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how do we express ourselves and what does it mean to be expressive?
Stillness most common
Enemy of many people
Wondering how so?

There are many ways
We express ourselves.
Hence there exists
Many various forms
Of expression also.

Most humans tend to love
Playing with their words.
Then there are few people who
Love to draw their thoughts.
Then there are some
Who don't connect?
To anyone of these forms.

There are some people
Who can't keep still?
They express themselves
Through a different way.
They are the most expressive ones.

They not only are good
With words but also
In bringing a still image live.
They are good with their movements
They not only express themselves
But also make you think.
Think in depth about anything.

They are the dancers
They dance with their eyes
They dance with their minds
They dance with their words
Lastly they dance with their wholeness.

Just movement of body
Can't be claimed as dance.
Dance is something that
Directly strikes you
That makes you fascinated.
That makes you stare in awe.

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