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A reflection on a continuous journey through existence. Internally and externally
Propane in the trunk/with the wheels steady turning/

Summertime heat/ as the block steady Burning
never concerning/

mama before she left the table/

Working 80hrs shifts,

I’ll be damned /

but if I’m Abel;

I’d tell my brother/ just endure as much as you Cain,

Just smile and tell fables

This shits gets real/

Iller than any Odyssey

Boys in the hood, raised by two females? ....

Something you gotta see

No papa doc to prescribe methods on how to make it in Life

How to navigate this system, with skin colored as night

How to unclench my fist and still stand to fight

How to read between the lines when they read me my rights

How to search deep in my soul by simply looking inside

Was a young man lost looking for paradise

A place unfamiliar with what I knew as life

Drive bys over dime bags, broken street lights

Quarter past too late/ No paramedics insight

But through pain grew love which I’m thankful for that

The world is all the same no matter where you go/

No matter where you at

No matter where you hide

I was a lost /

and it took many years to find

No matter how life ends

No matter where life starts

Paradise lives in the mind, but it comes from the heart

Love yourself.

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