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A 12-year-old gets bullied. She lets it go for a little while but one day it gets to her..
A 12-year-old girl named, Chrissy, used to always get pushed around during school. Really she could care less, just one day the bully Kennedy got her little friends involved with everything. She told lies and everything to her friends so when they go into the class they all crowed Chrissy, They got in her face and then threw her out her seat. Then during her lunch break, she cried her friends all seen what had happened, so they asked her, "Are you okay" deep down Chrissy knew that she was not okay but she covered it with a simple "yeah, I'm fine" they helped her all they could. But she still cried this was the first time her friends ever seen Chrissy cry. They knew something was wrong but, Chrisy refused to say what. As soon as she came home she knew exactly what she had to do. So there she was writing a note to her parents saying " I'm sorry mom and dad I could not deal with the pain any more it's my time I hope you are okay with this I made a promise to my boyfriend tell him ill be okay I'm always watching over him and I will always look after all my friends and family goodbye mom and dad ill miss you.." Then at that moment, she stood on the chair the rope around her neck.... one minute she was breathing the next she is in a grave. When her mother came in the room and seen her poor little girl she cried and cried and could not believe it.

This is the point where I tell you that Chrissy is me and I wanted to do that because of that reason but my family and my boyfriend would be hurt by that... I cant do that to that

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