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Was it all a Dream?

Dream Stuff

"Put it back inside her soul because you know that is the stuff dreams are made of."

"But how can we do that? It's all out here, on the table. We have been sifting through it now for hours, looking for the good stuff, taking out the bad. Then there is a whole other pile of raw material - the pictures, films, feelings, memories, and don't forget all those books. "

The big Boss looked down on the helpers and said "What are you two doing?"

The two helpers looked up sheepishly. The stuff dreams are made of was lying on the table in piles. The bad stuff sorted into one pile, the good in another, the raw material in still another, and all the rest that was destined for the trash bin in yet another.

"Your Great High Holiness, we are trying to put all the stuff dreams are made of back inside the wonderful girl lying on the table in front of us," one of the helpers said. The helper then fell to the floor and assumed a prostrate position. Helper number two also fell to the floor beside the other.

"Get up, helpers! Don't you know you cannot separate the dreams? Humans have dreams of all sorts. They have good dreams, bad dreams, and dreams that are beyond description. That is why they are so complicated. And that is why we have to give up OUR dream of replicating them. The order is now being written by the scribes. You have yet to receive it. It will be in your message centers as soon as you clean up the mess you have created here. Now put this human back together, as you found her, and get back to the ship! We leave soon."

"As you wish, Your Great High Holiness!"

The two helpers got up from the floor in time to see the Great High Holiness float out of the room. They resumed their work at the table.

"You heard the big Boss. Now we have to put it all back in."

Helper number two looked into the trash bin. "What about that first tiny bit of bad memory we put in here?"

"Oh, let it go. She'll never miss it. Let's close her up so we can leave this crazy place. Dreams indeed."

Much later, Mary awoke from her dream. It was a strange one. In it, little creatures were busy around her, and there was a large being that appeared. The large being seemed to be in charge and bossed the small creatures around. But then, POOF, the dream was gone. She couldn't remember anything after that. Strange how dreams are sometimes.

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