gitchy, gitchy worm! We'll keep each other occupied until it is time for Twinkle-Toes dancing show. It is so much more exciting with that new slave in the pit."
It had been a blow for efficiency in Muspel when Surtr had been able to replace all the prisoners in his dancing pit with one Hero turned slave. He'd taken to calling the tenacious pinkette the Queen of the Pit due not just to how quickly she darted about her home but also due to how she mercilessly taunted her favorite part on Twinkle-Toes whenever she got ahold of the dancing dragon boy. Surtr had applauded when she had first debuted her patented technique of tickling the dancer's toned stomach with her devious toes while sitting upon his lap and simultaneously tormenting his soles with coquettish licks and keeping his erect member squeezed tightly between her smooth thighs.

Surtr's massive fingers dug into the footman's abdominal muscles and the soft boy turned away. He did his best to block out his hysterical laughter as he left the room. Upon exiting the room he was greeted by the second Princess Laevateinn to whom he relayed the message about the feathers. She nodded at her father's command and turned sharply to execute it. The Soft Boy did not envy the Songbird's lot in life. Kept in a gilded cage in the throne room with only her gorgeous feet and wings extruding. Bindings kept her from pulling her feet to safety when they were tickled by the guards to punish her for not singing or just out of boredom from time to time. The same bindings kept her from trying to pull her wings away whenever they plucked feathers from them for use in Surtr's fun. It was done sparingly so as to neither ruin the girl's beauty or to hurt her. A mad tyrant though he was, he was still averse to hurting his slaves preferring instead to punish them with merciless tickling and denial through inventive ways. Yet another example was the stocky woman that now served in the Princess Laevateinn's bed where her broad feet were used as a pillow as Surtr's youngest drifted off to sleep at night. It wasn't at all unusual for the princess to shut herself up in her room with her maid and fill the entire wing of the castle with the pitched laughter of both women.

The naked soft boy approached the door to the trophy room and could still feel the tingling in his soles from his King's treatment of them. To his shock just thinking of his King's fingers gliding over his skin had his formerly exhausted pecker struggling back to half attention. His fingers itched in anticipation as he entered and waved to his future bride. The Rusalka smiled at him and turned from the pair of feet embedded into the wall to draw the defeated man into her long arms. In appreciation for its exemplary job in the capturing of his new slaves, Surtr had promised it not just one husband but two after the war ended including the soft boy himself who tried to bat away his future wife's hands as they roamed over him. He failed and his nipples were playfully tickled by the Rusalka's frigid fingers as her lips planted light kisses over the man's ears and cheeks. The naked knight tried to twist away from the Rusalka's probing ways but only ended up trapping himself against the wall right between the feet of the man who would share his fate in the future of life with the Rusalka in her lake. Lif looked from his position in the wall with a resigned expression knowing that begging was fruitless from experience. Unlike his partner Thrasir who struggled and sweated inside her place on the wall trying to escape.
"Was your time with King Surtr nice Sir Soft Boy? I missed you so much while you were gone. Don't worry though I didn't even touch our husband while you were gone today despite how pretty these feet of his are. Thrasir kept me busy but oh was I looking forward to you coming back. Sir Knight I hope you're ready. We have a good while before its time to watch the dancer boy."
A voice begged in the back of his head for him to remember, remember anything. His family, his duty, his pride ANYTHING! All he felt that was a twinge somewhere in back in his mind as he licked his lips and approached for a night of playing with a general of Hel.
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