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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2185614
A young elf's quest to find out who he is leads him to a battle over the crown of Alfheim
Weird tales Contest - April
The woman of the wood
Word count: 1000

Ragnarök Genesis:

Stealing The Crown Of Thorns #1

          There was no path anymore, just two young elves weaving their way through the dark woods. We were in Gasnore forest located on Alfheim, birth realm of the elves. I was in my village guard uniform, a green shirt with the patch of an oak tree sewn onto the left breast and brown long pants. My closest friend Segmor carried a torch beside me. He was in his usual leaf green shirt and green long pants.
         "Silver, I think we should turn back," said Segmor.
         "Seg, this was your idea in the first place and we're almost at the clearing. Lets just do this," I said to him.
          "I know it was my idea, now its my idea to turn back. Being out here... suddenly the idea of being some magic beast's next meal isn't worth some Leyvin grass, no matter how much I can sell them for," Seymor replied.
         "Is that the extent of your pride as an elf? We're men aren't we? We don't-" I stopped, my attention was drawn to the night sky.
         A bright, yellow star shot across the dark sparkling canvas. But... there was something about this shooting star, something... it seemed to be calling me or maybe I was the one yearning for it. The only thing I knew for sure was that I had to follow this feeling.
         "Silver, where are you going?" Seg whispered.
         I barely heard him as I took off through the trees, towards... whatever that light was. I don't know how much time passed before we started seeing the faint glow through the trees but I took off running towards it with Seg right behind me. We burst through the trees and into the presence of the light, the star... the most beautiful woman ever. It was Seg's voice that snapped me out of my daze.
         "Ent!" He screamed at the 7 feet humanoid tangle of vines and branches.
          In the presence of the beautiful glowing woman that had fallen from the sky I didn't even notice the Ent that had her in it's clutches. It's roots dug into her ethereal body, her face twisted in pain. I immediately drew my long sword.
          "What are you doing?!" Seg screamed. "We have to run!"
         Attacking an Ent is not something I would usually do... but this was different. I needed this woman, this spirit... this fallen star and I could feel that she needed me too.
         I charged the Ent, focusing my zen to enhance my strength as brought my sword down on it's arm. The blade barely chipped its thick branches. I swung again and again but the lumbering giants were well known for their formidable zen armor.
         The Ent screamed as it swung it's free arm, reminding me of it's equally formidable strength as I went flying across the woods, back first into a tree.
         "Silver!" Seg screamed.
         The Ent lumbered towards me as I struggled to my feet. Seg jumped out before it, torch in one hand, hand axe in the other. "Back! He yelled, waving the torch at the monster. It hesitated at the heat but only for a moment. The branches curled into a fist as the monster swung a blow at him. He ducked under it and dealt an upward blow into the monster's chest, doing even less damage than I did. The beast grabbed him.
         "Ahhhh!" He screamed. As he flailed in the monster's grasp he took the torch and jabbed it into the hollow of the Ent's eye. The beast released him as it bellowed in pain, staggering back clawing at the torch. I lunged at the opportunity, putting all my strength into the swing I brought my sword down on the monster's arm, severing it just enough for the fallen star to break free.
         "Are you okay?" She gave a slight smile, and though she said nothing it was like I could feel her voice, like I felt what she was saying.
         "Silver! Why are you just sitting there?!" Seg shouted. "Look out!"
         I didn't notice the beast, I just felt the jarring blow as I went flying through the air. Splinters erupted from a sturdy oak as my body collided with it, blood spewing from my mouth. I was no doctor, but several things were definitely broken. From my fading vision I could see it coming towards me. Is this my end... Is this how I'm going to die? I asked myself... but then I felt her words.
         "No." Is what I felt, "not today." She flew over the lumbering Ent to my side, her light was warm, gentle yet furious and violent at the same time.
         "Lost king, born under Leo's sky, I shall grant you the power of his fury, the lion's wrath..." These were the last words I felt before her light poured into me.
          "AHHHH!" I screamed as the immense energy filled my being, it was like being burned alive. The Ent was before me now, lumbering over me, unfazed by my screams of agony. But, I wasn't afraid. I could feel the power inside me, the new constellation burned into my soul.
         I rose to my feet, the Ent recoiled it's arm preparing to strike. Fury burned in my eyes.
          "Fallen Star, Lion's Fire!" I shouted, my short dark brown hair erupted, shooting out much like a lion's mane as it turned bright red.
         I could feel the fangs grow in my mouth, the claws extend from my finger tips, "Roarrr!!!" I bellowed, causing the very trees to shake and tremble.
         The Ent brought it's arm down, I caught the blow, the force cracking the ground beneath me. I pushed it off, causing the monster to stagger back.
          "Lion's... ROARRR!!!!" I bellowed as a stream of fire erupted from my mouth, reducing the beast to ashes in a matter of seconds. Drained, I could feel myself losing consciousness as my body reverted and I fell...

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