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This is a scene from my short story.
“You like coming to the beach?” Her grandmother says with a smile. The little girl nods slightly with a sad expression. “I like taking you to the beach, Its beautiful isn’t it?” She looks down at her. “Close your eyes, I want to show you something.” The little girl looks up to her grandmother with a confused look. “It’s okay, I promise.” She lets go of her hand and picks up two objects off the beach. The grandmother smiles and says, “Okay you can open them. Imagine that you were the beach and the waves was the world around you. No matter how much we try, we can’t control the turn of the tides. Sometimes the waves bring in the good things and sometimes the waves will bring in the bad. I want you to open your hands.” The grandmother places a seashell in one hand. “See, good things will come. But so must the bad.” She places a piece of washed up glass in her other hand. “The tides will bring in what ever is out in the water. We don't know what will wash up on the beach, but we can control what we do with it. Keep the good things in your life and throw away the bad things. That way the beach will always be beautiful, just like you. The little girls looks to her grandmother with watery eyes. “Life will get better, you remember that.” Her grandmother holds her tightly.
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