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by Carini
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Weight loss has more to do with how we think than the calories we consume

Weight loss isn`t just about what you eat and counting calories every time you sit down to a meal. It has a lot to do with your frame of mind. If you approache losing weight with a defeatist attitude, chances ar you`ll see minimum success. Similarly, if you expect for the latest fad diet to slim you down, you won`t realize your goal.

We need to realize that weight loss is an individual problem. No one can help us shed the pounds unless we take the steps to a goal.

  • Be accountable. This is all about you, not your wife or Burger King

  • Break the cycle of excuses. We convince ourselves that the extra pounds are due to the wrong gene structure. It`s natural to blame someone or something for our condition, but finding excuses only repest the excuses we hold.

  • Be positive. If is was possible for you to gain weight, it is possible to lose it too.

  • Check your negative emotions. Frustration, anger and binge eating will never help you achieve your goal. Many us food as an aphrodisiac to salve disappointment. If you`re feeling negative, do something that occupies your mind and keeps it from thinking of food. Dance. Listen to good music, Read an inspiring book.

  • Make a conscious thought to get slim. Habits are formed with conscious thought until they become ingrained in the mind. Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an effective program that can increase your willpower. It can be used in all areas of life, not just to reduce stress.

  • Remain comitted. Discipline is hard when you`re faced with a table of chocolate cake, ice cream and donuts. Even Homer Simpson had to give up DUFF for a month. Being comitted takes conscious thought.

  • Get imaginative. Try to see yourelf as already slim. Imagine how you wqould feel, how you would look in the eyes of jealous dieters. But don`t try to imagine yourelf gorging on eveey sinful delight. Alcoholics and smokers realize they must create permanent habits.

  • Communicate with a local weight loss group. The ability to talk openly about your problem helps cement the thought that you are not a victim. Active participation in healthful activities is important. That doesn`t mean you can`t go to a potluck. You can bring along healthy dishes, not Kentucky Fried Chicken and cheesecake.

  • Be lighthearted, not lightheaded. Alcoholic beverages can be fattening too. You don`t need to forego a glass of wine with your salad. Just don`t overdo it.

Simple pointers perhaps, but they can be just as important than cutting carbs from your diet.

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