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Real life. This happened to me. I hope not many do
Well Hello and welcome. Come and sit at the table I've coffee and tea. I haven't any Pop but I've got juice. It's been some time since I've written here. So how about a true story. I know it's true because it happened to me.
It's 1973 and I was working as a pump jockey at the Imperial gas station. I was saving as much money as I could for college. I wanted to be a mechanic, my Dad got me started very young in his garage. But the hand writing was on the wall. Dad told me about the tests and without schooling I wouldn't pass. He never tested well and failed the tests twice. He'd just freeze up taking any test.
In the spring our little town has the first festival in the new year. My Boss said if business comes to the pimps stay open, because normally we close at 8:00 or 9:00 P.M. Well it was a Friday first week end day of the festival and lots of people were out and about. As well as a hey day(Night) for the Sheriff's department. Traffic stops. drunkenness. open quarreling in the street. It's now near Mid-night Slim my Boss called Al my co-worker got the call.(He was a real pain in the a** Not only was he one of my teachers in school but he had these outrageous stories Like flying up side down in under the Golden Gate bridge where he looses his plans for an invention he wanted to sell) Now this gas station was very old school separate buildings as in main office, storage for sale items Pop in one & oil, windshield solvent and the like, finally the garage. We filled the display cases and Pop cooler it was the old type the chest type with water in it so that water had to be changed very night. We flipped for who was cleaning the women's john. (Sorry Gals but your gross) I lost and had to clean the Ladies room, while Al read the pumps and dipped the tanks. The big sign out front had been shut off when we stated the shut down, so all that was left was to turn off the lights and lock up.
I was the one to lock the garage because I was the only one working in it. Tire changes, Lube oil And filter, brakes, shocks, small stuff, Slim didn't turn wrenches any more due to his emphysema. I had just shut the big door but hadn't locked it.yet when a faded green Ford pick-up pulls up the garage door at a weird angle The guy driving the truck opens the driver's door. Instead of stepping out he near falls out. He staggers toward me in a round-about way.
Me "Can I help you?"
Drunk "Yup." He waltzes around unable to stand still
Me "Are you going to tell what you need." I was ready annoyed due to him breathing on me
Drunk "Uh uh " all long pause "Mah tire keeps going down"
Me"Sorry Sir we're closing if you come back in the morning I'll be glad to fix your tire."
Drunk in drunken astonishment "Whut" a pause because he couldn't stand and keep talking at the same time ""I need my tire fixed man!"
Me "Sorry we're closing. Come back in the morning and I'll be happy to fix your tire."
Drunk "You ain't gonna fix mah tire now?"
Me "Yes Sir."
Drunk "That's bull shut!" With that he stumbles to the drivers seat and fires the truck up
I sort the station's keys for the garage door key (It didn't lock from the inside) I stopped and looked at the drunken guy because he was revving the shit out of his engine. Instead of the truck backing up it lurches forward. Pinning me between it and the garage door. Lucky for me the old school hand hewn bean that was used as the door header support held, It was bent and cracked but it stopped the truck. The guy just sat there I think he was grinning but not for long Me I had all kinds of explicates and they weren't gosh darn.
In just moments a black and white pulls in It happened so fast he didn't have time to turn on his overheads.The Deputy jerks open the truck's driver's door Yanks the drunk to the black top. Cuffs him in a well practiced move. The deputy stands and looks at me.
Me "Get this fuc*** thing off me!!"
The Deputy raises his hand "I can't son. Your awake now if we pull it away from you, you could collapse. Just wait for the ambulance" With that he goes to his cruiser and talks on the radio. Me I was about to loose my cookies because it hurt so much. Al was right there.
Al "Stay still your hurt."
Me with some expletives "NO shit Sherlock." I belch and nearly throw up. "Man I hope the ambulance gets here quick I'm getting light headed"
The Deputy firmly "Stay awake. The ambulance is on it's way"
Me "Oh God Dad ain't driving"
Deputy "What?"
Me "My Dad's the Captain of the Sheriff's reserve He often drives the ambulance"
The Deputy with oh shit on his face "I can't do anything about that now. Stay there and be calm"
Right like I'm going some where with a two ton truck pinning me to the garage door. Be calm? Yah right I'm quite on the outside but screaming on the inside. When the ambulance gets there Dad wasn't driving J.T. was. The Deputy has A;l back the truck up. He wanted to help with me. Yah see I'm a big kid 6'2" 215 lbs. I don't remember much after Al backs the truck away. Pain/burn in my lower extremities Nausea then things get fussy but they say I was talking with a lot of expletives.
While the ambulance was taking me to the Band aid box the Sheriff's Captain shows up. Now Earl Bullis is a big man and works out. The first Deputy isn't any wimp either. Al told me later some how that drunk slipped away from those Deputies while they were picking him up or walking to the cruiser. Al said the drunk was a bloody mess when Al last saw him. Al said he heard "You'd better hope that kid is okay Cause I ain't loosen another not on my watch."
I was released the next morning with drugs that made me loopy. I saw things like in a Picasso things just wasn't in the right places.
I didn't have to go to court the drunk plead to lesser charges. The District Attorney settled but he wanted attempted murder with a vehicle, but took driving while intoxicated accident causing injury resisting arrest I'm a bit sorry for the guy he was killed in prison . .

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