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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2185322
(Y/n) (L/n) meets someone who can change his life.
A legend of two entities.

A white figure and a black figure stood in front of one another. Still as the wind shook the trees around them.

One of the light.

The white figure jumped back, a bright light covered him as a small shield appeared in one hand while a short sword appeared in the other.

One of the darkness.

The black figure jumped back at the same time, only for a darkness to shrowd any vision on him. A large scythe appearing in his hand.

These two legends were destined to deal with the other, in one way or another.

Both of them charge at the other at impossible speeds. They clash blades and trade blows in any way possible.

Over the different lifetimes, they have been different species, lovers, genders, even concepts.

A larger figure appears out of seemingly nowhere, catching both individuals attentions.

And yet, they always seem to change others lives.

"Guess we'll have to-" The black figure began as they slung their scythe over their shoulder and smirked cockily.

"Wait on this battle!" The white figure finished seriously as the sword and shield dissapeared. Another large shine of light appeared and a single sword that radiated an insanely powerful presence was held in their hand, being pointed towards the ominous figure.

A land of heroes.....

The darker figure scoffed at the lighter figures choice, but followed along. The darkness surrounding them allowed for their scythe to dissapear and a long, powerful sword appeared in their hand too. "I thought we wouldn't use these." They questioned, annoyed at the others actions.

A world of villains.....

"Well, I don't want to do that anymore." The light figure said strictly as the other one chuckled nonchalantly. "It's all cool, I've been wanting to use this too."

These two powerful beings....

In an instant, the seemingly powerful being fell to the ground. The two figures didn't seem to move an inch.

Will shift....

"We should get back to more important matters." They locked eyes, then dissapeared. They reappeared with their faces happy, and their swords crossed.

Known Fate itself.

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