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My son was excited to tell me about his day. I am very glad I listened.
         Last week, my son was telling me about his day in kindergarten. He had been playing a game during recess where all of the boys were on one team, and the girls were on the other.

         Apparently the game involved talking about the things that the people in your group like and taunting the other team with all of the things they don't like, but you do.

         He told me that he started to hear things that the girls liked, that he also liked. He said that he went over and joined the girls side and started to list all of the girly things that he liked. His older sister would play games with him so ponies, magic, and castles were things he wouldn't mind playing with them. He had fun and he thought the others would enjoy them if they gave them a try too.

         Soon another boy crossed over and confessed that he too would sometimes play with his sister and her toys. More and more boys crossed over and admitted that they liked many of those same things. Before recess was over, only a few boys were left in their group, with everyone else talking about their favorite shows, movies, and toys.

         He was excited about the game and the outcome but I was excited that he was comfortable talking about those kinds of things with his classmates and that many of them ended up agreeing with his view. He ended up wearing a bit of green nail polish on each pinky to school for St Patrick's day and still had it on when he came home, happy about how school went today as well.

         I know that he won't always have great days or experiences, but I am glad to be able to know about some of the good ones.

Love Dad
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