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When doing my banking for the month I must arm myself with both cash and credit cards
When out and about doing transactions or paying a bill, there are new specific bill paying rules of cash and credit nowadays. Sometimes businesses state no cash payments or cash only payments instead of giving you a choice of either one.

I know some people that work with all cash monthly budgets for bill paying. And, like myself, I like to use a credit card or debit card to keep track of my budget on bank statements. Instead of going through and depleting cash, I record my transactions with balances left in it to spend or not.

More recently at my doctor's office I was met at the reception desk with a 'No Cash' sign for office visit payment. What if you were on welfare and had no credit could you still be seen by this doctor?

Remember when ordering a pizza they ask up front if you are paying cash or credit? They give you a choice for whatever you have banked for. But, some businesses are getting specific when collecting for bills. I really don't know why that is, do you? After all, one can track a person down that uses credit or debit cards. And, cash payments are more obscure with little tracks of a simple receipt of a cash transaction.
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