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by Paul
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Jerred makes a deal with a ghost.
“Steve, I don’ wanna‘ do this!”

“Why not?”

“It’s creepy. What if there’s ghosts? And they’re really pissed because we’re here? I don’t wanna do it.”

“You believe in ghosts? C’mon Larry, there’s no such thing as ghosts.”

“My daddy said there was.”

“Well, your daddies wrong. They don’t exist.”

This isn’t a good idea, I don’ wanna do it Steve.”

“Tell ya’ what. We get it done and I’ll get ya’ that humongous shake ya’ want.”

“Ya’ will? Well... okay, let’s do it. Why do ya’ think there’s money here?”

“Because it was a drug house until the cops raided it last month and shot the one guy. He didn’t make it.”

“Maybe the cops found it all... or maybe someone else’s been here and found it.”

“The paper said the cops didn’t get all the cash and no one’s been here. I been watchin’. You check that room and I’ll do this one... what the hell is that!”

“Hi, guys! Guess what, Larry’s right, ghosts do exist. And my name’s not Casper and I am NOT friendly... I’m hungry!”


“STEVE! Where ya’ goin’?”

“Outa’ here!”

“Slow down, Steve, wait for me... I can’t keep up.”

“Wow! You were right Wendy, that sheet waving with the soft light makes a great ghost. Now we can find that money... Wendy? You there... Wendy?”

“Wendy left 10 minutes ago when I convinced her that ghosts are real, Jerred. Ghosts don’t get hungry, but we do get angry. It’s MY money and I’ll never let it go. Now get out!”

“Wait! Is there something you need? I can help you... for a fee of course.”

“I’d like my wife and kid to get the money. How much?”

“How much is there?”

“$485 thousand.”

“I want 25%.”

“Deal. The money’s buried behind...”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2185712