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A song for the protagonist of my novel...
Raven in my hand is darker than night
Dripping wet in the pale moonlight
As I cut down every foe coming at me
Leaving behind rivers of blood for all to see

Those were bloodthirsty nights
Without thought or purpose
When I was a slave to these impulses

Coming to, I see the destruction at my feet,
Lives cut short by my hands, bleeding out around me,
Will I ever be free to live in peace?
Or is this what I am in the dark, where none can see?
Raven falls as I turn my eyes to the sky,
As if it holds the answers I seek

Those were bloodthirsty nights
I have to have greater purpose
I refuse to be a slave to these impulses

That was when I saw her
Coming at me like she meant to kill
A life tampered by isolation and fear
But she shone bright all the same
Now things would have to change

Those were bloodthirsty nights
I'm searching for my purpose
I push away the impulses

Raven's voice in my head grows stronger,
Even in peace, I seek the rush of power,
Let's hunt together, it says,
Out in the night, like old times, you and I
Partners to the end, until you give in and die

They used to be bloodthirsty nights
But now I've found my purpose
I don't worry about those impulses

The sky above the battlefield is a bright blue,
The Blue-Eyed Demon will cease its night-time rule,
Her face affixed in my mind, I throw the blade to the ground,
To protect what matters, I have no need of this power from a parasite
Not while I have these hands to hold what I have
And that's all right, I've realised at last

The bloodthirsty nights don't haunt me anymore

This was supposed to be a character song for the protagonist of my main novel, Rift-Touched. I keep it more as a memento of the progress I've made on my novel than anything else, because I feel it's not that apt anymore as my character has evolved. But I started this when I got the words "bloodthirsty nights" in my head, and it sounded kind of mournful and I was very interested, so I decided to make a song out of it. If anyone has any feedback for me, so that I can rejuvenate it, that'd be great!
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