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What is life in overall and what do we get out of it ?
Life has only one rule
Expecting the unexpected .
One day you will learn to do so ,
And when u do u will see
The beauty of life
The lessons behind all your pain
And you would learn that
Pain,sorrow,problems & failure
Are an important part of success and happiness .

We think failing means no success
Its undesirable to us
So we start hating failure in this process
And began feeling useless and worthless .

It is this very moment ,
That enables us to search,
Search for our lacking
Search for our mistakes
After our search we try and try
To fix those mistakes
To fill in the gap
To be better than yesterday

We tend to forget that
In the end we are human beings
Prone to mistakes
And only our lord our creator
Makes no mistakes
So if making mistakes is no crime
Then why do we start the blame game .

In fact we should encourage it
And not just encourage but accept it also.
When we do so we shall realise that
Our lords knows everything
And is aware of everything
So will want only our best .
So if we are facing difficulties
Then it shall be for our best only .
All we need to do is
give the darkness some light
And learn from it .

Learning never ends
You learn from your teachers
From your parents
From your family
From friends
From nature and everything around us

Everything around us tries to teach us
Teach us the lessons of life
Our lord gives us many signs and symbols
We need to understand them
And act upon them
For this you don't need to be old or young
What you really need is
Mercy , compassion ,love and faith in you .

Jealousy and hatred makes you blind
It stops u from understanding things
You need to accept that lessons
Can come from anywhere and anyone
When you do so then you will
Start learning the lessons of life .

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