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Introduction to my opinions which aren't important. Agree or disagree, either is fine.
Your opinion is not important, except for yourself. The same goes for me and everybody else on this planet. An opinion is defined as a view or judgment found on something, not necessarily based on fact. Basically, your opinion is how you feel about something. For example, you might think that chocolate ice cream is the best flavor ever and all the other flavors out there is shit. You have every right to have that opinion, but there are others who think you’re a fucking idiot and vanilla ice cream is the way to go. Nobody shares the same opinions on everything, and that is one thing that makes all of us a little different from each other.

Opinions are often a lot more complex than which ice cream flavor is the best. Views on abortion, same-sex marriage, and countless other widely debated topics are boiled down to everyone’s opinion on that subject. People often hold their opinion is the highest of regards, believing wholeheartedly that they’re right and everyone else is wrong. The fun thing about opinions is that there are no wrong answers. Granted, if you think that Hitler was doing the right thing or that Trump is doing the right thing, you’re probably wrong (juuuuust my opinion), but you’re still entitled to have your own opinion. I see a lot of people voicing their opinions on everything in every comments section I’ve ever seen. I disagree with a lot of them and agree with a lot of them too.

For the most part, though, I’d to shy away from talking about these topics because it’s really easy to offend people and get rude comments on how “I’m a fucking idiot for thinking that” these days. But, I don’t really see why. I mean, who gives a shit what some random guy thinks about whether or not someone should have the right to have an abortion. Who cares what my views on anything is, I am just another person who sees things from my own perspective. I don’t think that having different opinions means that we are now enemies or anything, it just means we see things differently, and that’s okay. We are our own individual selves living together in a world where there is enough hate existing already. Stop getting butthurt because I like chocolate and you’re a vanilla kinda guy.

With that being said, I am aware that my opinion matters just as much as anyone else’s. It doesn’t really. But I want to use this platform to voice my viewpoints on everything, so I will probably post a lot on here. If you agree with my opinions that’s great, and if you don’t that’s cool too. Regardless, thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me. More to come soon.
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