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This is the preface to my completed spiritual philosophy book.
GodSpirit: A Book Of Being
by P. Pennington Douros

God, spirit, truth, purpose, meaning---these fundamental subjects have mystified and inspired man since the moment he became aware of his existence, millions of years ago, and perhaps longer. Through most of my life, I have pursued an understanding of these essential issues. I have struggled and discovered and rejoiced and despaired, as I know many if not all other people have. Gradually, over the years, employing various spiritual processes, critical answers and awareness came to me.
I am a writer (nine novels), artist (painter, digital artist), and philosopher (WAP). In my forties, I was doing inner growth work and found that I could obtain help from a higher source, which I first thought of as the Spiritual Universe and then as GodSpirit, by asking it specific questions and listening for a response. It came to me as a thought-voice in my mind, sometimes immediately and sometimes later or the next day. The advice was always wise and correct, directing me to understanding or changes that improved my mental or spiritual state. Then one day I decided to ask it some basic questions that I had often pondered, such as “What is the purpose of life?” “Why does the universe exist?” I was pleased that I was given specific answers. Shortly afterward, I realized that I could write a spiritual philosophy book presenting the information. It would be a channeled (from God) work. I asked if I should do this and the answer was affirmative. I became very excited and commenced the project.
The book had several objectives. It would isolate and clarify the most basic spiritual principles that underlie all spirit and life, including primary purposes. It would present the fundamental scenario involved in the creation of the Physical Universe and the origins of life. It would apply this information and these principles to basic areas of life, simplifying and clarifying and it would provide essential guidance in helping people to live their lives. I have found that even people who subscribe to an established religion may be confused about primary spiritual principles. There are also many people who struggle to navigate the complexities and tribulations of life without any fundamental guiding spiritual principles at all. This book was written for all of these people.
The information from GodSpirit began at the beginning of all things and explained how everything was created and why. But I needed to be certain that the information was correct, so I checked the data by examining life and the universe to see if it applied. I found that spiritual concepts and truths could generally be seen operating in the universe. If I had doubts or if there appeared to be a problem with the information, I asked again to verify it. If I heard a different answer, realizing that I had misunderstood the original response, I performed the process on that information. I repeated this as many times as necessary to verify the validity of the information, but in virtually all cases, I found the original answer to be correct. Sometimes I asked for elaboration or more information which I was given.
I spent several months writing the given information and then asked if I could add additional spiritual and life information that I had learned, through direct experience or study, either to elaborate on the given information or to elucidate other subjects and was told that would be fine, so I expanded the book to encompass what I believed were the important, primary areas of life. The result was the book GodSpirit---a Book of Being. I did a usual editing and proofreading on the manuscript and then submitted it to several publishers for publication. It was almost published and then stalled. I was eager to write another novel, so I set the philosophy book aside to work on a new project, planning on returning to it later.
Years went by as I wrote one novel after another. One of these, The Beautiful, Winged Madness---Second Coming, was a fictional version of my experience in writing the philosophy book and an imagined dramatic, spiritual aftermath. Recently, more than fifteen years after writing the philosophy book, it came to me that I should again pursue the process of publishing that book. I did a new edit on it, making certain the information was correct and valuable and added some small additions. I realized that I should clarify to the reader which portions of the text were given to me by GodSpirit and which portions were my own contributions. I employed a system where the information presented by GodSpirit is in standard type and the information that I contributed is in italics. The included conversations and short vignettes are from me to elucidate the text and inject some levity.
Some of the information given to me by GodSpirit astonished me, so I checked that especially carefully. I had no way of knowing much of the information included and I was certain it had not been fabricated by my creative imagination. I believe the book is as I am presenting it.
The primary purpose of the book is to provide spiritual concepts and truths that can expand a person’s understanding and can be applied to improve a person’s life. including primary purposes. Some of the concepts explain how and why particular phenomena were created. The book is nondenominational, not promoting any religion, mythology, or philosophy. The truths underlie all other teachings and can help elucidate them. I once explained this by asking someone to imagine that all religions, mythologies, and philosophies vanished from Earth including all memories of them. What would remain---including God, spirit, life, nature, and the physical universe---are what is explained in this book, consisting of the primary realities that underlie all other creations. I have found that even people who subscribe to an established religion may be confused about primary spiritual principles. There are also many people who struggle to navigate the complexities and tribulations of life without any fundamental guiding spiritual principles at all. This book was written for all of these people.
And this book has the purpose to help people, especially the spiritually lost, to rediscover and rejoin GodSpirit.
I believe that if one can isolate the basic principles involved in any creation or system, one can then apply those principles to all the lesser parts to explain them. For example, if one understands the basic principles of an internal combustion gasoline engine one can then use those principles to explain the purpose and functions of its various parts such as the pistons, valves, fuel injection, and electrical system. This is what I have attempted to do for the spiritual realm.
I have also found that if one understands basic spiritual principles including, most of all, purposes, it helps immensely in the living of life and provides invaluable guidance in the making of decisions. Spiritual tenets are applicable to our lives and spiritual truth is always positive, enlightening, and freeing.
I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the many religions and spiritual teachings I have studied over the decades, especially Christianity, Buddhism, and Scientology. They have been a source of enlightening education and understanding and have contributed to the information in this book.
I am offering the concepts and principles in this book to people to consider, to decide whether they find them truthful and helpful to their lives. I believe them to be accurate and valuable, but no matter what one concludes, the process of examining this information, of considering these immense and beautiful and sometimes disquieting concepts, can be of significant benefit to a person.
I hope you find this gift from GodSpirit and the author to be valuable to your pursuit of spiritual knowledge and your life journey. It is all part of a fantastic design that has been operating since the beginning of consciousness. GodSpirit sends you a loving greeting and invites you to join in an extraordinary adventure, one that you have, for a very long time, been a part of.

P. Pennington Douros
January, 2019
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