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Poem inspired by standing in an elevator.
Tour de la tour
I goes up and around
Up we go, chamber-bound

Always in wait
I lie with great patience
To find new fragrance

Why, this is the future
Not those cumbersome stairs
Unless you want dastardly stares

Come, come, come into my arms
Enter my warmth, escape the cold
Not in the corner if you're bold

This is home, a new hearth
As you leave, an air of effervescence
And as always not an iota of reverence

Some let the light fade sonic
Others give another chance
To let my mouth dance

I am a home
For those in the coal mines
For those in the cold shrines
For those labouring in the wetlands
For those labouring in the badlands
For those in the darkness
For those in the light
For those waiting for it all to end
For those whose lives have just begun

I am a home or
So I would like to believe
But they always have to leave


We take a trip up or down
After all, it's all I can do
But I remain a home to you.
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