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Even on the bleakest day love still shines. A simple story with hope.
It was a wet, windy day with the wind being strong enough that it rocked my car back and forth at the red light on Main street. At this moment the weather matched my mood perfectly since it had been 'that kind' of day at the office. It began with Serena spilling my coffee all over my desk as she tripped passing it to me, and the day ended with the office printer breaking so I couldn't finish my article on time.
Now there was this: a package from England wearing the stamp of the Queen's face. There was only one person I knew from England: my brother.
I pressed on the horn as some looney driver made way to cut me off.
This was the day where I could tolerate little.
My brother had a whimsical way about him: a curiosity and real sense of adventure which meant that as children, he got us into mischief and I received the blame. The one particular time when he got ahold of dad's blowtorch and grandma's doilies never really blew over: I don't know if my grandma ever recovered from seeing her family heirloom burnt to a cinder.
Even as a man my brother was always off on one adventure or another, dipping his hand into this or that. His latest adventure was to travel to England to learn and join the British Navy-and as he was my only sibling, I really felt the burn: we use to do everything together.
It took me a moment to realize I was now parked in front of my house, staring at the brick wall through the windshield. My neighbour, Jared, shot me a curious look as he walked by and in response I gave him a sheepish wave. With a sigh I lifted the package beside me-it was light and from feeling it, I could tell it was one of those cheap bubble envelopes such as ones you could get at Eurogiant.
I opened it to find a beautiful red silk scarf, with a golden trim around it. Red, being the colour of love, was also my favourite colour. A small handwritten note was inside:
Thinking of you, love you much

On the bottom he had written a verse from 1 John 4:19: We love because He first loved us.
I smiled in spite of myself my brother cared and in this moment, that was enough
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